AYF Camp Haiastan Releases ‘Forever’ CD

The cover of the 'Forever' CD

FRANKLIN, Mass.—Are you someone who loves the smell of shish kebab and the sound of Armenian music, as you ride down the road at Camp Haiastan? If you are, then we have something for you. (Even if you do not love those two things, we think we have something for you.) Camp Haiastan has released “Forever,” a CD of live Armenian music that has been recorded at Camp Haiastan picnics over the last five years.

Spearheaded by musicians Bruce Gigarjian, Ara Dinkjian, and Mal Barsamian, this creative thought has recently become a reality. These three musicians, along with Bobby Moogamian and the family of Roger Krikorian, have donated their time and music to benefit Camp Haiastan. The result is this 60-plus-minute CD of Armenian “kef” favorites. Listening to the CD will make you feel like you are at a Camp Haiastan picnic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

CD’s are available for purchase by visiting www.camphaiastan.org. Or, of course, you can pick one up this summer at the camp office when you visit. You can also contact one of the Camp Haiastan Board of Directors local to your community; they all have copies for sale. The CD’s are retailing for $15 and the profits will directly benefit Camp Haiastan. Thanks to the generosity of our musicians, the CD will be a Camp Haiastan hishadag and will help the camp financially.

Be sure to get your copy soon and plan a visit to the camp this summer.

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