Sassounian: Armenian Americans Should not Allow Obama and Clinton to Bury Genocide Bill

It was bad enough that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had failed to keep their campaign pledge to reaffirm the facts of the Armenian Genocide. They sunk to a new low last week, when Clinton announced that she and the president opposed adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by the full House, following its passage by the Foreign Affairs Committee.

When asked by journalists why she and the president had reversed course on this issue,  Clinton unabashedly replied: “Well, I think circumstances have changed in a very significant way. … We do not believe that any action by the Congress is appropriate and we oppose it.” She added that the administration does not believe the full House “will or should” vote on the resolution. How can the facts of a genocide that took place 95 years ago change overnight? In reality, nothing has changed except Clinton’s moral compass, assuming she had one to begin with.

It is shameful that the Obama Administration is caving in to threats from a third-world country that needs the U.S. more than the U.S. needs it. As Aram Hamparian, the executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), said last week: “Turkey does not get a vote or a veto in the U.S. Congress!” Neither does the U.S. president nor the secretary of state, on a non-binding congressional resolution.

A White House spokesman announced last week that the presidents of Turkey and United States had spoken by phone on the eve of the Committee vote. Soon after, Clinton warned Committee chairman Howard Berman that “further congressional action could impede progress on normalization of relations” between Turkey and Armenia. Strangely, Clinton seems to have appointed herself as supreme arbiter of what’s in Armenia’s best interest, while Armenian Americans and Armenia’s leaders have repeatedly declared that they support the adoption of the genocide resolution. Indeed, Clinton has put herself in the ridiculous position of knowing better than Armenians what’s good for them.

After claiming for months that the Armenia-Turkey protocols have no preconditions and not linked to any other issue, Clinton now asserts that the protocols pave the way for a commission that is supposed to study the facts of the Armenian Genocide. “I do not think it is for any other country to determine how two countries resolve matters between them,” she stated. This confirms the worst fears of Armenian opponents of the protocols. Clearly, Clinton believes that ratification of the protocols would prevent consideration of the Armenian Genocide issue by third parties. This is precisely what the Turkish side had been stating, to the dismay of most Armenians. Interestingly, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made a similar announcement last week, expressing his surprise that the Armenian Genocide Resolution is once again on the agenda of the U.S. Congress. All along, the intent of Turkish leaders has been to stop third parties from raising the Armenian Genocide issue, as they drag out the Armenia-Turkey reconciliation process.

It was no accident that almost all the Congressmen who spoke against the resolution in the Foreign Affairs Committee used the lame excuse that their opposition to this bill was prompted by a desire not to undermine the protocols—which ostensibly would bring Armenian-Turkish reconciliation. Despite their sugar-coated rhetoric, those who opposed the resolution and supported the protocols were in fact acting against Armenia’s best interests on both counts. The protocols are now dead and buried anyway, thanks to Turkey’s refusal to ratify them, unless Armenia accepted extraneous preconditions.

While Armenian American voters cannot settle their score with Obama this year, since he is not on the ballot in November, 18 of 22 opponents of the resolution are! Armenian Americans should do everything in their power to prevent the re-election of all those who voted against the genocide resolution on March 4: Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.), Gerald Connolly (D-Va.), Michael McMahon (D-N.Y.), Mike Ross (D-Ark.), Brad Miller (D-N.C.), David Scott (D-Ga.), Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), Ron Paul (R-Texas), Jeff Flake (R-Az.), Mike Pence (R-Ind.), Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), Connie Mack (R-Fla.), Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), Michael McCaul (R-Texas), Ted Poe (R-Texas), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), and Dan Burton (R-Ind.). Bill Delahunt (D-Mass.) and John Tanner (D-Tenn.) are retiring from Congress. Gresham Barrett (R-S.C.) is running for governor, while John Boozman (R-Ark.) is a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The latter two should be opposed in their new campaigns.

In addition, Armenian Americans should campaign against the re-election of Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), and Kay Granger (R-Texas) for sending a joint letter to Foreign Affairs Committee members urging them to vote against the genocide resolution. All three are members of the congressional Turkish Caucus.

The next culprits are the CEO’s of five major American aerospace and defense companies: Lockheed Martin Corp., Boeing Co., Raytheon Co., United Technologies Corp., and Northrop Grumman Corp. They sent a joint letter to the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee urging him to reject the Armenian Genocide Resolution, in order not to jeopardize their sales to Turkey. These CEO’s have committed not only an immoral act by placing a higher premium on profits—blood money—over human rights, but also ignored the fact that Turkey cannot forego its purchases from their firms, because by doing so it would only weaken itself. Armenian Americans should counter these firms by staging demonstrations in front of their headquarters and factories. Those employed by these firms should communicate their anger to the CEO’s of these firms. Stockholders should go to the next annual meeting of these companies to make their concerns known and seek removal of the CEO’s. Similar protest actions should be taken against the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), which represents more than 270 member companies. The AIA sent a separate letter to Congress against the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

The congressmen and companies who opposed the resolution on March 4 should pay a heavy price for their immoral act. Ignoring their negative votes and letters would encourage them to oppose the resolution again, when it reaches the House floor. If Armenian Americans could cause the defeat of just one of these scoundrels in November, the rest of them will get the message that voting against genocide recognition can cost them their political careers. They will then think twice before casting such a vote.

As far as Obama and Clinton are concerned, Armenian Americans should not allow them to dictate to the U.S. Congress. Given the fact that most Americans are disillusioned with the failed policies and unfulfilled promises of the Obama Administration, all elected officials nationwide are seriously worried about their re-election. This is the perfect time to demand action from politicians and punish those who do not cooperate. Armenian Americans should contact their representatives in every congressional district throughout the country, even in remote areas, and tell them that unless they support the genocide resolution, they will not get their vote in November. Politicians would rather listen to the voices of their constituents than to Obama who is the main cause for their seats being in jeopardy. Therefore, the fate of the resolution is ultimately in the hands of Armenian Americans. If they work hard and get enough congressional supporters, Speaker Pelosi will have no choice but to bring the resolution to the House floor, regardless of what the administration tells her to do. Otherwise, voters who are angry on many other issues could toss out of office the incumbents, jeopardizing her own speakership.

Armenian Americans should not forget to express their profound gratitude to Chairman Howard Berman (D-Calif.) and 22 other Congressmen who voted for the resolution on March 4. They are: Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), Eni Faleomavaega (D-American Samoa), Donald Payne (D-N.J.), Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), Diane Watson (D-Calif.), Albio Sires (D-N.J.), Gene Green (D-Texas), Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.), Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.), Jim Costa (D-Calif.), Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Gabrielle Giffords (D-Az.), Christopher Smith (R-N.J.), Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Donald Manzullo (R-IL), and Edward Royce (R-Calif.), Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.), and Ron Klein (D-Fla.). The Armenian community should enthusiastically support their re-election.

Finally, some Turkish circles are consoling themselves simply because the resolution was adopted by a difference of one vote. Since House Committee members who opposed the resolution for unrelated reasons explicitly stated that they did not dispute the facts of the Armenian Genocide, the vote could have been 45 to 0, not 23-22, in terms of genocide acknowledgment—a great victory for the truth and a major defeat for Turkish denialists and their backers. No one should be surprised therefore, if in the coming days Turkish leaders cancel the multi-million dollar contracts of their failed lobbying firms.


Harut Sassounian

California Courier Editor
Harut Sassounian is the publisher of The California Courier, a weekly newspaper based in Glendale, Calif. He is the president of the Armenia Artsakh Fund, a non-profit organization that has donated to Armenia and Artsakh $917 million of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, since 1989 (including its predecessor, the United Armenian Fund). He has been decorated by the presidents of Armenia and Artsakh and the heads of the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic churches. He is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


  1. Very well said Mr. Sassounian,
    Fact of the matter is, that the Armenian side now has incredible footage and recorded comments from both Obama and Clinton, that if published in an aggressive campaign can do their already dying credibility major damage.  We need documentary makers to prepare films on how the relationship between the Obama Administration and the Armenian community evolved from the presidential campaign to the present.  Many titles come to mind: “The Obama Administration working against the will of the American people”, “Clinton showing her true colors…not that beautiful”, “President of what change?!…”, “The American Moral Compass on sale to the highest bidder”….  Bottom line we do not have Turkey’s economic influence on this country, so we need to launch a campaign that speaks to the hearts and minds of decent regular Americans, who do not have the power that the big corporations enjoy on the hill, and who were courageously represented by the 23 congressmen who voted for the resolution.  We need to reach them via the Internet and all communication venues.
    The passing of the resolution was a great victory for truth, justice, and a small minority that continues to fight against all odds for justice for the most barbaric and uncivilized crimes of all time: the Armenian Genocide.  This was our lobbyists’ moment in the sun.  They proved themselves worthy descendents of our legendary heroes.  As a matter of fact, they are our modern day heroes.  The US is in a very sad place right now.  It has become the laughing stock of Europe which has mostly acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.  It is ill with corruption and recession.  And the main reason why it is in this state is because it has long ago veered away from the vision and morality of its founding fathers.  As minor of an issue as it might seem to the Americans, not acknowledging the Armenian Genocide,  is erroding the idea of the US as a leading super power even more.

  2. Comment-Dear Sassounian,
    I 100%  agree with you, it is the time to be tough, it is the time to show 
    Armenian Americans power without hesitation. Enough is enough. You Armenia Americans have to show the congressmen that they are not (even president or secretary of state) aloud to sell Armenian Genocide.

    Haikas Bedrossian
    Sydney, Australia

  3. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hillary is not and will not be the only politician to declare such contradictory views on our ongoing effort of getting this and/or future resolutions passed.  As for our president, his actions towards this cause do not surprise nor phase me since he’s not the only president who has over promised and under delivered.  The current “WAR” and the so called hostile environment that Iran has created for its neighbors, namely Israel, has taken a toll on their decision making process and that is something that can also be blamed. 
    I think Armenia government (those with half a brain left) needs to join with the powers of Diaspora and make an effort to have a mutual agreement and better communication in order to have an influence on this effort.  This should be a joint venture with no fine lines.  When we have individual(s) with hierarchical powers in Armenian government passing laws and sending the wrong message to the apposing countries, of course things will be distorted. 
    My hat goes out to Chairman Howard Berman and those other 22 indiviuals who voted for the resolution.  These are the types of politicians we need, but regretfully, most are already corrupt.

  4. Comment

    All of 3 of you, Mr. Sassounian, Katia, and Mr. Bedrossian could have worded your comments and observation more accurately.

    Let’s all do our part for justice and truth to prevail. God is the Final Judge anyway! Guilty people will always be accounatble to HIM!

  5. Comment

    Sorry folks, I missed the word NOT in my above note…it should have read “could NOT have worded your comments…”


  6. Katia,

    As always, when i read your posts, i get chills .. you are a great mind…I hope we can vote for you as the President..:)

    Among those who stand strong for truth, justice and doing the right thing….

    I am ready to do anything necessary to get our resolution passed once and for all..


  7. I am glad that the reign of armenian diaspora over armenia is coming to an end. this is the only way we could have peace in the caucasus.
    the greed of the diaspora has caused all the mess in the caucasus. you (the diaspora) have no idea what your armenian fellows in armenia have had to put up so far socaially and economically, while you are happy with your beautiful cars, houses and white chocolate mochas…
    p.s: armenianweekly: please put my comment on the website so you show that you really have the guts to confront opposite ideas.

