AYF Camp Haiastan coloring books now for sale

The welcome sign coloring page in the Camp Haiastan Coloring Book

Calling all Camp Haiastan lovers! There is now a coloring book inspired by the first Armenian camp in America.

Self-published by composer, musician and “camp dad” Ara Dinkjian, the nostalgic offering includes over 40 camp-themed coloring sheets. 

A few years ago, Dinkjian had the incredible idea of creating a coloring book for young, future campers. He thought it would be fun for children to bring the magic of Camp Haiastan to life and learn about its many locations and experiences along the way. “With the Camp Haiastan Coloring Book, it was my intention to familiarize pre-camp aged kids with the camp’s landscape and buildings, thus making their first stay even more enjoyable,” said Dinkjian, who very quickly realized a demand for such a pastime from veteran campers and former staff members. 

The cabin circle coloring page in the Camp Haiastan Coloring Book

From the iconic welcome sign to the cabin circle, each illustration was hand drawn by family member and artist Jaquey Maksian. Pages were modeled off real photographs captured on the grounds of Camp Haiastan in Franklin, Massachusetts. 

The coloring books are sold locally by the Dinkjian family in New Jersey. They are also available for shipping within the US. The books cost $20 (with an additional $5 if shipping is required). All proceeds will support a campership. For more information and to order a copy, contact Arev Dinkjian at [email protected]


Arev Dinkjian

Arev Dinkjian grew up in an Armenian household in Fort Lee, NJ. She was always surrounded by art, sourced by her musical father and grandfather, Ara and Onnik, or her creative mother Margo. Arev attended Providence College starting in 2011 and graduated with a degree in elementary and special education. She enjoys teaching language arts to her students and takes great pride in instilling an appreciation for literature in her classroom. Today, she remains very active in the Armenian community, serving as the president of the NJ AYF “Arsen" Chapter, a member of both the Bergen County ARS and the Sts. Vartanantz Ladies’ Guild, and on numerous AYF central committees. She also dedicated many summers to AYF Camp Haiastan, which she says remains her favorite topic to write about.


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