Déjà Vu? Turkey Recalls Ambassador to Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (A.W.)—Turkey recalled its ambassador to Sweden for consultations following the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Swedish Parliament. According to Ankara, the vote was “based
upon major errors and without foundation.”

Prime Minister Erdogan canceled his trip to Stockholm

In reaction to the vote, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan canceled his visit to Stockholm next week.

Only a week ago, Turkey recalled its ambassador to the U.S. following the vote by the House Foreign Relations Committee on the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

“Our ambassador to Washington Namik Tan was recalled tonight to Ankara for consultations after the development,” read a statement issued by the Turkish prime minister’s office minutes after the U.S. congressional panel approved the resolution on March 4. “We condemn this resolution accusing Turkey of a crime that it has not committed.”


  1. Facts remain facts and myths remain myths.  Maybe when Fiji parliament approves a similar resolution then the myth will turn into a historical reality!  Reaction of the Turkish government is juvenile and silly.  It just feeds the frenzy and encourages the hate groups.

  2. The Turkish comedy continues with new episodes providing comic relief for the masses! What a shame that a country can’t honestly come face to face with its own history. The fact that the Turkish government has refused to acknowledge the Armenian genocide over so many years and educate its public about such a crime is indicative of how backwards and zealous Turkish society is forced to remain.
    Ankara’s foolhardy temper tantrums in the face of truth will ensure Turkey’s recalcitrant stagnation as a proud republic of intolerant radicals.

  3. Well, we now have at least two Turkish ambassadors who are vacationing in Antalya. May their numbers increase…

  4. Hey that’s the best joke of the year! If this continues, Turkey will soon have no international relationships! Vive ‘recall ambassador’ approach :-)

  5. Turkey is sick.
    And worst is that Turkey is mentally sick.
    Turkey and the Turks will be crucified each time that a new country recognises Turkey’s crimes and the Armenian genocide.
    The shortest way to be liberated of crucifixion and the mentally ill situation is to recognise, repent and repair his crimes against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and also the Kurds. That is, Crimes against humanity.
    Otherwise, the illness of the Turks will be worsted to the level of getting mad.

  6. Latest news…,
    Turkey pulled it’s ambassador from Antractica,, becasue the Antarctic Government recognized the Armenian Genocide.

  7. Turkish Prime Minister Damat Ferid Pasha placed the blame squarely on the Young Turk Party. Mustafa Kemal Pasha {Ataturk} said {in a 1926 interview with a Swiss reporter that} the Young Turks “should be made to account for the lives of millions of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse from their homes and massacred. . . .”
    U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau’s says;  

    And for centuries the Turks simply lived like parasites upon these overburdened and industrious people. They taxed them to economic extinction, stole their most beautiful daughters and forced them into their harems, took Christian male infants by the hundreds of thousands and brought them up as Moslem soldiers. I have no intention of describing the terrible vassalage and oppression that went on for five centuries; my purpose is merely to emphasize this innate attitude of the Moslem Turk to people not of his own race and religion—that they are not human beings with rights, but merely chattels, which may be permitted to live when they promote the interest of their masters, but which may be pitilessly destroyed when they have ceased to be useful. This attitude is intensified by a total disregard for human life and an intense delight in inflicting physical human suffering which are not unusually the qualities of primitive peoples.

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