Armenian filmmakers launch fundraising campaign for documentary highlighting Armenian American musicians

Detroit area filmmakers Lisa Hagopian and Eric Harabedian of Vision 561 Productions are currently producing their third feature film “We Thrive.”

The ethnic history of Armenian-Americans is a tale of genocide, struggle, survival and, ultimately, renewal. The focus of “We Thrive” is on Armenian-American musicians from all walks of life and artistic approach. The filmmakers ask whether or not we can go beyond the struggles and tragedies of our lives, and the often tragic history of our ancestors, to thrive via music and artistic pursuits.  

While “We Thrivefocuses on the Armenian experience, this is a film that can appeal to audiences of any ethnicity or background. This story will be told through various interviews with prominent Armenian-American musicians, candid street encounters, historical footage and live performances. 

The filmmakers and producers are asking for the support of audience members. Donors can make a tax-deductible contribution to help in covering the appropriate music licensing fees, legal fees and costs associated with archival photo and film footage. 

This fundraising campaign will run online through the end of February 2022. 

“We Thrive” is scheduled for release in fall 2022. 

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Guest Contributor

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