  8. Dear Gayane!
    And I always look forward to your passionate comments and motivating spirit that add so much excitement to these posts!  You are the life of these posts!
    Keep the positive energy coming….
    I also salute Haikas from Australia!  My hope is that the circle of these conversations will broaden to include Armenians from many other countries, especially from Armenia.  It is very healthy to carry on a conversation about important issues that affect all Armenians, such as the Resolution that was just passed.  The Internet is offering our journalists and communities in general a great opportunity to connect and share ideas.  Let’s make the most of it.

  9. I agree fullheartedly with Mr Sassounians recommendation to prevent the reelection of opposing representatives and senators. My representative is a sponsor of the resolution. But i would like to be active on this issue; but i don’t know how I can be unless our organizations ANCA,Assembly, would bring to our attention who the opponents of these representatives are , so we can donate money towards their election. Thats the only way non district Armenians can help defeat some of these nondistrict representatives.

  10. Thank you Dear Katia.. That was definintely a boost to my ego.. Needed that..:)
    Don’t you worry.. I will continue my fight along side with you and the rest who have the same passion and love for our country.

    Garo jan.. I agree with you.. The only way we can support besides our own representatives is with financial help.. I do my best to donate as little as I can (hopefully I can get a higher paying job so I can do more than what I do now) but every penny counts.. If everyone donates $10 even, it will add up. 

    As you see your comments were posted.. Please do not think that Armenians are afraid of opposition.. for 95 years we fought the opposition and hence why we are at the brick of victory.. and don’t worry.. even if we don’t win, we will continue to fight you and people alike…Your comment about diaspora not knowing what our brothers and sisters are going through in Armenia is ignorant and unintelligent.. It is because we know so well how it is in Armenia that we put our finances, time and energy to make something out of this mess and now you are telling me that I dont’ know what is going on in Armenia?  Do you have any idea who I have in ARmenia, how many families I support in Armenia and the things I do for my country? You may see the disconnect between the govt and the people.. but rest assure, your ignorant comment about how we live in United States with our cars, homes and moch lattes will not be taken very lightly.. For your own information, i have no house, no expensive cars and i dont’ drink coffee let alone mocha latte… Do me a favor.. instead of trying to act like you are tough because you are posting on an Armenian site, make sure you do your research first and then voice your opinion.. Don’t add to the embarassment of how unitelligent and ignorant your people already add…

    God Bless you my child..

  11. I always enjoy your articles, Mr. Sassounian, but why do you care so much about this NON-binding issue?   All those dollars spent going from the ANCA to the pockets of politicians…imagine what just a fraction of that could do to Armenia…helping orphans, political prisoners, develop free press, economy, rehabilitation, the poor and sick.  Instead, we get d..k-teased by the flirt of an opportunity that the US, who has a DEEP military, economic, and political agreements with turkey, will actually “insult” them with a confrontation with their history, when the U.S. has done so much and more (to more people as well).
    I’m all for giving the turks as much hell as possible, but to honestly expect so much from the US and to waste so much when so many of our people in Armenia could do so much better with the money dumped instead into politician pockets (and of course the usual skimming off the top for the fundraisers, ect)…we still have the Ottoman mentality, as Ara Baliozian describes.

  12. Yes, I would be very happy if the administration did not oppose the resolution and I would be extremely happy if the resolution is passed by the full House.  But I ask  why so many of us place so much weight on this resolution.  Maybe I am missing something but let’s say it passes next year (or I hope this year).  What’s next?  What does it do other than elevate the moral standing of the USA .   Maybe it’s not taking any resources away from other things but if it is, I would hope we place more energy and resources in making Armenia stronger and more prosperous than chasing after a resolution stuck in replay mode for the past 30 plus years.  We should not place so much energy in something which will only give us an emotional reward.  We need to place energy in efforts that bring real (not just emotional) rewards.

  13. To Gayene,
    Here is the proof that the diaspore has very little to do with the Armenians in Armenia.Please you do me a favor.  The following link is a public opinion survey performed in Armenia in  june, 2007 by Heritage Party. Please click on it and open the slide show. There , in the 13th slide, you will see that the biggest problem that Armenians in Armenia face is the acute unemployment. (40% of the population )
    Do you know how much the people of Armenia care about  the recognition of  so called “genocide”? The answer is :  ONLY —>%3 !!!!!
    Dont you think there is something wrong with this? Dont you think the diaspora is being overly greedy and selfish?
    By the way, I am not trying to look tough. The numbers do it on my behalf!!!
    After you answer these questions, I have more to ask.



    President Obama, V. President Biden  and now  Secretary  Clinton  flaters of   Armenian Genocide Pledge,      Secretary  Clinton to make an excuse  states   “Circumstances  have  change  in very  significant  ways” ?

    We  think  “Circumstances”  never have been changed    Only  your  political  games   are changed    YOU  RETREAT   FROM   YOUR  OWN  PLEDGE  REGARDING  ARMENIAN   GENOCIDE …SOLELY  FOR  POLITICAL  REASONS…….. AND…..       THIS   IS  A  SHAME…                                                                    HOW   SUCH    HONORABLE  PEOPLE   LIKE  YOU  FALLING   SHORT  OF YOUR  REPEATED  CRYSTAL  CLEAR  PROMISES  AND  THEN EXPECTING   FROM    ARMENIANS AND     MILLIONS  OF  COMPASSIONATE   AMERICAN  PEOPLE     TO  CAMPAIGN   OR   VOTE   FOR   YOUR  ADMINISTRATION   ON   NEXT   ELECTION  ?

    Jews, Armenians, Combodian, Bosnian, Rewanda,  Darfur  and  other  Genocides must be confronted unconditionally  and equally  at the level of  AMERICAN  VALUES  and  our common  HUMANITY…                                                                              As   Americans, we  should  never  allow   the  recognition of  this  unforgivable crime to be reduced to a political issue that can be traded  away,  retreated   from under  pressure  or  used  to advance a  political agenda of any kind”

    As presidential  Candidate,  Senator  Obama ,   Senator  Biden and  You  (Senator Clinton)   During   presidential  campaign     pledged     repeatedly    to recognize  Armenian   Genocide.    Candidate  Obama   once  stated     “America  deserves  a   Leader   who speaks  truthfully   about Armenian Genocide and responds   forcefully   to  all  genocides.  I  intend   to be that  President.”?                                     Mr  Obama You are   PRESIDENT  NOW ?

    Dr. Babajanian                                                                                                                                      USA

  15. Harut,

    You keep living in a world of dreams and half-truths. To this day, no semblence of a debate has occured between members of the dashnak Armenian diaspora and Turks and/or Azeris. There have been several requests, but always with the same result of refusal by the dashnaks. You take pride in stating that there could have been 45 congressmen who might have voted in favor of the resolution. These 45 members, in reality, couldn’t even point outTurkey on a map, let alone Azerbaijan, Georgia or Armenia! They are totally clueless as to the reality of the geopolitical importance of Turkey versus Armenia! Rep. Brad Sherman and many others can’t seem to keep their noses clean after having it so far up Armenian diaspora’s rear ends! They openly prostitute themselves for votes. We all know that there’s quite a bit of bribe money exchanged under the table for them to vote your way. So, knowing this, how can you even give crediblity, let alone a sense of pride, to these corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians?!! There are many dashnaks who state that they’ve “won”. What exactly do they believe that they’ve actually won? It’s just a matter of time before Turks as a group expose you all for what you really are!!! 

  16. Robert,

    Why don’t you keep your ignorant comments to yourself because frankly we dont’ give rat’s rear end what you think… You and your entire government full of brainwashed liars and manipulators and yes murderors continue to threaten and use military force or ecomonic threat because you have nothing else to bargain with.. Your intellects have no brain cells to debate and come to a conclusion that history does not lie… All you can do is use force and threats.. WOW.. surprise, surprise.. so your words mean nothing…

    and Ahmet.. instead of coming up with awards why don’t you come up with a plan on how you will look when your government and 90% of your brainwashed population will look when the entire world finally says enough is enough of Turkey and its crying and whining complaints and puts you all in your why don’t you and YOUR BROTHER Robert walk out of this site holding hands..oh but then again, you might be hanged because you touched another human being.. we know how Islam plays a big role in your day to day activities… sad.. so unfortunate.. that one race is so ignorant and does EVERYTHING to cover up the truth..

    God Bless

  17. Dear Armenian readers, I just want to bring to your attention that as  Coptic Christian, I too fight for you to gain success in Congress. We should bind together. Your fight is also our fight.

  18. Comment
    Mr. Ahmet (Ahmad)   First,   for  people  like  you  to  talk   about   Jewish  Holocaust  is    real   Hypocrisy ( even a  joke )    Now  you  are  acting  more   “Catholic  than  Pope”   and  I assure  you  nobody will  believe  you,  when you  talking about  Holocaust ?)……..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Second,  Mr. Ahmet    How you  know? or  from where  you  found out?   that  I am   denying   Holocaust  or  supporting  Yerevan  State  University?                                                                                                                                                                         Sir,   with the name of  Democracy   unfortunately  Armenian’s   media  gave you a chance  to    write your  opinion   even though  we  are  not  sure  you  are  an   “infiltrator  Agent” or not ?  But  anyhow  you  can  not  and should  not   insult   Armenian People  with  your  Nonsenses …Already  you  people   did  adequete…. ….                                                                                                                                                              Please  do  not respond,   we had enough….

  19. To Gayene,
    You refrained from answering all my questions. Instead, you began to be unnecessarily aggressive and asked for me to leave out of this site. Moreover, your insult to Islam ensued. Do you know what all these indicate? You have an insecure personality and a fear of your ideas being refuted!
    I believe there are modern Armenians out there whom I can exchange my ideas without being asked to leave.
    P.S: Just in case. Have you looked at the 13rd slide that I sent to you? And your comments? How about a genocide denier’s award by Yerevan?
    You really need God’s blessings!!!

  20. Sir Ahmet,

    First of all:  the name is Gayane…. Please start by addressing people with their correct spelling of their name.. that is just respect to the person you are speaking or writing to……

    Second of all: Your ideas sir is out of context.. you find isolated incidents to prove your point but let me tell you.. Your ideas and your questions and your so called evidence can’t stand in court of JUSTICE and TRUTH.. do you hear me? By pointing out few things you know about what ARmenians have done,  it does not mean you have the right to come in here and insult us by your insignificant stories…and truly showing how far you are willing to go to cover up the what has happened… I AM SORRy that i am a bit angry or frustrated; however i am sick and tired of your govt and your Muslim world’s lies and cover ups.. WHY DON”T YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL come out and admit it happened.. Instead, what you do???? Exactly this.. throw a fact from here and there like a bone to a dog.. THATs AHMET is not going to go without strong opposition.. from your MODERN OR NON MODERN Armenians such as myself..what a joke you are…..

    Instead of preaching to us and I think we know our history and know what happened, please take a moment and truly soul search and understand what your govt did to my people.. IF  you have a soul…and maybe you can then realize that lying to yourselves is not the best course of action…..

    God is on our side SIR.. not yours….


  21. Dear Jen,

    I want to thank you for your post and support.

    It is definintely united we will win over EVIL..and we all know where all the evil and devil’s work come from…..

