ARS of Eastern USA announces 2023 contest winners

Auden Wulf, 1st place, Artwork, Haigazian, PA

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA Board of Directors extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the students, from eight schools across the region, who participated in the ARS of Eastern USA annual contest. 

This year’s contest focused on the thought-provoking topic, “How would you explain the situation in Artsakh to your friends or to the media?” In a time when awareness and understanding of the complex situation in Artsakh are crucial, the contest provided a platform for young minds to articulate their perspectives and shed light on this pressing issue. The students embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and passion, employing their writing prowess, artistic abilities, and even multimedia presentations to effectively convey their insights. Their contributions eloquently captured the multifaceted aspects of the situation in Artsakh, encompassing historical context, geopolitical dynamics, human rights concerns and the aspirations of the Armenian people.

“The regional executive board and contest committee members were deeply impressed by the exceptional quality of writings and art presentations submitted by the students,” said ARS of Eastern USA chairperson Caroline Chamavonian. “The students exhibited remarkable creativity and dedication which deserves commendation, and we are profoundly grateful for the principals and teachers for their invaluable contribution in making this educational endeavor a resounding success,” she continued.

Winning essays may be viewed at

Visual Arts

  1. Garen Papazian (5-6) – First Place – Taniel Varoujan, IL (video)
  2. Franklin Vartanian (7-8) First Place – Haigazian, PA (website)
Vany Ashodian, 2nd place, Artwork, Haigazian, PA


  1. Auden Wolf – First Place – Haigazian, PA
  2. Vani Ashodian – Second Place – Haigazian, PA
  3. Lena Kordzian – Third Place – Haigazian, PA
Lena Kordzian, 3rd place, Artwork, Haigazian, PA

One Day Schools 

3rd and 4th grade – English

  1. Armen Mehrabian – First Place – Taniel Varoujan, IL
  2. Chloe Kindt – Second Place – Taniel Varoujan, IL
  3. Raphael Shant – Third Place – Taniel Varoujan, IL

5th and 6th grade – English

  1. Karina Manoogian – First Place – ARS Zavarian, MI
  2. Ani Garabet – Second Place – Hamasdegh, DC
  3. Armen Vartanian – Third Place – Taniel Varoujan, IL
  4. Tatev Manoukian – Honorable Mention – St. Illuminator’s, NY

7th and 8th grade – English

  1. Natalie Manoogian – First Place – Zavarian, MI
  2. Patil Mardiros – Second Place – St. Stephen’s, MA

3rd and 4th grade – Armenian

  1. Sdeven Misgarian – First Place – Suzanne and Hovsep Hagopian, NY
  2. Tavit Aseyian – Second Place – Suzanne and Hovsep Hagopian, NY
  3. Areni Bogosian – Third Place – Suzanne and Hovsep Hagopian, NY

5th and 6th grade – Armenian

  1. Areq Shegoyan – First Place – Suzanne and Hovsep Hagopian, NY
  2. Areq Aseyian – Second Place – Suzanne and Hovsep Hagopian, NY
  3. Ani Garabet – Third Place – Hamasdegh, DC

7th and 8th grade – Armenian

  1. Victoria Sona Penenian – First Place – Hamasdegh, DC
  2. Merielle Aroush – Second Place – Hamasdegh, DC
  3. Karina Kalajian – Third Place – St. Stephen’s, MA
  4. Leana Seradarian – Honorable Mention – St. Stephen’s, MA
  5. Gasia Tokadjian – Honorable Mention – St. Stephen’s, MA

Day School – Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School, Oakland Gardens, NY

3rd and 4th Grade – English

  1. Aiden Arelian – First Place

5th and 6th Grade – English

  1. Ari Chamichian – First Place
  2. Lucas Chamichian – Second Place
  3. Karolina Frolova – Third Place
  4. Gregory Tutuyan – Honorable Mention

3rd and 4th Grade – Armenian

  1. Mario Karigalis – First Place
  2. Natalie Kasarjian – Second Place
  3. Garo Tateosian – Third place

5th and 6th Grade – Armenian

  1. Alexa Jebian – First Place
  2. Evelina Malkasyan – Second Place
  3. Lucia Vetrano – Third Place
  4. Victoria Stephanian – Honorable Mention
Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.
The ARS Eastern USA has 35 chapters located throughout the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern and Southeastern regions of the United States.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners
    As to the rest of the participants of the contest, you are no less winners as well.
    Well done.

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