Boyamian Family Holds Reunion in Boston

Photo courtesy of Boyamian Family

BOSTON, Mass.—More than 50 members of the Boyamian Family gathered in Boston for their second reunion the weekend of July 20 to 22. The first reunion was held in 2016 in San Diego. The participants of this second reunion came from Canada, California, Pennsylvania and New York joining the rest of the family residing in the Greater Boston Area.

The organizing committee headed by Avedis Boyamian planned a detailed three-day program that brought the families together for a fun filled weekend that included a visit to the Armenian Heritage Park in Boston. This is where the group picture was taken. On this day, the participants wore a white T-Shirt covered with a map of Zeytun, as they all originated from that town, in the north of historic Cilicia. Arpi Youssoufian, who along her brother Armen prepared the video montage displaying family photos, stated that “ the weekend solidified her appreciation for her family’s resilience, tenacity, and commitment to preserving their culture and heritage.”

It was 103 years ago that the Boyamian family was divided, because of the Armenian Genocide. After a heroic resistance, some perished violently; others survived and ended up in various parts of the world. The current generation of Boyamians has succeeded in their respective fields, while being highly involved and contributing to the Armenian and American-Canadian Organizations.

“The reunion was a good occasion to create strong bonds among the young members of the family and to bring them closer to their roots,” indicated Dr. Hagop Youssoufian. “Hopefully, this reunion will encourage others to find their own meaningful re-connection with their immediate and extended families,” added Hagop Boyamian.

Houry Boyamian

Houry Boyamian

Mrs. Boyamian has been the principal of St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School since 1988. Under her administration, in 2003 St. Stephen’s became the first Armenian day school in New England to be fully accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England. In 2011, she introduced the STEM Initiative. Mrs. Boyamian is fluent in four languages, Armenian, English, French and Arabic. She is a graduate of Nishan Palanjian Jemaran/Academy. She holds a French Baccalaureate in Literature and Philosophy from College Protestant Francais, a BS Degree in Pharmacy from St. Joseph University and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts. For her dedication to the mission of the school and for her leadership role in the community, she received in 2005 the Mesrob Mashdots medal from the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia and in 2008 the Queen Zabel medal from the Armenian Prelacy, as well as a Proclamation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Houry Boyamian

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