Brockton holds its first Armenian flag raising

Armenian flag raising at Brockton City Hall (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

BROCKTON, Mass.—The City of Champions raised the Armenian flag at Brockton City Hall on September 21, the 31st anniversary of Armenia’s independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Mayor Robert Sullivan addressed the gathering of close to 50 people, many of whom had traveled from places like Whitinsville, the Metro West and Rhode Island.

Local businessman John Merian (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

Local businessman John Merian helped organize the event with local members of the Armenian Youth Federation, which marked the first time the Armenian flag has flown at the city hall. Merian offered emotional remarks about how much this meant to him and all of those gathered. He spoke about the meaning of independence for Armenia and what it means for Armenian residents and generations of Genocide survivors who immigrated to Brockton. Merian has traveled to Armenia with his family and is proud of his ancestral homeland and its progress. He said his grandparents, along with everyone else’s, were so pleased to see Armenia become free and independent after 70 years of Soviet rule.

Mer Hairenik was sung as the flag was raised.

Armenian Americans celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Republic of Armenia’s Independence (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

Mayor Sullivan pledged that the Armenian flag would fly on an annual basis from this point on.

John Merian with Mayor Sullivan (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

Stephen Elmasian

Stephen Elmasian is the co-chair of ANC-RI. He recently retired as the fiscal manager for the RI Secretary of State.

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