Haigazian, ANC-ME to Host Conference on Genocide and International Law

BEIRUT, Lebanon—From Sept. 2-4, an international academic conference on the Armenian Genocide and international law will be held at Haigazian University.

Organized by Haigazian and the Armenian National Committee-Middle East, the conference will discuss the Armenian Genocide from the perspective of international law and will explore such issues as professional ethics and genocide denial. The conference will also examine the consequences of the genocide, address the rights of the Armenian nation in the context of international law, and promote the transition of Armenian Genocide studies to the next stage.

A number of scholars in genocide studies and experts in international law will attend the two-day conference from Armenia, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, Lebanon, England, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States. The participants include professors and scholars Taner Akcam, Bilgin Ayata, Seyhan Bayraktar, Georges Charaf, Richard Hovannissian, Khatchig Mouradian, Mohammad Rifaat, William Schabas, Roger Smith, Henry Theriault, Ugur Ungor, Ragip Zarakolu, Alfred De Zayas, and Haik Demoyan.

The papers that will be presented during the four sessions of the conference are: “The Problem of Minorities and Majorities: The Case of the Ottoman Empire,” “Demographic Engineering in the Ottoman Empire and the Armenian Genocide,” “The Armenian Question According to Arab Sources,” “Genocide and International Law (60 Years after the Convention, Problems and Prospects),” “The Armenian Genocide: Issues of Justice and International Law,” “The Armenians, Raphael Lemkin, and the UN Genocide Convention,” “Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian Genocide Issue in Turkey Today,” “Genocide Denialism and Law in Turkey,” “The Evolution of the Armenian Genocide Denial in Turkish Press,” “Kurdish-Armenian Relations and the Armenian Genocide,” “Professional Ethics and the Denial of Armenian Genocide,” “Restorative Justice and Alleviating the Consequences of Genocide,” and “Universalizing the Legacy of the Armenian Genocide.” The proceedings of the conference will be published in a book.

Concurrently, there will be public lectures on Thurs., Sept. 3 and Fri., Sept. 4, as well as on Tues., Sept. 8.


  1. Can anyone at the conference help me? I am looking for the first German-language
    play on the Armenian genocide published by Felix Bloch Erben Berlin 1930

    DAS SCHLACHTHAUS by Peter Eberhard MAYER

    I would be grateful for any help

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