“Ser Artsakh” marks one year on International Children’s Day

Ser Artsakh’s sweet little assistant Arpi among some of the many boxes prepared for Artsakh’s mothers and newborns

On this International Children’s Day, Anna Astvatsaturian Foundation announces that its “Ser Artsakh” initiative delivered 1,627 baby gift boxes (683 since the blockade began) to every child born in Artsakh since the foundation launched its initiative exactly one year ago. The foundation also intends to continue delivering these gift boxes in Artsakh as long as it is possible.

The “Ser Artsakh” initiative was launched on June 1, 2022 as a sign of support to the families who give new life to their homeland. It became more imperative to continue the initiative during the Artsakh blockade when baby supplies became and continue to be scarce. 

An Artsakh mother admiring some of the items in her “Ser Artsakh” box

“The Ser Artsakh program should not be perceived as a regular donation or charitable initiative. Instead, we created these quality gift boxes to honor brave families that live and continue to grow in difficult conditions in Artsakh,” said Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte, founder and president of the Anna Astvatsaturian Foundation, herself an Armenian refugee from Baku. Since the launch of the initiative, the foundation reports that the Diaspora’s reception was so positive that instead of its initial goal of six months, it extended to 12 months and beyond. 

Each gift box costs approximately $105 USD and includes 22 to 25 high-quality clothing and hygiene items for the baby and the mother. These items are either made or purchased in Armenia. It was important for the foundation to support the local economy. The initiative is based on donations, all of which are used for the “Ser Artsakh” boxes. Mothers are gifted with the boxes upon checking out of the maternity wards of one of Artsakh’s three maternity hospitals.

The foundation hopes to launch the “Ser Syunik” initiative in Syunik in the near future if the resources, support from donors and logistics align with its mission.

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