Chicago’s Armenian community embarks on a remarkable renovation journey

In the tapestry of time, Armenian communities across the globe have woven a narrative of resilience, unity and commitment. The Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church and Community Center in Chicago stands as a symbol of this enduring spirit. Reflecting the need to strengthen bonds within the community, the Chicago “Christapor” Gomideh of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) and the Board of Trustees of the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church have embarked on a transformative journey—one that goes beyond bricks and mortar.

The renovation project of the beloved church and community center serves as a testament to the commitment of Chicago’s Armenian community to renew, revitalize and fortify its ties to Armenians both within the local community and the broader diaspora, as well as the homelands of Armenia and Artsakh.

Over the past one and a half years, the Chicago Armenian community has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to this cause. The cherished community center, with its rich history spanning more than four decades, became the focal point of an ambitious and much-needed renovation project. The initiative was sparked by a collective recognition of the imperative to reflect on and renew the interconnectedness between the local community, the diaspora and the homelands.

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The urgency to address facility-related issues last year served as a catalyst for change. In response, a dedicated building committee was formed, tasked with identifying and managing all aspects of the facilities’ revitalization and repair. The primary goal was not only to address safety concerns but also to enhance the overall usability and rental potential of the space.

As the community progressed through the first two phases of the comprehensive renovation, addressing critical infrastructure needs and internal upgrades, a remarkable transformation unfolded. Aging structural issues were tackled head-on, ensuring the safety and stability of the essential community hub. Now, the community stands at the cusp of Phase 3, which extends to the outdoor space south of the facilities.

The vision of a renewed commitment to each other is not limited to physical improvements alone; it extends to the very fabric of community bonds. The final phase, Phase 4, is a rallying call to the community to come together and secure the financial foundation by paying off the mortgage. The goal is clear: to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the community and leave a legacy unburdened by debt for the generations to come.

Plans for the exterior renovations

Amidst this transformative journey, the community invites its members to participate in shaping the legacy of the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church and Community Center by contributing through naming rights opportunities. This unique chance to leave an indelible mark is a testament to the collective community effort.

As the Chicago “Christapor” Gomideh of the ARF and the Board of Trustees express their gratitude for the steadfast support received, they extend an open invitation for all Armenians to join hands in this renewal. Through unity and dedication, the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church and Community Center in Chicago is not only renovating its physical space, but also rejuvenating the bonds that tie Armenians across the community, the diaspora, Armenia and Artsakh. In the heart of Chicago, a renewed home for all Armenians is taking shape—one that resonates with the echoes of a timeless commitment that transcends borders and generations.

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