Letter to the Editor: Zinn and Healthcare

Dear Editor,

With regard to the Feb, 6, 2010 issue of the Armenian Weekly, I felt compelled to write this letter to the editor in hopes of understanding the reason for including two specific articles.

First, let us address the article “Dear Professor Zinn” by Hrag Yedalian. Although this was a well-written tribute to Professor Zinn, I fail to see any connection of interest to the Armenian Weekly readers other than the fact it was an obituary written by an Armenian.

Next, I have a comment negatively regarding the article “Goebbels, Massachusetts, and Healthcare” written by Garen Yegparian. No question about it, this article, once again, has no relevance to Armenian community news or life. It is purely Yegparian’s pro-Democratic political (American politics) views on a subject that has no place being discussed in the Armenian Weekly.

I feel that those like myself, who have subscribed to the Armenian Weekly for over 50 years, do not need or want to read slanted American political views appearing in the Weekly. Even if this article could be considered an editorial, the Weekly should not provide a platform for anyone to air their personal American political viewpoints.

I subscribe to the Armenian Weekly to learn of Armenian community news and Armenian politics and religion. Leave American politics to the American papers!

Violet Gavoor
Livonia, Mich.


  1. Ms. Gavoor,
    The Weekly is an ARF publication. The ARF is a socialist party (something it seems to have forgotten…). So, please do not be shocked if and when people writing for this organ take up a leftist position.
    A Leftist

  2. I agree that very often Mr. Yegparian’s very opinionated pieces do not resonate with the Armenian world in general, and the Armenian community in America in particular.

  3. The Weekly is the organ of an Armenian Socialist party. Dashnaktsutiun was publishing Marx and Engles over a hundred years ago and it’s still a member of the Socialist International. Perhaps you should subscibe to some right wing bourgeois ramkavar paper.

    Long live Armenia!
    Long live Socialism!
    Long live Dashnaktsutiun!

    Your’s Truly,

    Samuel Fine

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