    God Bless..


  22. Ahmet,

    I do apologize but I neglected to reply to few of your statements in my first post..

    First: Insecure personality comment.. Sir.. If I had an insecure personality, i would not rebute everything you tried to accomplish .. SIR… if I had an insecure personality, I would not take a stand to what I believed in and what I know.. If I had an insecure personality, I would not stand here and tell you that you sir are ignorant… It is amazing to me that someone like you would call me insecure.. someone who came from a  race that has “INSECURE” written  all over their faces.. SIR, if you and your govt were NOT INSECURE, you would not spend sky rocketing amount of financial resources to stop everything and anything that deal with the Armenian Genocide.. have you thought about that?  No of course not, your insecurity blinded you to the core and all you can do and say is to insult the race that your govt TRIED to wipe out again and again.. Insecurity breeds lies and lies breeds brainwashed citizens.. brainwashed citizens breed ignorant beliefs…need i say more?

    In regards to your slides… i am glad that you know how to use the search engines.. . however, your comment about the Armenian people in Armenia not caring about the Genocide and only Diaspora is being greedy and selfish tells me how much you know about govt and it effect on the population.. You have been lucky that our own govt was blinded by your govt and all they have done so far is pretty much rub elbows with Turkey thinking by doing so Turkey will be buddy buddy with Armenia but our govt neglected its own people and their well being in the midst of all this artificial actions.. . however, SIR AHMET.. rest assure that when you get into the same situation as the ARmenian people where all you want to do is feed your family (when there is no money to buy food with) and put a home over your head, the last thing on your mind will be fighting for the cause.. they still do but they have no energy left in them…HENCE WHY WE, the DIASPORA took over and will handle that matter along with our people in Armenia…we will take that matter and fight till the end….. DON”T YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT.. I hope this cleared your concern about the high unemployment rate in Armenia..

    Now I am done wasting my breath on you and I am sure everyone else here has had enough of you..

    Thank you and have a nice evening…

  23. For the turks…how obnoxious of you, defenders of a state crime, demand from the victim-state (stateless as we are) a debate when the whole world recognizes reality?  Who recognizes the Holocaust and who denies it?  Who recognizes “northern cypriot” government and who doesn’t?
    Go debate with experts from whatever diasporan countries you live in, or if you live in Turkey, ask  your government why ethnic cleansing has been a state motto since ataturks revolution…after all, all those ethnic laws you have are no secret.  Your government claims the PKK still exists to justify its continued oppression of Kurdish civil rights, it uses the diaspora to justify its denial of world recognized facts, it uses cold war propaganda to continue to oppress Cypriots…you export terrorism around the world, especially Europe and the world is sick of you.  All your neighbors hate you, not because of your obnoxious attitude towards your neighbors (greeks, bulgarians, armenians, cypriots, ect) but because of how you treat your own citizens (greeks, turkish left, those that disagree with atajew, ect).

  24. Though the Tashnags are the most focused on this distraction (US recognition of genocide through government), it is NOT a partisan issue.  ALL Armenians are survivors and all of our previous generations could / can name relatives who perished.  Think about that before you continue to spew your verbal puke on their memory.

  25. Gayena,
    Do you have to contradict with yourself all the time?
    In one reply you say the diaspora is helping out the armenians in armenia and accuse me of not knowing this truth. In the other, you say armenians in armenia  are only concerned about bringing food to their tables. This is my point: the DIASPORA DONT GIVE A FLIP TO ARMENIANS AND ACT SELFISHLY. IF THEY DID, ARMENIA WOULD NOT BE 130TH IN WORLD ECONOMY RANKING.
    You cover up this by accusing the armenian government. WHY? Did the government persecute those diaspora members who tried to help armenians in armenia? NO! They starve because of the selfish and greedy policies of the diaspora.
    You talk about the truth. But why do you object the formation of a commission of historians to examine the issue? What is it that you are so afraid about this commission? Are you afraid that all the claims that you made one-sided without taking the Turkish side into account, rebuked and proven a lie?

  26. This is a poet is written by a friend of mine.. wanted to share it….

    Deny Me of Her Sleep
    I have overcome your resistance,
    I am at peace over your negate,
    Lies of political retribution
    Poison of a snake’s contribution.
    Do you stand in your mornings?
    In front of a mirror that reflects,
    What your duty spells in front
    Of reflections of billions….
    Hold the moment before
    You walk through your door,
    An Opportunity, Illegal Tender.
    Genocide your business rendered,
    When I try to sleep at night,
    Does your family sleep in rest,
    When our aging gradparents,
    Try to forget the smell of slaughter.

  27. I would like to say this before I ignor you …the reason you want Diaspora to go away is because you know that DIASPORA does not answer you, you can’t control us, you can’t make us do anything that you want us to do… But know this Aghmagh, Diaspora was, is and will be here fighting your brainwashed brain cells till the end.. Diaspora going away? NOT IN YOUR BLOODY DREAMS…

    Oh.. one last thing.. when you said i was unnecessarily aggressive in my last post.. .the difference is SIR at least I (Armenian) am aggressive with words and not with swords (Turk).. and it was your govt who used UNNECESSARY AGGRESSION for NO REASON except for ethnic cleansing to murder all of my ancestors..did you ever think about that? but of course not.. and you have the nerve to tell me that I was being aggressive.. unbelievable…

    Good bye and good riddance…


  28. Comment
    To:                                                                                                                                                                Gayane  and  other  my  dear  compatriots   (including  Armenian Weekly)
    Please ,Please   Don’t  (do not)  waste   your precious  time  to  respond to this (hired)   Agent’s   Junks.
    Thank you

  29. Obviously you have selective vision to go along with your selective history lessons…Yerevan doesn’t care about the genocide, doesn’t care about US recognition, or the US at all other than the dollars it gets for being political with them.
    The Diaspora doesn’t want western Armenia, death as revenge, or anything stupid like that…we only want to heal the wounds on HONEST TERMS.  We REFUSE to let Yerevan fall prey to trusting Turks.  The Kurds, Greeks, Cypriots, Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Bulgarians and everyone else knows what will happen…we need to look no further than history or current events.

  30. Despite all the face saving in politics, all of Turkeys neighbors still  hates you.  Think about that.  Your military dictatorship can brainwash you with a distorted view of history if you want but the next time Turkish guns are aimed at a government, all of your neighbors will be tempted for revenge.  You best stick to killing Kurdish boys/girls and calling them “pkk”.

  31. Ahmet and Robert,
    If you guys are the tough brothers that you are, tell me if you can do the following:
    Can you put aside all your feelings and everything you were thought about the Armenians, put aside the conversation on this site (and Gayane), go someplace where noone including your people can influence you and do an honest research about historical facts and eyewitness/survivor accounts. Can you put everything aside and do an objective research using only documented archives? Read the Blue Book which is a compilation of eyewitness accounts. I can only imagine how hurtful and incomprehensible it is for someone to face a shocking truth about his ancestors. But for Turkey to become a truly modern powerful Democracy with enforced human rights, you guys need to face your past, like facing a phobia. You guys need to look atit, acknowledge it, correct it and move on and let us move on.Can you also put yourselves in the place of an Armenian, and see how you might have reacted if your grandparents tell you about witnessing babies being thrown into rivers, women being raped in front of their children, being told to get out of your house while muslims were being told to get in and take everything you had, being told that you needed to walk on foot to a desert and were not allowed to buy food even when you could afford it, being told you could be saved if you married a muslim and converted to Islam, being forced to abandon your children who had starved to death under a tree and go on …These survivors are our grandparents who suffered from post traumatic syndrome and kept on crying about all this till the end. Would you have been able to ignore your grandparents pain?. Prove to yourselves that you can take an honest look to what had happened to us.
    A Murat on another site called the Armenian Genocide a myth. Trust me I wish it was a myth and my heart did not bleed with the heavy burden of my grandparents experience.
    Sweden just acknowledged the 0genocide. The day Turkey itself recognizes will be the begiinig of a true power in the Middle East, because the only way from than on will be up. The Armenian people are ready to move on when you do the right thing.

  32. Ishkan jan.. du shat chisht es… that is why after saying my peace.. el chem grelu et aylandaki posterin.. sents ban el klini.. the nerves of this fool…

    bayts petqa asei.. :) sirts hangstanar…:)


  33. Dear Aghmud,
    (aka Ahmet, but staying Aghmud until he learns how to spell Gayane),
    Now that I have captured you attention and sharpened your perception, please read further.
    My dear son, you cannot imagine the smile that your writings put on my face.  We know a lot about what Turks say and do these days in a state of desperation, and you are really very naive if you think you are telling us anything different.
    Which school did you go to? What family raised you? Didn’t they tell you that when you visit someone (at home, website or discussion forum) it is your honour and name that is at stake if you shout (write in capital letters), do not listen and follow the debate and come up with disruptive comments? Didn’t they tell you that it is your right to have your own views but it is your ultimate responsibility how you share them? Didn’t they tell you that if you do not know something you go away, study and then think if you have anything new to say?
    You cannot impress anybody by chanting about a historical commission. That is the same as someone losing a race sugests new races over and over again with the thought that a miracle can happen (or all other runners will end up with their legs broken). Who in his senses would take that seriously?
    You cannot impress anybody by chanting about how different Amenians in Armenia and Armenians in teh Diaspora are. Why is that your concern? The Diaspora is the result of the Genocide and its current strength is earned by hard work and strong moral stance for more than a century. Armenians in Armenia have survived Communism and the USSR and stayed Armenian at the cost of an enormous sacrifice. We are one nation, although sometimes politicians pretend to forget about that and need unpleasant reminders.  How many Turks are illiterate and yet you dare to have studied English – vay, vay!
    You cannot impress anybody by chanting about Armenia ranking 130th in the world. But I am sure you would be impressed to know that the GBP of Turkey (population 70 million) is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Armenia plus the GDP generated by the Diaspora (population 10 million). I have published the link to this document in another discussion here on Armenian Weekely, so if you are curious you have to read them all.  I am sure this will make you a better person. But you do not need to do that – there is a simple proof that this is correct: otherwise Turkey would have won the “debate” without any historical commissions, wouldn’t it?
    Just think about these three points that came to my mind. There are more, you do not need to reply. I hope you’ll take away from this the best you can and not go down the route to construct arguments and post here.
    At least not before you learn how to spell Gayane.

  34. Comments are written in a small window which resulted in a spelling error in my previous comment
    I meant the GDP (gross Domestic Product) of Turkey, not GBP.

  35. Katia,

    You mention the Blue Book. Perchance, are you refering to the infamous British Blue Book of 1915? If you are, then I’m sorry to inform you that Toynbee and the British government had already admitted that the Blue Book was a compilation of fabrications to instigate violence in the region so as to continue England’s imperialism! They also admitted to the fabrication of the Zimerman telegram of the same era, just to try and get the U.S. into WWI! You see Katia, England was a major power player during this time AND would do anything to anyone (lies, manipulations, etc.), much like what dashnak Armenians did and continue to do, to maintain their empire and colonial aspirations! There’s now even speculation that it was the British which sunk the SS Lusitania, and not the Germans. This ultimately got the US involved in WWI in 1917.  So, if you’re relying on quoting the British Blue Book (or Toynbee, Morgenthau, etc.), you’ll just have to try a better source.

