Guevrekians Establish $100,000 Endowment Fund for ARS

Jacky and Seta Guevrekian
Jacky and Seta Guevrekian

WATERTOWN, Mass.—On the eve of the Armenian Relief Society’s centennial, Jacky and Seta Guevrekian of Egypt established an endowment fund of $100,000 to be part of the ARS Endowment Fund. The annual proceeds of the fund will be used by the ARS, Inc. Central Executive Board to pursue the implementation of its humanitarian projects in Armenia.

Jacky Guevrekian was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He studied at the St. Marc French High School then went into the jewelry business, the profession of his father. In 1969, he married Seta Kezelian, the daughter of one of the prominent Egyptian-Armenian families living in Cairo. They were blessed with two sons, Vahram and Tro.

The Guevrekian family relocated to Cairo in 1975. In 1990, they launched their tourism business by establishing the Nile Crocodile Cruise and Travel Ways companies.

The family actively takes part in the Egyptian-Armenian community. Jacky Guevrekian was a member of the boards of trustees of the Armenian Church of Alexandria and Cairo. He was also a member of the Political Council of the Egyptian-Armenian community. He cooperated closely with the “Gamk” Athletic Union and the “Harachtimaser” Cultural Organization of Alexandria. In Cairo, he was chairperson of the Homenetmen “Ararat” Chapter for two terms. He is currently a member of the Prelacy Executive Council of Cairo as well as a board member of the “Houssaper” Cultural Association.

Seta Guevrekian has been a long time member of the ARS Cairo Chapter, serving as its chairwoman in 2008.

ARS, Inc. Central Executive Board member Maro Froundjian, who was visiting Egypt for Mother’s Day, stated that “the Guevrekian family is one of those numerous diaspora families who live and breathe their love of Armenia. We are happy that the ARS projects in Armenia have inspired the Guevrekians and that they have chosen to serve Armenia through the ARS, Inc. The endowment fund they established will help the implementation and development of our projects in Armenia and we are confident that others will follow the example of the Guevrekians, enabling the ARS to better serve our homeland as well as the diaspora Armenian communities worldwide.”

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  1. Born in Sudan of Indian origin, studied in Alexandria, Egypt in 1962-1963 in English Boys School in Shatby. Then joined the medical college in faculty of medicine and graduated in 1971.
    I had 2 Armenian friends : (1) Dr Alexian Bodesian graduated with me and he specialised in Psychiatry and worked in Mamoura hospital.
    (2)Hagop Orchinian graduated from engineering college from Alexandria.
    I need his whereabouts and their addresses. Anyone who is in touch with them please send me some information to relocate them as I miss them a lot.
    Thank You. Ramesh

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