2023 AYF Olympics in D.C., Dedicated to Artsakh

WASHINGTON, D.C.—From a Nationals baseball game on Thursday to the traditional Friday golf, tennis and swimming matches, Saturday softball and Sunday’s track and field events, this year’s 89th AYF Olympics continued the tradition in classic D.C. style. 

The weekend was dedicated to the brave people of Artsakh standing strong in the face of the ongoing siege by Azerbaijan. Those attending the Olympics clearly demonstrated their commitment to our brothers and sisters in Artsakh by coming out in the hundreds for the “SOS Artsakh!” protest on Friday, September 1.

The Washington, D.C. “Ani” AYF Chapter, the Olympics Steering Committee and the many community volunteers did an outstanding job. The venues were professional, the competition was fierce and the entertainment had everyone dancing until sunrise.

Full reporting of the weekend’s events will appear in the Weekly’s upcoming AYF Olympics Special Issue. If you would like to support the publication of the special issue by being a page sponsor, please visit hairenik.com/ayfolympics/.

Following is a summary of the results from the 89th AYF Olympic Games:

Final Chapter Standings|
1 – Detroit: 200
2 – Greater Boston: 156.5
3 – Philadelphia: 72.5
4 – Providence: 64
5 – New Jersey: 49
6 – New York: 30
7 – North Andover: 19
8 – Chicago: 18
9 – Member at Large: 11
10 – Granite City: 8
11 – Washington, D.C. : 3
12 – Racine: 2
13 – Middlesex West: 1

Most Improved: Chicago

Softball Winner: Providence

High Scorer Chapter Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Natalia Oganesian Providence 50 yd. Butterfly 50 yd. Breaststroke 100 yd. Freestyle
Nareg Minassian Greater Boston 50 yd. Butterfly 50 yd. Freestyle 100 yd. Freestyle
Knar Topouzian Detroit Discus Triple Jump High Jump
Melanie Sarafian Detroit 50 m. dash 100 m. dash 200 m. dash
Avo Sarkissian New York 100 m. dash 200 m. dash 400 m. dash
Alexander Dardarian Philadelphia 800 m. run 1600 m. run 3200 m. run

Women’s Pentathlon Winner: Anoush Krafian – Greater Boston – 3170 points

Men’s Pentathlon Winner: Sasoun Tcholakian – Detroit – 2583 points

Outstanding Records
Natalia Oganesian, Providence,  50 yd. butterfly, 28.69 (Old record 35.87 set 1981 by Grace Chakarian, Lowell)
Anoush Krafian, Greater Boston, Pentathlon, 3170 pts (Old record 3037 set 1979 by Allison Aylaian, Boston)
Running Relay, Detroit, 4×200 Coed,  1:43.96 (Old record 1:45.27 set 2019 by Gr. Boston)

Ernest Nahigian Sportsmanship Award: Anto Keshgegian – Philadelphia

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