Armenian-American Julien Segura for New York State’s 71st State Assembly District

I sat down for an interview with Julien Segura, an Armenian-American running for New York State Assembly in the 71st District (Sugar Hill, Inwood and Washington Heights). Segura is a political organizer, descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors, first-generation American and native New Yorker who is eager to make a difference in his district. For the last four years, Segura has built a career as a political strategist to elect strong leadership in underrepresented communities.

Chantelle Nasri (C.N.): Why are you running for State Assembly? 

Julien Segura (J.S.): I am a New Yorker, born and raised. My family fled to the United States seeking religious and economic freedom and were able to survive and thrive as immigrants in America. I cannot sit back and watch the country whose values granted freedom to families like mine deteriorate any longer. The seniors in my neighborhood are being priced out, our small businesses are struggling, our public spaces are underfunded and our public health is declining across the board. We need bold new leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and have a deep enough understanding of our communities and industries to properly represent us.

C.N.: What life experiences have shaped your worldview and influenced your decision to run for NYS Assembly?

J.S.: I’ve spent my career traveling New York State to work competitive political campaigns. I experienced and ran elections in competitive areas, learning the mechanisms of accessing the ballot, field and communications strategy, and the issues of the wide variety of communities that make up New York. I am bringing all these skills back to the neighborhood that shaped me to fight for my community, on a state level, in Albany, New York. 

C.N.: Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

J.S.: We have a dire need for reform and progress in our state. However, we also have some issues with over-legislation that can cause deep financial strains on some of our families. I am the kind of person who won’t forget about them when pushing for reforms. I will assure that as we aspire to create a better state, no one is left behind.

C.N.: What civic organizations or nonprofits have you been an active member of in recent years?

J.S.: I am the co-founder and political director of the New Leaf Democratic Club, a citywide Democratic club. I’m also a member of the Manhattan Young Democrats and a member of the Manhattan Working Families Party “Elections Committee.” I have also previously worked with nonprofits including the Wild Bird Fund.

C.N.: What are the most pressing issues in the office you are running for?

J.S.: New York’s State Assembly has gridlock issues in passing major bills. This is most prevalent when it pertains to housing. We need new programs to help homeowners, builders and tenants alike.

C.N.: What are your top three legislative priorities if elected to NYS Assembly?

J.S.: My top three legislative priorities are: housing, to ensure that everyone has opportunities for a safe home; second, climate and parks, maintain public spaces and public infrastructure for future generations while we shift our electric grid away from fossil fuels; third, public health, using educational resources to manage the high levels of obesity in our children along with the growing mental health crisis in New York.

C.N.: As NYS Assemblyman of District 71, how do you plan to best represent your Armenian-American constituents? 

J.S.: The Democratic party in New York State is incredibly influential. Building power for Armenians in New York City and New York State can be key to growing our influence in D.C. The Democratic party has a supermajority in the State Senate and State Assembly in New York. Armenians have never held a Democratic seat in New York State. I am eager to change that and give us, Armenians, a seat at the table.

C.N.: What does being a “proud New Yorker” mean to you?

J.S.: I am a born and raised New Yorker. I have traveled every corner of this city and experienced it with many of its communities. I truly understand the vibrance of our city and will fight to ensure New York is a place that once again sets the standard in American culture.

C.N.: Is there anything else voters should know about your district or about the upcoming elections?

J.S.: My district includes Washington Heights, once a stronghold of the Armenian Diaspora and home to Holy Cross Church of Armenia. Our Armenian history is ingrained in Upper Manhattan. I am fighting to ensure that the contributions we have made as Armenians towards shaping New York and the United States are not forgotten.

For more information on Segura’s campaign, please visit his campaign website:

Chantelle Nasri

Chantelle Nasri

Chantelle Nasri is a resident of Brooklyn, NY and a 2018 graduate of SUNY College at Brockport. She is an alumna of the AYF-YOARF Eastern Region Manhattan "Moush" Chapter and currently serves as the chairwoman of the Armenian National Committee of America, New York Chapter.

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  1. Has Democrat President Biden been supportive of Armenia 🇦🇲? If so, has this support been greater than the support of the surrounding countries committing the heinous crimes against Armenians that you frequently write about ? I’m not sure this outlet and other Armenian news outlets have conveyed such a sense of support and aid from the current administration, to preserve democracy and safety in Armenia.

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