  36. When Turks stop talking like Ottomans we will start to respect you.  Until then, the world is united in what is truth and what is fiction (propaganda).  Quit obsessing with Tashnags.  Its bad enough they obsess with themselves.

  37. Robert,
    Just as I thought…. Didn’t I tell you to be brave and put aside all the brainwashing and prejudice you have been fed by your country, and decide for yourself.  The Turkish governement came up with conspiracy theories and smear campaigns to discredit the Blue Book.  The British government put a compilation of eyewitness accounts (mostly non-Armenian) because they wanted these events to be recorded.  The Ottomans made it illegal to take pictures of the deportees, and anyone including a Turk who tried to save them were punished by death.  Most of these eyewitness accounts were transmitted to the British by by your now great ally, the US!  As a matter of fact the originals of those eyewitness documents can be found at the Public Record Office (Kew), Bodleian Library (Oxford), National Archives (Washington, D.C.), Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), and the Houghton Library (Cambridge, Mass.)  The originals!… you want to tell the US that its archives are phoney?
    Robert, read the Blue Book…and then decide.  By the way, o boy!… Toynbee and the British government never said that it was a fabrication… as a matter of fact, recently when the book was finally published in its uncensored format (in the original the names of the eyewitnesses were erased in order to protect them), translated  into Turkish (and sent to Turkey’s parliament, of course they were refused) members of the British government praised it and said it was time for Turkey to face its past. 
    The Blue Book is for non-Armenians.  Each Armenian family has its own “Blue Book” because most of us are descendents of the survivors, and we had to live listening to their eyewitness accounts.
    But from all your conspiracy theories, the one about the Tashnaks “colonial aspirations” takes the cake!!  Colonial what!  We lost our country, our own lands…
    Most Armenians went to be slaughtered as sheep (the Turks loved those), others defended themselves and faught for their lives…. they were called Tashnaks.
    Next time someone rapes your wife, and starves you and your kids to death, massacres your relatives and then takes off their clothes… do not fight back,.. they might call you Tashnak. 
    I am sorry  that I am getting excited, but you do not know how hurtful your comments and theories are….

  38. Vay Greg jan.. apres… :)

    Ches patkeratsnum te how much i laughed the way du ira anuna u ira sxal dzevov im anuna grela kartasi…apres.. I loved it..:)

    Shat mersi…

  39. Antranig jan..

    You know why they are obsessed with Dashnaks?  is because that is all they have to point out.. they dont’ have anything valid to use against the truth ….it is a way of getting out of the truth by using unrelated matters and insignficant facts…esh en esh.. iranq mart chen…

    Oh.. and Greg jan.. I want to say thank you for pointing out the fact that Turkey with its largest population have the similar GDP like Armenia.. because apparently Ahmet was so proud of his findings and was so concern about Armenian’s high unemployment… One would start worrying about its own country’s shortcomings especially as rich of a country as Turkey.. oh I am sorry.. CORRECTION and this is directed to APUSH (Ahmet) and APUSH”s BROTHER (Robert) and everyone that sides with these two…as rich of a country as ARMENIA…the lands your people forcefully took from the Armenians.. anter shner……


  40. Dear Mr. Sassounian;  Once again you are a champion of good brainstorms and leadership abilities.  My hat’s off to you and thank you for your insightful articles one after another and your unyielding patriotism!  I am with you one hundred percent.  Many here read your articles and hopefully will adhere to it, but please also post the above in the Asbarez Weekly to reach out to our people in the West coast.  It’s important that the majority read it and hopefully would act upon.

    Dears Gayane and Greg, I know it’s easier said than done, nevertheless please don’t take it to heart what a few denialist brainwashed Turks such as Robert has to spew garbage on these commentary forums.  Your state of health is much more important for myself and many others in here.

  41. Comment       DEAR  MR.   GREG  THANK  YOU

  42. Dear Robert,
    Please understand that this style of “discourse” does not lead anywhere. You may be paid to do this, but your paymasters also read the lack of impact of what you write here. Please grow up and stop exploiting internet anonymity, drawing false authority to make frivolous statements.
    You blantantly lie about the Blue Book.
    Only some months ago, Lord Avebury – member of the British Hourse of Lords, took a trip to Ankara and handed out to Turkish MPs the unsensored Turkish Translation of that book. Please find out how he was greeted. The prequel is that in 2005 Turkish MPs requested from the British Parliament that it denounces the Blue Book as a fabrication. Needless to say that this was completely ignored – by one of the stauchest allies of Turkey in the modern world. It could not have been otherwise, as Turkey appeared as a distressed child throwing its toys out of the pram.

  43. Written to the soul of my mother,
    Victoria Mehran Dabbaghian ( 1910- 2002)

    Oh, President Obama
    I still …can’t believe
    You’re dancing with cruelty of inhumanity;
    Those one day ruled large part of the world
    With their scimitars.
    Are you afraid from their scimitars to rule you?
    Even if you are so far, they can do! 
    They already gagged your clever tongue.
    Even if you’re their beloved
    They can vanish  you and every one on their way.
    You’re for them like a fly…
    They don’t have beloved.
    For them the blood is their pride.
    Watch theirs’ flag:
    A white crescent surrounded by red sky.
    Crescents are theirs’ scimitars
    And the innocent star standing on the front
    Waiting to sigh!
    One day when You reach-aged.
    You will realize what you did indeed, was unfair.
    With fair people who know who are you.
    We can see, they are pulling you in their red-skeleton mud,
    To show others they can always prevail!
     “The days will prove those stanzas were true.”
     March 12, 2010
    My mother died on 12th March 2002 till her last sigh
    She was remembering how she was lucky to escape from that bloody Genocide!

  44. GAYene,
    Did you say the diaspora does not answer me? I laughed a lot :-) Look how many diaspora members have answered to my replies. You are wrong once again!
    You deliberately avoid touching on the issues i raised about armenians in armenia and be defensive. WHY? Why cant you answer my specific questions ? Because it is not to your highest interest to do that.
    Whether you accept it or not, the greedy and selfish reign of diaspora over armenians in armenia is coming to an end. You will see this when the protocols are ratified.
    Then you can ignore me big time if you wish!

  45. Greg,
    Can you preach Gayene like you did to me? Because apparently Gayene does not know how to host a guest and USE CAPITAL LETTERS to communicate with me.
    I am not trying to impress anybody by bringing up the commission . I am telling you the truth.  Once the protocols are ratified, you will have to chew, swallow and digest the TRUTH!
    GDP generated by the diaspora? what GDP? How illiterate it seems to boast of the so called GDP generated by the diaspora while half of the armanians in armenia is starving and complaining about unemployment?  Please, please, please answer this question. I am really curious.
    Why do you guys have to contradict with your very thoughts all the time?
    What a joke!

  46. You refuse to let Yerevan fall prey to trusting Turks?
    Today’s Armenia is a proof to what happens if Yerevan falls prey to trusting diaspora.
    You dont get it . Whether you are aware or not, the selfish policies that diaspora is trying to dictate on Yerevan are only hurting the very people in Yerevan who you think you are trying to protect.
    Think deeply about it.

  47. Dear Medical Doctor,
    By trying to ban me from expressing my opinions, are you wanting to be like those who killed Hrant?
    Contradiction, contradiction, contradiction…

  48. Ahmet,

    Don’t you read your country Turkey’s news?  Turkey is afraid to ratify the protocols because Armenia’s Constitutional Rules said that Armenia will see to it that the Armenian Genocide will be accepted by world’s countries as well as it mentioned that Western Armenian lands do indeed existed and was Armenia.  Furthermore, your Turkish government wants to put Artsakh’s independence issue part of the protocols, something that Russia, the US and France as well do agree that it was not part of the protocols.  Read your country’s news.

  49. Thank you Gary,
    I am amazed at how long their pathetic cover up has lasted. I guess it lasted as long as they could offer bases and money to Europe and the US, while we were still trying to recover in numbers and strength. They think that all they have to do is call these stories lies, and ask countries to say that their archives are fabrications and that will automatically take care of history. Ataturk changed their alphabet from Arabic to Latin so that noone will even be able to read all the court martial documents of the trials of the Young Turks. And they are still using the pretext that all this came out because Britain and France meddled in their affairs because of their own emperialistic aspirations. That is the most absurd thing to say from a people who actually had an empire ruling over other peoples’ countries. The difference between the Roman and Ottoman Empire falls is that none of the lands the Ottomans occupied were historically theirs to retreat back to, and that’s why they fought tooth and nail to keep whatever land they could, and when cornered they massacred the native Armenians etc, grabbed their lands and made the Turkish Republic out of them. They are giving desperate explanations because they know that their entire country is illegal. They originally came from Central Asia in small numbers, their way of living was raiding and taking others properties by force. They mingled with the local Byzantines and lost the slant of their eyes. I actually pitty the Turkish people because their leaders have robbed them of their history and created a fake one in order to legitimize the existence of their country. Lebanon, Serbia, Belgium, Palestine and Syria got their countries back and we got scr..ed. Another so called empire that is resorting to desperate acts to keep its foothold is the United States of America. I have lost all respect for Obama and Clinton, I do not even want to see their faces.

  50. Ahmet,
    Come on dude! The Armenian Diaspora is standing in the way of Armenia’s progress? We all know this is the new song and dance of Turkey because Turkey wants to put a rift between Armenia and the Diaspora. This is getting old. Turkey is scared of the Armenian Diaspora because the Diaspora is the true owner of Eastern Turkey. Since when wanting your house and property back from robbers is an act of selfishness? Come on you can do better than that. Armenia is where it is because of you. You killed 1.5 million that could have become 6 million now if not more, you need to pay for their lives and the lives of the offspring they could have generated and the wealth they could have accumulated for our country. Armenia is behind because your government closed its borders and applied illegal sanctions in retaliation to another Armenian land that wants its independence: Karapagh which was given to Azerbaijan by Stalin. Armenia has survived your illegal blockade that was supposed to impede its progress and its main blood line has been the Diaspora in whatever capacity it has, and now you want to cut that off too by trying to brainwash the Armenian people that the Diaspora is the cause of its problems. Come on dude, this is kindergarden stuff. The protocols are so babyish: we will reopen the borders that we closed illegally in the first place if you guys accept our illegal borders and give us another chance of disproving the Genocide…oh and throw in there the return of your land Karabagh… Come on man… Lame, lame, lame

  51. Sylva jan.. that was sooo painful righteous .. brought tears to my eyes..

    very very powerful poem… Your mother may she rest in peace is very proud of you..

    Grag jan.. Mersi..we need strong individuals from all over the world to succeed and not spineless leaders such as our govt..i might as well call them Turks…..

    Nairian jan.. you are absolutely correct.. our health is much more important…but it feels so good yerp vor sents mi hat slap enq hastnum et anter shneri eresnerin.. especially strong individuals such as Katia, Greg, Antranig and others.. it gives me satisfaction…


  52. Very well said Katia,  One correction though Katia jan, if the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen by Turkey, we would have multiplied to be 44 Million not 6 or plus only.  Imagine 44 Million from Armenians all around the world.  That’s what we’ve been royally scr….d, our Western Armenian historical lands and our most valuable assets… our people.

    Indeed, the Armenian people in our homeland know that the Diaspora is not only part of them and their bloodline; but we are the backbone of our beloved Armenia and Artsakh.  We are all one!!!!!

