Melkonian Alumni Call for AGBU to Reopen Melkonian School

Establish Central Coordinating Committee

GENEVA— Representatives of the worldwide Melkonian Alumni Association met in Geneva earlier this year and reiterated their determination and belief that the historic Melkonian Educational Institute must reopen in its present location in Cyprus as a center of learning to serve all Armenians of the European Union and nearby regions.

The Alumni Association appeals to all Armenians who believe in the necessity of the preservation of the Armenian language, culture, and history to join these efforts through active participation in the ongoing campaign.

It has also made an appeal to the AGBU central board to reconsider its decision and allow for the school to reopen. To that end, the association has pledged their support and cooperation to the board.

 The meeting of the Alumni Association representatives also decided to establish a Central Coordinating Committee in order to reach these goals.


  1. I’m a member of AGBU from early 60s. I went to Melkonian from 1966 to 1970. AGBU MUST REOPEN MELKONIAN.Melkonian is not just a school it’s home away from home plus the education, It was and is family oriented education establishment .We were all brothers and sisters take care of each other. GOD BLESS their souls , MELKONIAN  BROTHERS.To AGBU people , keep this establishment open ,this home ,  This place is a DAGGER to The hearts of TURKS and the AZERIES. 

  2. Hi – I was at Melkonian from 1965 to 1970 when I graduated. Currently I am looking for the studens of my class. My name is Haro Bayandorian – the only student from IRAN during these years. Do you remeber me? I am at California, USA. I would love to hear from you.

  3. It’s time to open the gates of this Beacon, a lighthouse/Paros to all Armenians , what a treasure trove and so sad that members of the AGBU board are so blind not seeing the vision and the mission both agha Garabed and agha Krikor saw more than 90 years ago and seize this moment in our history to retard and reverse the white genocide of our race and culture, where thousands of young Armenian souls from Syria are so desperately looking for a place to call home.

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