Onnik Dinkjian to receive AYF Olympics Lifetime Achievement Award at AYF Gala

The 2023 AYF-YOARF Central Executive is deeply honored to announce that it will present an AYF Olympics Lifetime Achievement Award to renowned singer and songwriter Onnik Dinkjian at the AYF-YOARF 90th Anniversary Gala in honor of his contributions towards the AYF Olympic Games over the last five decades. 

The 90th Anniversary Gala is set to take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023 at The Atelier Ballroom in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The AYF Olympics Lifetime Achievement Award is a representation of the AYF’s appreciation for the dedication and passion that an individual gives to both the Olympics and the organization as a whole. 

Onnik at the 2021 Providence AYF Olympics

Onnik has been an integral part of the development and growth of the AYF Olympics. He attended his first AYF Olympics in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1946, the same year he arrived in this country from France. He was first asked to perform at the AYF Olympics in 1974 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and has been performing at almost every Olympics through 2021 in Providence, Rhode Island. 

“The AYF Olympics is an event that we all hold close to our hearts. It is a weekend of fun, competition, sportsmanship and most importantly, tradition. A massive part of the weekend’s traditions is the music of our ancestors, which Onnik has so beautifully kept alive throughout the course of his prestigious music career,” said AYF-YOARF Eastern Region Central Executive chair Nareg Mkrtschjan. “When you hear the name Onnik, it requires no further explanation. You are immediately transported to the AYF Olympics Grand Ball on Sunday night, with Onnik’s encapsulating voice and infectious smile filling the room. The Central Executive is greatly looking forward to recognizing Onnik at this year’s Gala.” 

“We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s 90th Anniversary Gala. We are excited to display our special memorabilia collection and share these treasured memories with those in attendance,” said 90th Anniversary Gala Committee chair Hagop Taraksian.

The event will begin at 8 p.m. ET for small bites and refreshments, followed by a brief program and celebration featuring Yerakouyn and Markos Shahbazyan. 

Tickets to the gala can be purchased online.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email gala@ayf.org.

Onnik Dinkjian and fellow musicians at the 1984 AYF Olympics
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