  53. My dear Katia:

    You know our history well. Thank God that there are still some of us who know the truth. We also know ‘the truth sets us free’. Liars are in bondage to Satan!

    It is quite unfortunate that we still are being betrayed by our own governments (Obama, Clinton and many others taking bribes)

    I live in Canada but the USA is home territory even if I need a passport after 52 yrs. of freedom of movement across the border. I have not been in the U.S. since 1996 but have many friends and some family too.

  54. Ahmet,

    You still can’t spell my name right.. WOW.. how many tries does it take for you to get it..? why am i surprised?…hmmm

    You must be one HIGH PAID and PADOSH ERESOV Turk.. (this is for your own information information not for yelling purposes.. my caps is to ENPHASIZE something I want you to see it very well Aghmagh).

    We are asking you leave this room because we are sick of your UNINTELLIGENT and BRAINWASHED comments… hence, you are wasting our time…

    And when everything is done.. YOU and YOUR GOVT will not only chew, swallow and digest the TRUTH but you will face JUSTICE.. and hope everyone who believes Turkey did not commit Genocide may rot in hell.. then they will know how it felt to be in hell.. those poor souls that had to endure all that…

    Get a life Muhmet…


  55. Katia jan..

    I am SO WITH YOU.. Obama and Clinton are dirt to me.. no more …

    Than you for your beautifully written history in a nutshell.. APRES..


  56. Katia jan..

    As my grandmother would have said.. ” VAY MERNEM YES QO JANIN”.. i want to say that to you…

    Well said.. as I said they are afraid of Diaspora because they know we will KICK THEIR their teeth in no matter how many gag rules they put on US, how many threats they throw out there.. Turkey can’t stop Diaspora… scary cats…


  57. Gayane jan,  you are a very good and important inspiration in here as well.  Chi moranank janes kez bes lav Hayerin vor ge baderazmin sa geghdod martasbannerun het.  Abrin polor lav Hay martgantse payts chi moranank kez neman kach ou aznevakan Hay ginerin!!!!

  58. Dear Gayane…I don’t know where you live, how old you are or where you get your energy from…but it is absolutely powerful…Asvadz yergar giank da kez!
    Do not give up on telling the truth. You may tell from my spelling that  I learned Armenian in Egypt. My grandparents (both sides) were from Kayseri!

    Question: In one of the books I am reading right now (Armenian Golgotha) there is an Imam who actually understands Armenian and speaks a few words e.g. he says ‘khosdovanank’ …does anyone know what % of Turks can actually  understand our language? I am curious! Fo myself I wish I could understand more Turkish…I could read alot more of their propaganda!

    Even the Turks know their ancestors (not today’s people) are guilty and must return our property back soon. Unfortunately some people near the Armenia/Turkey border have only recently burned their titles to their properties! 

    Keep up the good work! 

  59. Katia jan,
    The Ottoman ruled on three continents peacefully for 600 years until you guys sided with russians to undermine the existence of the Empire. You cant deny that.
    the genocide is an artificial creation of the diaspora that has been used to unite its very existence. without your invented hatred towards Turks, you would have already evaporated.
    Simple logic! Why would the Ottoman bother to relocate armenians  to other places of the empire, while it could have been easier to kill them where they were? If the intention was to exterminate a race, why would the already depleted sources have been spent to escort armenians so they can move? the administration even allocated gendarme forces to protect those who were moving. these documents can be seen in the archives.  this alone is the proof that it was not a genocide. You and I must admit, however, that both sides suffered individual acts of violence.
    So, the Turks must go back to the Central Asia? is this what you say? This is the funniest thing ever expressed by armenians and greeks alike. :-)
    if you are an Armenian-American I have some advice for you. Why dont you go back to Armenia? Why do you prefer to live in a country whose ancestors came 1000s of miles away and occupied the lands of the Native Americans?
    Turks would only go back to Asia if today’s Americans, (who are French, British, Irish or Italian descent) decide to go back to their respective countries.

  60. Katia jan,
    you say “Armenia is behind because Turkey closed the borders.” But, then,  why does the diaspora oppose the opening of the borders which would result in not Armenia’s being BEHIND anymore? If you dont want the borders to open, that means the diaspora wants armenia to be BEHIND!
    this is simple logic . pre-kindergarten stuff ;-)

  61. You know Gayene,  when people become so desperate and become unable to solve their problems with material means, they resort to divine help. they ask the divine being to burn their enemies in the everlasting flame (hell).
    Did you just wish that I burn in hell? ;-)

  62. Gayane et al,

    Please note how you all speak. As is typical for you, the vulgarities and defamations always start to kick in when you see that you have lost a battle of wits. It doesn’t really matter, because not only are we used to this type of behavior, but it simply solidfies what the world already knows about Armenian character. We know that you’re frustrated, envious, jealous, angry, which leads to the establishment of a low self-esteme. This is classically observed in most defeated people.

    I do have one basic question which I have posed for quite some time to many of you. I have yet to see a single response which made any sense. However, to be fair, I shall pose the question once more. Assume that ALL of your wishes came true regarding Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Let’s say that every country’s government in the world sided with your diaspora. Okay, the question is this…How would Armenia enforce any ruling? Which country would risk everything and try to make Turkey give up one square millimeter of its soil, or a single penny from its treasury? Who would invade us to do your bidding? Everyone knows that what a politician or a parliament votes on today will very likely be different tomorrow! So, tell us…which country will risk going to war over Armenia? What’s in it for them? Right now the US is stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 80% of military supplies, troop transportation, ammunition, air cover, evacuation routes, etc. are dependent on Turkish air space and Incirlik Air Base. Turkish commando troops have been fighting in Afghanistan ever since the first US and British commando units went in post 9-11. They’ve been in command of all ground forces twice already. They play an integral part in the war on terrorism (BTW, can you say ASALA, JCAG?). The people of the world are tired of losing their loved ones in a war that may last for a while. Given all of this, please tell us just which country is going to risk everything for Armenia? We all await your answer. 

    WE   ASSURE   YOU,  THAT    YOUR   GOVERNMENT ,  WEST,  EAST ,  NATO.    EVEN     ARMENIAN   OWN  GOVERNMENT    NEVER , EVER   ARE  ABLE   TO   CURE   OR   RELIEF    ARMENIAN    NATIONS    CENTURY    LONG     VERY, VERY   DEEP    ‘STILL   BLEEDING”    WOUNDS …                                                                                                                                         UNLESS,                                                                                                                                     TURKISH   NATION   AND  TURKISH   GOVERNMENT   COME   TO  THEIR  SENSES,   RECOGNIZE   AND    COMPONSATE    FIRST    TWENTIETH    CENTURY    ARMENIAN    GENOCIDE   AND   ATROCITIES    WHICH   HAD  BEEN  COMMITTED     BY    YOUR    ANCESTORS….


  64. Gayane jan, if you were next to me I would have given you a big hug!  It’s an honor for you to tell me what your grandma would have said.  You truly have a big generous giving heart.  May God bless you in every way. 
    Gary, Hura to you too our Canadian, but first and foremost, Armenian friend!  We all ended up somewhere, but we can unite in a heart beat.
    Nairian, you are absolutely right, experts are saying our number would have been close to 40 million now if it were not for the Genocide.  I read somewhere that the muslim population in Turkey was around 4 million in 1915, the Turkish population now is close to 70 million. 
    We should not forget to honor and thank all the courageous Turkish journalists and historians who are openly acknowledging the Armenian Genocide and descending from their governement’s denialist policy.  Taner Akcam for example wrote an article right after the recent passage of Resolution 252, where he told President Obama that his decision to go against the resolution is actually more hurtful to Turkey’s future.  He told him the sooner the truth is acknowledged and the wrong corrected, the better the chances for Turkey to become Democratic and move forward.  “How can you look to the future when you have not dealt with your past?”  And that applies to both Turks and Armenians.

  65. MR.  AHMET/AGENT    ARMENIAN   PEOPLE   BELIEVE  THE   MERDER  OF   HRAND   DINK   IS   CONTINUATION    OF   ARMENIAN   GENOCIDE     BY   INHERITANCE   NATURE    AND   ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SIR  DO   YOU   HAVE  ANY    OPINION,     WHO?    WAS   BEHIND   THE    HRAND   DINK’S     MURDER    AND   NOW    WHO?   IS   COVERING  UP    THIS    SHAMEFUL   CRIME??………

  66. Dear Medical Doctor, (MD)
    I am not expecting a peace between the two nations because this will not serve to the interest of people like you and the diaspora. As long as you and your compatriots are alive, true peace will never come.
    but, the protocols are digging your grave. you know this and you are very angry.

  67. This is the last manifestation of genocidomania of the armenians. Hrant’s killing is a genocide?
    there are estimated 40 thousands armenians in Turkey. If one of them, by chance is killed in an accident, would you considered it part of the so called genocide?  this is entirely a joke.
    Tell me about the Turks killed by ASALA?

    T.H.I.S   I.S.  A  J.O.K.E !!!

  69. Sylva jan, your poem brought tears to my eyes as well, especially when I only lost my sweetest angelic mother a little less than half a year ago.  May yours and my mother’s souls rest in peace.  “Asdvads mer anoushig mayrignerun  hokin lusavore.  Abris ku boemnerun hamar yev sharunage misht aytbes horinel yev kerel Sylva jan.”

    Katia jan, yete tun yev Gayanen koves ellayik yes al tser yergukin jagadneren ge hampureyi.  Shat aroghch medadsogh, xelatsi payts yev nayev kach Hay axchigner ek yerguket al, shad abrik!!!!!

    Gary jan tun al mishd gankun menatsir, Hayerus bashdban erigmarte!!!

    Doctor Babajanian, Thank you.  Shat lave deghe terir at turkin.  Abris!!!

  70. Katia jan, I didn’t know that Taner Akcam wrote that letter to president Obama, thanks for letting us know dear.  What a nice and a just stand on his part.  Btw; his motives are not solely to be good to Armenians; but with his wisdom and intellect he wants his nation to start rizing to a higher level of existence.  He wishes them to start getting the respect of the civilized nations and to stop acting like the Mongolian herdsmen that came charging from the middle of Asia onto the Caucasus then to Europe almost a thousand years ago.  Mr. Akcam wants them to start cleaning their name as well as  their bad perception amongst people, and psychologically to feel better as people rather than trying so hard to hide their past killings and mistakes, to stop acting like juvenile, bad and lying children.  He wants his country to start acting more responsibly and with dignity.  Because when criminals continue to lie, their lyings will not stop and when they continue their criminal path, one way or the other they are bound to fall into the pit that will be of their own making.  Taner Akcam wishes the best for his people; that’s why he wants them to accept the Armenian Genocide for the truth will set them free.  Mr. Akcam is a brilliant man who means very well for his nation.

  71. Dear friends, Katia, Gayane and many others in this room. There is no doubt that we are all related in blood and united pupose & spirit wherever we live. The statement that ‘we are the result of the Genoced’ is very true.

    Professor Akcam has always said that the truth and restitution to the victims’ descendants will help Turkey the most. He and other free (not brainwashed) Turkish people realize that their present stance is seriously hurting them.

    Thank you for the numbers. Only 4 million Turks in 1915? now 70 million and increasing 1/2 million per year? Then it makes sense that we would also number close to 40 million today.

