AYF-WUS announces 2022 AYF Internship in Artsakh

LOS ANGELES, Calif. The Armenian Youth Federation – Western United States (AYF-WUS) has opened applications for the third official year of its AYF Internship in Artsakh initiative. Founded in 2018, the AYF Internship in Artsakh program gives a new generation of diasporan Armenians the opportunity to participate in a professional internship and volunteer placements across Artsakh over a six-week period this summer. 

With the emergence of COVID-19 and the 44-day Artsakh War in 2020, the AYF Internship in Artsakh program was put on pause as our homeland was attacked by enemies, both internally and externally. Nonetheless, the AYF and ARF have firmly stood in their work towards a free, united and independent Armenia and will continue to do all that is necessary to ensure its realization. 

With Artsakh in need of strategic and smart investments, our program this year is vital because it will decisively bridge the gap between diasporan Armenians and the heroic people of Artsakh. This will be achieved by bringing together the intellect and capabilities of Armenian diasporan youth who stand ready to strengthen Artsakh together. 

Selected applicants will be matched with a six-week internship or project in a field of their choosing in Artsakh. Possible sectors of work include the government, non-profit/non-governmental organizations (NGO), health and medicine, education, information technologies sector, agriculture sector and multimedia development.

Previous interns worked in government agencies such as the Ministry of Nature Protection and the Human Rights Defender’s Office, as well as in Artsakh’s private sector. 

“The internship in the Human Rights Defender’s Office, in a region filled with unexplored potential, was an experience I would not change for any other,” said first-year participant, Mane Grigoryan of Florida. 

Another participant, Sevag Injean of AYF Glendale “Roupen” Chapter, stated, “The 2018 Artsakh internship was an experience I will never forget. With the help of the AYF I was able to work hands on and interact with the concepts that I had learned in my classroom. Not only was I able to gain experience in my future field of work, I was able to do it all in my homeland.” 

Interns will attend educationals, excursions and forums following workdays and during weekends. The cost of housing and excursions will be entirely covered while the cost of excursions and meals will partially be covered by the AYF-WUS. Interns must be at least 18 years old. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2022. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.

The program will run from early August to mid-September.

For more information, please email artsakhinternship@ayfwest.org.

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