A Letter to Lost Armenians

My grandpa’s name was Mourad,
He never told me what he thought,
At least not about the mutual fight,
That he and I both fought.
He didn’t tell me he was proud,
And I’m not sure he would,
Because when you’re fighting a fight like this,
It’s not about being “good.”
It’s knowing that when you’ve done enough,
There’s even more to do,
And as soon as you think you can take a break,
You start to dissolve the glue.
The glue that holds together,
The present, past, and future,
The glue with strength beyond comprehension,
The world’s strongest suture.
So if you’re wondering what you could do,
To fight for the Armenian nation,
The strongest path I’ve ever known,
Is the Armenian Youth Federation. 

Araxie Tossounian

Araxie Tossounian

Araxie Tossounian is an Armenian American living in Novi, Michigan. She has been a proud member of the AYF since the age of 10. Since taking her oath, her love for the Armenian Youth Federation Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has led her down many paths including leadership within the organization both in her local chapter and throughout the Eastern Region. Araxie is a mental health professional who has a deep love for poetry and expressing her feelings/experiences through her poems.

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