A Brief Update on the Situation in Artsakh and Armenia from the ARF-ER

WATERTOWN, Mass.—Weekly editor Pauline Getzoyan and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region Central Committee Chairman George Aghjayan conducted a brief discussion on Tuesday, informing members of the Diasporan Armenian community about the latest developments in the Republics of Artsakh and Armenia.


  1. Does Turkey have plans to start another front from Nakhichevan, especially if Azeris are unable to penetrate Artsakh borders? Does the Republic of Armenia have enough weapon systems and ammunition if the war drags on into weeks…

    • Armenia has paid a lot if money to the Russians to protect the border with Turkey. That’s why Azeris are denying Turkish involvement, even though it’s a lie.

    • Probably not. So far technically, this is a war between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, and Armenia hasn’t directly got involved. Azeri’s, and really pedophile Turkey, starting a front from the west would need the help of Russia and the CSTO at some point..Comments from the Russia stating the military troops stationed there are “monitoring and analyzing this closely” might be a warning to Turkey. Also there was word that 3 plane loads of arms went to Armenia a week before this, which the Azeri’s and ironically, “news” casters from the BS BBC, complained about.. Armenia would ask Russia for replenishment if needed too.

      However I unfortunately think that’s whats exactly going to happen because the Azeri’s, and especially the failed despot regime, if stopped now, would be totally disgraced and not sure how to get out of this major setback because this time most actors know its the Turkish Azeri alliance that started this and would be blamed… Yes another front from Nahkichev is next..Lets be prepared.

      I have been screaming Diaspora army units for years.

  2. I agree with Joe in many of the points he makes here. I would also express my fears that the Turks and Azeris would start war against the Armenian Diaspora. They have got the strength in numbers, they have got support from both of these two governments with money and political support, ARE WE READY or ARE WE SLEEPING. Joe has got a big point in this.

    • Actually it was some 70 Russian flights between June and late August: Armenia is loaded and also Armenia has the “Bomb” on the tips of some of the Iskanders

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