    I am about 2/3 through the book ‘Armenian Golgotha’. What atrocities! It is totally false that the Gendarmes were for the protection of the deportees. Mostly they were there to collect bribes. The Turkish State didn’t pay them or pay them enough?  Or simply they were greedy and power hungry. Captain Shukri’s attitude of extortion clearly shows the mindset.

    Anyway…we know that the words are “baykar, baykar, minchev verch” Whether one is standing in Republic Square, Gyumri, Mid-Town Manhatten, Stepanagerd, Shushi, Los Angeles, Marseilles, London or Beirut!

    God is on the side of truth, righteousness, and the persecuted though we don’t know HIS timing! Lets stay strong, united and wait for HIS time!

  72. Nairian,
    did you say “Taner Akcam wishes the best for his people”.
    That is true. He wishes best for armenians.

  73. Ahmet my dear,
    Don’t be so sure of yourself.  It is possible that your or your friend’s great grandma was also Armenian. 
    What your people committed was Genocide and the rule of law says you have to pay for it.  I think they should also pay for changing history and brainwashing their own people (ie you).

    The UN general Assembly characterizes genocide as:  “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”.”any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a nationalethnicalracial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”[1]

    Your country is guilty on all of the above accounts. And you dare to say that we are jealous because we had lost and you were victorious.  Clearing another people’s land by killing unarmed women, men and children is a coward’s victory.
    You are hopelessly brainwashed and misinformed:
    1. The gendarmes did not escort us to resorts. A few of them escorted us on foot to the desert, forbid anyone from giving us food or us purchasing food, and once we were away from the prying eyes of the Europeans in the cities, they were instructed to call in the Chetehs to first rob then massacre us.
    2. They did not have to deplete any of their military resources; they simply released their prisoners, made the Cheteh units out of them, and send them on the unarmed Armenians.
    3. Thanks for acknowledging that your people comes from Central Asia.
    4. Do not worry how we are going to organize getting what is ours back; let the rule of law dictate that.
    5. The no longer existing ASALA had revolted in vengeance just like your friends the PLO did.
    6. Not only did you not answer Raffi’s question, you are calling getting shot at point blank in front of your business “an accident”, and you want us to let our country open its borders where people like Hrant Dink get shot “by accident?”
    7. Thank you for acknowledging the protocols for what they are a “trap”, by saying that the protocols will be “digging our graves”.  That’s exactly what we are trying to explain to the Armenian government, the majority of the people of Armenia know that already.
    8. The Diaspora and the majority of the population in Armenia (and Pres. Sarkisyan just acknowledged that) oppose the protocols, not because we don’t want open borders and normal relations with our neighbors, but because our neighbor’s “reconciliation” attempts are not “normal” they are flawed and bad intentioned.

  74. Oh yes, and two more points:
    1. The Ottomans did not rule for 600 years “peacefully”, where do you get your info from?  If they were ruling over other people peacefully than why all the other countries revolted against the oppression, regular massacres, humilating rules (like the Armenians had to wear red shoes and the Greeks blue shoes), and hugely unfair taxes just like the Armenians did?  The other countries got their independence, we got slaughtered.
    2. The vote “for” the Genocide in Res 252 was more like 45, because most of the congressmen “who do not know where Armenia is” said that they had studied the documents on the Genocide, they acknowledged that it was Genocide but they are voting against the resolution for now, because they think it is for the best interest of the United States (for now…). 

  75. Before some you get carried away too much and embaress yourselves:

    Haig Shiroyan, an Ottoman Armenian who became an US citizens, wrote in his Memories: “The Russian victorious armies, reinforced by Armenian volunteers, had slaughtered every Turk they could find, destroyed every house they penetrated” (Smiling Through the Tears, New York, 1954, p. 186).

    Niles and Sutherland, two inspectors directly authorized by the US Congress in 1919, in their report (Niles and Sutherland Report) , noticed: “Armenians massacred Musulmans on a large scale with many refinements of cruelties” and that “Armenians are responsible for most of the destruction done to towns and villages”.  This was based on their field observations and interviews carried out in the Bitlis and Van region.

    You can imagine why so many Turks have a problem with the Armenian claims.

  76. Wow, Armenians slaughtered turks…except that there were no Armenians there, and those along the Russian front were all starving and suffering from diseases…those that survived the genocide that everyone but turks realize happened.
    I’m not saying some Armenians did not take revenge but realize this, Armenians killed Armenians also during the genocide (tashnags mostly).  There are many distractions but the bottom line is that war is hell, Genocide is worse but to deny it and allow the wounds to fester is a crime against humanity as bad as the genocide itself.
    Turks prove their guilt by their 19th century racist laws in the 21st century, and Kurds, Pontiac Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans and every other ethnicity turks ignore are proof that we are not the ones with the grudge…its the turks.  All of turkeys neighbors hate turkey, even the ones who have good relations with the government (currupt leaders) doesn’t take away that the Syrians, Bulgarians, Cypriots, Greeks, Russians ect all HATE KEMALISTS.

  77. To Ahmet and the rest of the Turcophiles,

    Now that you have used and abused your first amendment by coming on this site, you must hear the following.  

    We all know that the Turkish government spends lots of time and energy to fund people like you as well as dangle money, positions, or threats  to spineless politicians in order to deny the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.  You must admit to cover up the truth is really difficult and costly.  Recall the bones that were shown on “60 Minutes” at Del-Zor.  Recall the specific documents from Talat Pasa.   Why doesn’t your government owe up to its past and move on with reparations?  This Germans did such as did the United States in terms of slavery.  I do have the answer for you.

    The Turks were as a whole a nomadic, belligerent group of people who came from what is now Mongolia.  Even their eyes are slanted a bit, similar to the people from the Orient.  Through brute force they usurped the land from the natives and called the region their own.  They formed the Ottoman Empire and ruled there for about 600 years.  Thus their entire culture is based on usurping land and exterminating the inhabitants.  You see nothing wrong with such a practice.  Therefore, you don’t recognize the crime in Genocide.   It is how the Turkic nation has come to be.

    We must admit that the ruthlessness that your ancestors have shown is also balanced with connivery, sycophancy, and double-dealing.  Throughout history I haven’t figured out how Turks could be a Muslim ally, a Christian ally, side with Naziis, side with Jews, side with the West, side with the USSR, side with Iran, side with the Taliban, speak against terrorism, etc.   Similarly, when the time comes you suppress Hrant Dink and when the time comes you compare yourself to him.  You speak of fairness but you denigrate people by calling them “Gay.” 

    I admit that your entire nation has fooled many throughout history, including the US executive branch, even the current Armenian government.  However, Armenians in the Diaspora, having lived next to you for years and having been persecuted by you, know you well.  We don’t see what advantage the protocols will bring to Armenia personally, other than being able to buy Turkish towels in Armenia for a bit cheaper.   What the protocols do is buy you time until the Genocide is recognized universally and get Armenia to recognize your borders.   In the long run the protocols aren’t going to affect us either way.  If you turn down the protocols, we’ll further Genocide recognition internationally.  If you accept it, we will also seek international recognition.  Eventually, your blackmailing strategies and political posturing will run out.  95 years ago the Genocide occurred.  That is a small time in our 3000 year history, where we have grown and shrunk, where we have emerged victorious and yielded.  What we have done though throughout this time is ENDURED, much to your dismay.  A nation that has nomadically traveled westward usurping lands and exterminating people lacks such inherent roots to endure.  It lacks sound principles to endure.  It has lived by the sword and it will perish by the sword. 

    In a deceptive move, you government is balking on the protocols in order to allow the world to think that they have a lot to lose in accepting it.  I personally don’t think the protocols will affect us much in the long run.  

    If you choose to write here, go ahead.  We will respect your first amendment much like we do to the skinheads and the KKK.

  78. Aside from the snarkiness of these comments, some of which border on racism (slanty eyes? – come on, folks..aside from not being true, it’s unnecessary), everyone should note that a good amount of this dispute is the result of a divide and conquer strategy being employed by those who wish to control both Armenia and Turkey. I’ll let you all argue about who that might be. I’ll also tell you that aside from the nationalist/propagandists in the Turkish govt, most people in Turkey know exactly what happened to the Armenians, and they blame the Turkish govt of the time. The reasons for promoting the endless lies has alot more to do with Turkish fears and paranoia than with the truth about what happened. Fear is a great motivator and can push even reasonable people to lie thru their teeth (witness John Edwards), even if it is unrational.  Some in Turkey   fear that if the truth breaks thru the net that is keeping it under wraps, that somehow Turkey will go the way of Yugoslavia or, that they will lose their power base, their wealth (much of it based on stolen property) or their prestige. It’s even more sad because they are losing the honor and the cleansing that would come from being truthful. I suspect that many in today’s Turkish govt know this…and realize that the only way to rid themselves of this curse (brought on by a group of racist, greedy, nutcases) will be to ultimately confess it all. But, that’s easier said (or thought) than done, especially when existing laws make it a punishable crime to tell the truth in public!    A good first start would be to eliminate 301, and stop criminalizing an honest discussion of history in Turkey. Until that step, Turks will continue to be muzzled by those in their society who prefer dictatorial tactics to the practices characteristic of a true democracy.   

  79. C/O  Armenian Weekly,   Khembaghrutyun

    Sireli  Hairenakits   Yete  menk  mtahogh  yenk    mer  Hai  nor serundi  Miamitutyan    hamar….inchpesin  yen  sireli  Gayane-nere   Eli   vochinch  nrank   Yeritasard  yen?……                                                         Bayts   Zarmanali  yev  Mtahoghich  ayd  e  vor Mi  Karevor  Azghayin – Hasarakakan yevs  Kusaktsakan Organe –  (ARMENIAN  WEEKLY-n )  Chi  andradarnum  yev  chi haskanum  ays  Ghordzakal/Agenti  khaghere  yev   Hetin  Npataknere ??..  VAY MEZ  

    Khedrem   Ushadir  kardatsek  ays  Lakoti  namaknere,  batsi  vor ir Herhuranknerov  mer joghovurdin   Viravorum e   Der  noren  Sandzardzakoren   hai   knojn  el  “Adzakanov” “miaserakan”  kochum e  talis e Talis   Yev “Anhogh   (Naive)  Armenian Weekly-i  el  (Ghitaktselov kam anghitaktsabar) ir  ebr  “Azat  ejere”  nran  e  tramadrum  vor  ays Anpatkar-Kholighane  inch  uze  ghre??     Ays  Lakote  oghtaghordzelov  Armenian Weeklyi  anhoghotyunits,  haieri  vra  e   khndum…Yev Mitumnavor  u  Ditavoryal  hai  knoj  anarghume e  Pokhelov  Gayane-   “GAY”ene- i   (Gayane—-GAYene) (Miaserakan)…..  Tesek  Lektiutyan   asiijane  ur e hasel……..  yev   Dezhbakhtabar  mer sireli:  Armenian  weeklyn   da   chi  haskanum  yev tpum e lok  nrants  “Jraghatsin  Jur  ltsnelov”    Amot e Amot  mer hayeri  hamar   inchkan  petke  menk   miamit   yev  “Anhogh”  linenk  Yev Urishinerin  Mezanits  Avelin  ghnahatenk ……………………………………………………..                                                                                                                             Petke  mer sireli  hayrenalitsnerin  hishetsnenk  vor Armenian Weeklyn,  Minchev  hima  Anteselov   mer nkatoghutyunere yev  Mtahoghutyunere  Sharunakum e  tpel  ays  haka-hai  lektii   Herhuranknere …??

