ARS rushing to the aid of Artsakh’s displaced families

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The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Armenia has been working tirelessly in Armenia to reach as many displaced families from the Artsakh war as possible. After assessing the needs of the families from Artsakh staying in one of the locations in Tsaghgatsor, purchases were made for appropriately-sized winter clothing, coats and boots. They were then sorted into packages, labeled with the child’s name and distributed on November 24. Although some of the children were shy, several were very excited enough to try on their new winter gear and walked proudly through the building and didn’t want to remove them.

For the families, fresh chicken and beef, dairy products, dried fruits and treats were provided. The Artsakh families were welcoming and grateful for the assistance; it was an overwhelming sight.

Careful attention, as always, was made by the ARS to purchase as many ‘Made in Armenia’ products and clothing as possible in order to support the Armenian economy.

Our work is not done. There are many families still in need of assistance. Donations to help fund these projects and the newly-announced Stand with an Artsakh Family program can be made at

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