Sibil presents Aurora’s Prayer

Music and lyrics: Hasmik Hakhverdyan
Director: Hrant Movsisyan
Arrangement: Karen and Sevak Production

Against the background of raging wars and genocides in the world, the manifestation of peace and humanitarian ideas in art becomes an absolute necessity. Therefore, with great excitement and responsibility, we present to the public the music video for “Aurora’s Prayer.” This project has been in production for over four years due to the epidemic and the tremors happening in our motherland. With a very moving but very sublime idea, this work is a prayer to Our Lady for the innocent children orphaned in all wars—orphans who suffer the most from wars and the consequences of the genocides. Therefore, everyone, especially all mothers in the world, should join Aurora, at least for the sake of their children’s peace. War is an evil that can knock on anyone’s door at any moment.

Sibil lives in Turkey. Her grandparents witnessed the Armenian Genocide and World War II. 

Sibil’s music video for “Aurora’s Prayer” is sponsored by Nishan and Margrit Atinizian, Constantinople Armenian Relief Society (CARS), AGBU Brazil and Hamazkayin Western USA Region. 

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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