    Apsosankov,  Ishkhan Babajanian  MD

  80. Doctor Babajanian, Iraganutyane meche shad iravunk unis verevi ku keradsovet.  Mer Haygagan terte gam tertere bedk che miyayn mer keradsnere ushi ushov nayin yev gam yerpemen serpakren mezi, payts yerpvor adank geghdod turk me mer Haygagan terte jamane yev nakhade mer anzukagan Hay yeridasartuheein shad aveliov Armenian Weeklyi khempakragannere bedk che penav yerpek chi tenen anor kerutyunnere yev geghdod nakhadinknere.


  81. “The Turks were as a whole a nomadic, belligerent group of people who came from what is now Mongolia.  Even their eyes are slanted a bit, similar to the people from the Orient.  Through brute force they usurped the land from the natives and called the region their own.  They formed the Ottoman Empire and ruled there for about 600 years.  Thus their entire culture is based on usurping land and exterminating the inhabitants.  You see nothing wrong with such a practice.  Therefore, you don’t recognize the crime in Genocide.   It is how the Turkic nation has come to be.”

    I thought Hitler was dead!

    This is what I like about internet, how its anonimity allows our true “faces” to appear in all its ugly glory!

  82. Dear Kiazer Souze jan,  I complete agree with your one sentence but justified statement.  Not only you and I feel the same way; but my grandmother, grandfather, great grandparents on both sides of my family along with our whole nation who have been constantly, atrociously, brutally annihilated since the 1800’s and beyond.

  83. Good words Brother Raffi (Azadian) you have said it as it is!

    Are we wasting too much time on people who simply deny reality?

  84. We spent so much of our time answering the turcophiles on this site who with no fault of their own are brainwashed and misinformed by their own government.  Why don’t we give attention to those who truly deserve it, such as the courageous, strong and inquisitive Turkish journalists in Turkey.  I want to share this aticle written by Ahmet Altan in Taraf Turkish newspaper on March 6th 2010:

    Turkey is not humiliated because that commission approved that resolution with a difference of one vote. Turkey is humiliated because it itself cannot shed light on its own history, has to delegate this matter into other hands, is frightened like hell from its own past, has to squirm like mad in order to cover up truths. 

    The real issue is this: 

    Why is the “Armenian Genocide” a matter of discussion in American, French and Swiss parliaments and not in the parliament of the Turkish Republic ? Why can we, ourselves, not discuss a matter that we deem so vital that we perceive the difference of one vote as a source of humiliation? 

    If you cannot discuss your own problems, you deserve to be humiliated. If you keep silent in a matter that you find so important, you deserve to be humiliated. If you try to shut others up, you are humiliated even more. The whole world interprets the killing of so manyArmenians, -a number we cannot even estimate properly- as “genocide”. 

    Genocide is a legal term. The massacre carried out by the Unionist largely conforms to the description of that legal term. For Turks and Armenians, the word “genocide” has become an obession. The Turks insist that “it never was genocide” and the Armenians call anyone who says it was not genocide “liars”. 

    Both sides spend millions of dollars to convince the world that their viewpoint is the valid viewpoint. It is almost as if their mutual efforts have created a “genocide sector”. Why then, can we not speak about this incident in detail? 

    How many hundreds of thousands of Armenians did the Unionists kill? Why? We claim “Armenians attacked us, that’s why we killed them”. Fine, but the “attacking” Armenian gangs were on the Eastern border, what crime did hundreds of thousands of Armenians living elsewhere in Anatolia commit, other than being Armenian? 

    Can someone be punished purely because of his ethnic origin? 

    What do you call punishing someone not because they “committed a crime” but because they “belong to the same ethnic group as someone who you say committed a crime”? 

    This is murder. And to tell the truth, hundreds of thousands of murders targeting the same ethnic group does fall into the category of “genocide”. Unionists committed heinous murders; the cruelty they subjected Armenians to is beyond imagination. Why are we trying to cover up this horrible crime, why are we trying to defend the murderers, to disguise their crimes, why are we squirming to keep truth buried, even at the risk of being humiliated? 

    The history of every society is tainted with crime and blood. We cannot undo what has been done but we can show the courage to face the truths, to discuss the reality. We can give up trying to silence the world out of concern for incriminating the founders of the republic. 

    We can ask questions. 

    And the first question would be “how come we never read about an incident that involves the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in our history lessons?” Even this reality makes the situation “suspicious”. If you are not brave enough to face a truth that happened ninety-five years ago, you deserve to be humiliated. If you struggle to hide an incident that happened a century ago and base how seventy million people relate to the world at large on a “lie”, you deserve to be humiliated. 

    No one dares humiliate brave people who are not afraid of the truth. If you feel humiliated, you should take a hard look at yourself and what you hide.

    And in Turkish click:


  85. To: Katia K

    Thank you for posting the writing of Mr. Mehmet Altan. He makes alot of sense and there must be millions of Turks who feel or should feel like he does!

  86. My Dear Murat,

    Hitler is dead but his terrible legacy remains in large part due to the denial of the Armenian Genocide.  With continued efforts of denial, we fear more Hitlers will come to be.  Why don’t you join us in preventing such historical mishaps.

  87. Gee, how did this Turk so freely opines on this topic even mentions the “G” word?  Where are those who claim one can not openly talk about this subject in Turkey without being jailed and tortured and all…  some folk seem to be just allergic to facts.

    Raffi, please start the good deeds in Karabag.  Then let us visit Palestine, Bosnia, Cyprus, Crimea, Chechneya etc…  Do not insult our intelligence by pretending this to be about justice and peace and “never again”.  Especially reference to a mythical Hitler (never said it, did you know?) quote tops it.  Some people are just allergic to facts.

  88. Katia Jan,

    Thank you for the article… It was great…even though brainless creatures like Ahmet, ira APUSH brother Robert and their kind will take this and turn it around and say something stupid again..

    Why do we think Turkey to this day stands firm on the matter?  It is because they have instilled the lies so much in their brainless population that even with strong facts, they still believe that Turkey never commited those crimes…. Despite all the facts and world recognition.. Ay mart piti tents PADOSH  eres unena… you have to have no shame, no character, no brain, no heart and no common sense to stand in front of the world and yell there was no Genocide…so tell me how can you have an intelligent conversation with these robots?

    The answer is very simple: we can never do that… hence, why these shameless and spineless machines will continue to spit their poison until someone comes up with a universal remote control and turns their brainless self off……

  89. Ishkhan jan..

    Thank you for your concern.. I truly appreciate it.. I was waiting for someone to notice that as well.. I did not put too much emphasis on the matter because the poor souls aka Ahmet, Murat, their brother Robert, and their kinds…have nothing against what we have… their pooch words, their dadark comments, their ankap dzevov xosala means zilch.. and I completely understand what you are saying and how our Armenian Weekly allows such disprespect to be published.. however, i am also going to play the devil’s advocate and say that this is a public forum and everyone has the freedom of speech.. no matter how ignorant, disprespectful it is… this may be the weekly’s response.. not 100% sure but that is what I would have said.

    However, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind words.. including Katia, Gary’s comments.. even though i may not have the expertise, the knowledge and the insights as my other collegues (again including Katia, Gary and others), I feed upon the love, the unity and the undersanding that we have here…this unity is what makes me go on.. it feeds my soul to never give up and take my word my friends.. i will never give up.. and will fight until we get the justice and recognition that is deserved… no matter how hurtful, and disrespectful these Turks can get…

    God Bless you all


  90. Well, that facts are that the the CUP had NOT been committing genocide, they would have rounded up and deported every non-Turkish minority in 1915, but they did not. They rounded up only Armenians, and not just from the border w/ Russia, but from all over Anatolia. Was this just some mistake?  Had they really meant to round up Greeks, Alevis, Arabs, Jews or Kurds, but accidentally cast the rope only around Armenians?  Give me a break. This was the classic definition of genocide…orchestrated by a bunch of quasi-Turks, who remembered the techniques used during THEIR experience during the Spanish Inquisition.

  91. so dear Medical Doctor, you begin to write in armenian? i wonder if this is because you have failed to answer the points that i made earlier.
    thank you Armenianweekly for letting my comments through.

  92. WHY?                                                                                                                                                       OUR    ARMENIAN   CRITICS   AND   SO   CALLED   “MODERN    TURKS”                       IN   THIS   COLUMN      NEVER   EVER    MENTIONED     ABOUT   THIS   SO CALLED    “WESTERNIZED     SERIOUS   TURK’S   BE  CUNNING   AND   CALLING     AN    ARMENIAN   YOUNG   LADY   ” GAY” ene ? … —————————————————————                                               FROM   OUR      BITTER    HISTORY    WHAT   HAPPENED   TO  OUR   MOTHERS’ ,      SISTERS’  AND  ARMENIAN    PEOPLE    IN   THE  PAST     WE    ARE   NOT    SURE     THAT   THIS     MAN’S/AGENTS’    MANNER   IS    AT  RANDOM    OR   A   “COMMON   INHERENT   TRADITIONAL     CHARACTER” ??

  93. Hello individual (AHMET) who does not get when someone tells him to stop being stupid and start spelling people’s names correctly..

    One difference:  the only reason the weekly is allowing you to post your ignorant and dumb comments is because we are not Turks.. we do not prosecute the people who voice their opinions freely no matter how stupid they may sound.. even though weekly may be going over board by allowing someone like you to be on here this long but no harm done.. Armenians are civilized people.. we don’t believe in killing someone or letting them rot in jail just because they are voicing what it is on their mind.. unfortunately, instead of blowing your ideas off the canon about nonsense on this site.. you might want to start practicing how you are going to sound when your people finally get down to their knees and admit that the Genocide did happen…

    Start having your own brains and start voicing your own opinions and not the garbage your govt instilled in you people for years… i am not angry with you sir.. i feel sorry for you.. i really do.. no soul should be this tormented to spend his or her (are you really a man or are you a woman?).. spitting lies and nonsense..especially if those are not even his or hers… oh i feel soo sorry for you…

  94. Gayane jan,
    You are a proud Armenian, with one of the oldest and most beautiful Armenian names, and you are doing what many others are shying away from by standing up for the memory of our murdered ancestors and demanding  justice for the most heinous of crimes, in a world where speaking the truth and fighting for victims rights are out of fashion.
    What the Ahmets, Robers and Murads are not realizing is that you may lie or distract from truth but scientifically you cannot change the actual truth.  It is frozen in time immemorial.  Even when you think you have covered it up, in reality it will always be there in front of God.

  95. Sorry Robert, my leaving the “t” from your name was an honest mistake, I just realized it.  Do not think that I got inspired from Ahmet.
    Sorry again.

  96. Shnorhakal em Katia jan for your words…

    I am a proud Armenian and will always be just like you and my other dear collegues on this site… my name has been given to me to live on my great grandmother’s memory and anyone that intentionally misuses it or disrespects it  will burn in hell…

    hence why people like Ahmet and his kind are afraid of.. they can’t swallow their pride of being an offsprings off Bloody Turkey… which is why they have to do and say anything to stir the story away from the truth.. I LAUGH at them…

    and you made me laugh Katia jan with your “missing t” comment..that was classic..and  hillarious… :)


  97. As usual, the strong willed and knowledgeable men & ladies (Katia, Gayane & others) are fully expressing their views here. Thank you!

