ANC-RI Initiative Continues, Armenian Flags Fly High on April 24

The tricolor flying at the RI State House

PROVIDENCE, RI—For the past 20 years, the Armenian National Committee of RI (ANC-RI) has been responsible for the Armenian flag being flown at all 39 city and town halls in the state and the RI State House on April 24, a proud and unique accomplishment for the local Armenian community. Community members are able to sponsor a commemorative flag each year and have done so with great enthusiasm.

The program developed as an offshoot of the first ANC-RI flag raising in 1999. Held in the town of North Providence, that event drew close to 200 people and had three Armenian Genocide survivors present: Moushegh Derderian, Margaret DerManuelian and Khatchik Emdjian, all of whom assisted in the raising of the flag.

From those roots grew annual ANC-RI flag raisings in Cranston, East Providence and North Providence. The Armenian flag was flying once again this year despite the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability to hold community-wide commemorative programs.

The ANC-RI has worked tirelessly for many decades to ensure that the collective Armenian voice is heard at all levels of government. Proclamations and citations are issued annually from the governor’s office along with the municipalities.

For our flame to be burning brightly after 105 years is a strong statement that our efforts will continue until our lands are returned and reparations from the Turks are made.

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