From Above

For a while, I have been looking at this world from a hand-knitted spaceship.
Somewhere on Earth,
someone is kissed for the first time.
Somewhere on Earth,
someone dies for the last time.
Somewhere on Earth,
a heart explodes of joy and love.
Somewhere on Earth,
a bomb explodes on joy and love.
Stars above fall one by one –
someone somewhere makes a wish,
someone somewhere falls with the stars. 

Somewhere on Earth,
in my part of space,
stars form a mountain range,
then fall into rocky soils.
At their point of descent,
apricot trees start to bloom.
In times of evening gloom,
the moon prays the Fides Tua,
and the road to Ghazanchetsots lights up again.
In my part of space,
winds of loss often blow,
but so do zephyrs of hope. 

Winds of loss and sorrow come and go,
but the stones of life and hope always stay
in my part of space.
Are these regular stones?
Are they apricot stones?
Are they pomegranate seeds?
Are they Hamasyan notes?
Are they…the khachkars of Ghazanchetsots?

Am I standing on them,
or am I made of them? 

In these stones,
you never die for the last time.
Every last death is a rebirth
for someone else’s first-time kiss.
These stones are made of fallen stars.
These stones are made of fallen lives.
So it is no wonder why
in my part of space
hand-knitted spaceships never sink.

Milena Baghdasaryan

Milena Baghdasaryan

Milena Baghdasaryan is a graduate from UWC Changshu China. Since the age of 11, she has been writing articles for a local newspaper named Kanch ('Call'). At the age of 18, she published her first novel on and created her own blog, Taghandi Hetqerov ('In the Pursuit of Talent')—a portal devoted to interviewing young and talented Armenians all around the world. Baghdasaryan considers storytelling, traveling and learning new languages to be critical in helping one explore the world, connect with others, and discover oneself. After completing her bachelor's degree in Film and New Media at New York University in Abu Dhabi, Milena is currently enrolled in an advanced Master of Arts program in European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe in Natolin.
Milena Baghdasaryan

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