ANC of Merrimack Valley meets Representative Lori Trahan during August recess

Representatives from the Armenian National Committee of Merrimack Valley with Representative Lori Trahan (D-MA) on Wednesday, August 25 at Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church. Pictured from left to right: Greg Minasian, Ara Jeknavorian, Rev. Father Khachatur Kesablyan, Congresswoman Lori Trahan, and Joe Dagdigian.

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – The Armenian National Committee of Merrimack Valley recently met with US Representative Lori Trahan (D-MA, 3) at Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church in Chelmsford. When her staff suggested a meeting in Chelmsford, the ANC of Merrimack Valley took the opportunity to arrange the meeting at Sts. Vartanantz where the Congresswoman was able to make her first visit and meet with her constituents at their home away from home. 

Rep. Trahan and her staffer Emily Byrne were greeted by Rev. Father Khachatur Kesablyan and ANC of Merrimack Valley members Ara Jeknavorian, Greg Minasian and Joe Dagdigian. After a tour of the sanctuary by Father Khachatur, the ANC team met with Rep. Trahan to express the community’s appreciation for her ongoing support of the many congressional resolutions on Armenia and Artsakh, especially H.Res.240, which calls on Azerbaijan to immediately release all Armenian prisoners of war and captured civilians, as well as the bipartisan letter to President Biden calling for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  

The ANC of Merrimack Valley also provided the Congresswoman with an update on the grave situation in Armenia and Artsakh, focusing on Armenian POWs being abused and tortured by Azerbaijan, the cultural genocide of Armenian institutions in Artsakh and the ongoing Azeri attacks on Armenia. The team underscored that the recent hostilities by Azerbaijan appear to be probing the response of Armenia and the international community, especially Russia and the United States, urging the Congresswoman to support a strong US response to stop future aggression by Azerbaijan.

Congresswoman Trahan appreciated the update on Armenia and Artsakh and committed to support and initiate congressional resolutions to reverse the waiver on Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act.

“We are honored to have Representative Trahan’s support on issues that are important to the Armenian American community in the Merrimack Valley,” said ANC of Merrimack Valley co-chair Ara Jeknavorian. “We look forward to a continued friendship with the Representative and are eager to work with her staff to aid Armenia and Artsakh.”

ANCA-Eastern Region
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