Uncle Garabed’s Notebook

What nine-letter word in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters is removed one by one? (For answer, see below.)

The Giragos Connection
Church: This is the Old English circe, or cirice, which comes through West German Kirika, from Greek kuriakon, a church, the neuter of the adjective kuriakos, meaning of, or belonging to, the Lord.

Takes Two to Tango
The new employee approached the boss and asked for the afternoon off in order to help his wife with housecleaning. “Garo, I am always ready to accommodate one of my employees, but your wife just phoned to say that she wouldn’t need you after all,” said the employer. “Mr. Sharpe,” replied Garo, “There are two persons in this firm who handle the truth loosely, and I’m one of them. I am not married.”

Ah! Love
Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.
Miguel de Unamuno

Another Corny One
Edo: If I buy a TV from the store you recommend, do I get a free clicker with it?
Bedo: There’s a remote possibility.

What’s in a Name?
Orakchi/Orakji: Turkish in derivation, identified as a trade, orakchi is defined as reaper.

Answer to Riddle


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C.K. Garabed (a.k.a. Charles Kasbarian) has been active in the Armenian Church and Armenian community organizations all his life. As a writer and editor, he has been a keen observer of, and outspoken commentator on, political and social matters affecting Armenian Americans. He has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Reporter and the AGBU Literary Quarterly, “ARARAT.” For the last 30 years, Garabed has been a regular contributor to the Armenian Weekly. He produces a weekly column called “Uncle Garabed's Notebook,” in which he presents an assortment of tales, anecdotes, poems, riddles, and trivia; for the past 10 years, each column has contained a deconstruction of an Armenian surname. He believes his greatest accomplishment in life, and his contribution to the Armenian nation, has been the espousing of Aghavni, and the begetting of Antranig and Lucine.

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