    There is enormous  pain, anger and impatience with this whole blood soaked mess! After all 95 years is a long long time. We are not here to be hateful but to pass on the truth of history! And thanks to people like Ms.Kasbarian, and others, the facts, while very painful, are being told. And we shall stay strong & tell our painful story…until justice & restitution come about!

    The fact that most Turks cannot even read/study their own history is sad :( We also know that Kemalists changed the alphabet on purpose. Hoping the world would forget their murders. This is totally unfair to the average people living today. We, on the other hand, have always been able to read and study our history of thousands of years. We are way ahead on facts.

    So the Turks (let’s not forget that many of whom are actually descendants of the stolen children anyway) are at a huge disadvantage + to this deliberate modern day misguidance…what chaos! These folks don’t need to be hateful to talk to us the way they do! They simply are ignorant…they are simply at a very deep disadvantage. One cannot have an opinion about anything unless one has knowledge of the truth. We can’t call them liars if they don’t know the truth. A liar is one who knows the truth but chooses to cover it up…hide it.

    I always ask myself and encourage others to say “hey, if I don’t know? do I want to know?” If I answer… yes…there is hope for me. If I answer no…I am hopelessly in trouble! (I wish my young daughter would read my words). Mirrors are actually useful tools. We should use them often!

    And, we also know Jesus did say “know the truth, and the TRUTH shall set you FREE!’ The views expressed here are very useful necessary …the question is do the people who don’t know? want to know the truth? Our ancestors prayed for their murderers and we can too. This is what my grandpa used to do!

    I didn’t say this was easy!


  98. Gary jan…

    That was a very true comment you just shared with us..

    I know that your daughter will grow up to be as intelligent and patriotic as her dad.. I just hope that when I find my husband and have children, then they will also grow up with the ARmenian heritage and pride instilled in them.. with knowledge of our history .. to learn and understand what their ancestors endured and what our people had to go through for centuries..even though Turkey did not make the matters easy and caused all this hatred and animosity between our nations, i want my children to distinguish between being hated vs being disadvantaged…. As you said Gary, not knowing the truth and history, how can one lie? Not knowing the facts and the history, you can’t truly hate them.. but you can feel sorry for them and try to educate them as much as possible… but the question remains: are they willing to be educated???? that is the million dollar question.. however, either way, I want my children to grow up knowing education is the key to success.. and try to educate as many as possible even if they face resistance, anger, hatred and ignorance from the Turks and anyone else who believe Genocide never happened….. ……

    This task is definintely not easy…I agree with you..


  99. For Gayane:

    Even if this room is anonymous for the most part, I believe we are very much united at heart. It feels like we have been friends for decades?

    Gayane jan…I wish you a compassionate, loving and God fearing Armenian husband & many children.

    My wife is not Armenian (should I be ashamed?) she is a Mennonite and her ancestors came to Canada, from the Ukraine, in the 1800’s. Later, the Russians slaughtered some innocent Mennonites because they speak  a German-Dutch (Low German) dialect and therefore were considerd the enemy during the revolution!

    My daughters Ankine  & Larissa  do not speak Armenian. They are young & beautiful and very much Armenian looking! If they complain about their mother I simply say “this is the best mama I could find for you”. They settle  down and think!
    I do my part to bring our history to my daughters as well as to all my Canadian friends. I do not encourage hate but I feel it is important for people to know their ancestry!


  100. Gary jan….

    I feel the same ..:) especially with those we have been communicating with like Katia (my guru in speaking in great words), you (who gives me inspiration to go on), Armenian from another site (who shares my passion and love) and many others…  and I like that… Armenians are all over the world and our distance is the pain that causes so many of us to be disconnected.. However, no matter where we are, like you said, we are connect with our hearts…

    Please Gary jan.. yerpeq embrass chlines… shat urax em vor du karoxatsel es otarin arnes bayts hye mnas… u misht qo axchiknerin mer hye historin sovoratsru.. they are our future.. voch mek chi imanum te yes um het kamusnanam…de sirts hye e uzum bayts gitem vor whoever I end up marrying, inqa indzanits aveli shat hye piti darna..:) and im erexanera ampayman hye shunchov piti metsanan…everyone says that about me.. lol funny huh? en el hech lav hye tuxayi chem handipel.. even though I live in the most Armenian populated city.. de arten kimanas..;)

    Barevi qo knnocha.. iran asa vor ira amusina proud Hye e :) and very proud of her for letting our culture be part of hers..:)



  101. To the Editorial Board:

    Can you say COWARD? I have NEVER seen any group with such an infiriority complex and low self-esteem! You continuously make our points for us. The truth scares the beejeezus out you all, doesn’t it?!! How many of my posts, which didn’t hurt anyone, but simply told the TRUTH, have you all deleted after first censoring it? Even your own regular posters say that deleting my posts are wrong!

  102. Robert,

    You are so funny sir. Wow.. i did not know you are not only an ignorant and in denial Turk but you are also a comedian.  thank you for the laugh…especially when you said that we are afraid of the truth.. now that took the prize…

    What truth are you talking about?  The truth that your govt wants you to know and you and your kind trying to spread?  what a joke.. what a comedy.. please.. stop.. you are killing us with your humor…

    I suggest that you take yourself and your “brothers” … you know.. Amhet, AB and whoever else belongs to your bloody gang and posts somewhere else.. As we already shot you down with the real truth, there is no room for your truth.. actually i should there is no room for your lies…   obviously it will be waste of time for you to continue to voice your why are you upset .. because your lies have been deleted? aweeee.. that is just sad.. but don’t worry… there will be many many more times where individuals, groups, cities and countries will delete and void many more of your lies.. this site will not be the only one.. get use to it..

    THERE IS NO ROOM FOR LIES.. (emphasizing and not yelling).my dear sir…

    Oh.. one more thing… I believe you got it all wrong in regards to Armenians ( I assume you are referring to the Armenians because this site is managed by the Armenians) having low self-esteem… I believe the real low self-esteem carriers are the Turks… who hide behind protocols, who cover the truth by trying to spread the lies among its citizens and enforce laws punishable to those who utter the word GENOCIDE…i think the whole Turkey itself spells out low self-esteem… but then again you would not agree with that. because low self-esteem people who have lots of things to hide always deny the fact that they are as such.. it is sad but know sir Robert, it is the TRUTH..

    Thank you for the laugh..

    God Bless

  103. No matter how many generations Armenians live among odars, they still act like Ottomans in that they just can’t let it go when a debate goes nowhere.  It’s one of the few things I admire about odars, they can say their peace and let it go.
    Robert, are you being repetitive?   We Armenians are no different to each other (with censorship and attacks) than we are you turks, so don’t flatter yourself too much.  Why not take your “dialogue” (diarrhea) to a more open and public forum if you feel so strongly?  Do you really think any nationalist will succeed at convincing their “enemies” of anything on THEIR forums?
    You’re welcome to email me if you’re feeling so neglected for Haigagan attention, despite your gender ;-)

  104. Nassel’sin Ahmet,
    You do raise important points. I will answer them without calling you names. I encourage my other Armenian brothers and sisters here to please trade hostility for precision–the only way to silence deniers is to defeat their points.

    1) The public opinion poll: many polls with differing results exist. Other polls reveal that those in Armenia care deeply about genocide recognition. Armenia’s Constitution and Declaration of Independence state that international genocide recognition is one of the founding principles of the state. Thousands IN ARMENIA opposed the protocalls because of the genocide issue alone. This includes leading intellectuals like Raffi Hovannisian and Richard Giragossian ( I suggest you also look at any speech by any elected Armenian president and see if they ever minimize the issue of genocide recognition. Also you are taking your poll out of context: nobody who is starving will say that their number one concern is a moral issue–obviously they will want food first. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care about moral issues as well. Obviously those who are unemployed in Armenia will want to find a job more than they will want international genocide recognition–that poll asked about short-term prioirities.
    By the way, those in Armenia realize that getting Turkey to recognize the genocide is of geopolitical and economic importance to Armenia. Steps towards genocide recognition will put pressure on Turkey to remove its blockade of Armenia, not threaten to deport Armenians living in Turkey, and pay reparations–you’re telling me none of these will help unemployment in Armenia?

    2) Role of diaspora: remittances and contributions from the Diaspora have been the biggest part of Armenia’s GNP since its independence. I suggest you research Kirk Kerkorian, Alex Manoogian, Charles Aznavour, Calouste Gulbenkian and many other benefactors. Not to mention that it is because of the Diaspora alone that there is any talk of the genocide in foreign countries and in Turkey. So pushing for genocide and helping Armenia’s economy have nowhere near been mutually exclusive as parts of the Diaspora’s activities. Please don’t use childish tactics to attempt to portray division between Armenia and the Diaspora.

    3) Award to Iranian President: Serzh Sarkisian explained that that award was a symbolic award to all of the Iranian people, who have been good neighbours to Armenia for centuries. Ironically, theocratic Iran has taken better care of Armenian churhces in Iran than ‘secular’ Turkey has done to churches in Turkey. In Armenia there is a Persian mosque which still stands as a mosque (it has not been appropriated into a ‘state museum’ as churhces are in Turkey).
    And if you want to talk about supporting dictators–Turkey has coddled up to Iran, Hamas, and the genocide-committing Omar al-Bashir in Sudan. And I think it is safe to say that Turkey’s leaders have proven to have a shoddy understanding of what genocide means–Erdogan has denied the genocide in Darfur on the grounds that “a Muslim cannot commit genocide” and has claimed that genocide is taking place in Gaza.

    4) The historical commision. The suggestion for this commission implies that no unbiased research has been done up to this point. I’m sorry, but this is not the case. Please look at the June 9, 2000 issue of the New York Times, where 126 of the world’s leading Holocaust scholars affirmed the fact of the Armenian Genocide; as has the International Association of Genocide Scholars on multiple occasions; the International Centre of Transitional Justice; the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee in 2001; Turkish scholars such as Taner Akcam Ayse Gul Altinay, Cerkez Hassan, Elif Shafak, Ahmet Alkan among MANY others; as well as foreign historians who have knowledge of Ottoman Turkish and have consulted the Ottoman archives, such as Vahakn Dadrian (he gives extensive bibliographies of fellow scholars). By the way, no non-Turkish historian who rejects the term genocide for 1915 has knowledge of Ottoman Turkish (not McCarthy, Shaw, or Lewy…) and has consulted the Ottoman archives first-hand. Also consider that Armenia has never given a medal of honour to any historian who supports the view of genocide, whereas any historian who denies genocide gets honoured by Turkey. So the only ‘biased’ research is coming from the Turkish end.

    If you disagree with me, consider this: Turkey originally denied completely that a genocide occurred…there was no talk of a ‘historic commission’ or dialogue with Armenians. They have only started a policy of engagement with Armenia AFTER an overwhelming amount of historians’ evidence has shown that a genocide took place. This means that this ‘historical commission’ is nothing more than the next step in the Turkish denial process.

  105. Alex, your response to Ahmet is brilliant and you have armed me and others with a wealth of facts to use for rebuttal in the face of Turkish denial.    I only hope that Ahmet and his ilk will read it.

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