Breaking: Pashinyan Says RPA to Prevent His Election as PM

YEREVAN (A.W.)—In a live streamed video message on his official Facebook page, Nikol Pashinyan announced that according to information he has received, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will not allow for his election as the country’s prime minister (PM) during tomorrow’s National Assembly vote.

Pashinyan made the announcement in a live streamed video message on his official Facebook page (Screenshot: Nikol Pahsinyan Facebook page)

Pashinyan has also called for mass demonstrations to resume at Yerevan’s Republic Square tomorrow at 11 a.m.

The RPA had previously announced that if the other parties of parliament have gathered behind a single candidate, like Pashinyan, it would not “block,” or “obstruct” their vote. The three other factions represented in Armenia’s National Assembly—the Yelk faction, the Tsarukyan faction, and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)—have all indicated that they will support Pashinyan’s candidacy.

In what appeared to be a major concession to Pashinyan, the RPA announced in a press conference on April 28, that it would not be nominating a PM candidate. At the conference, RPA spokesperson, Edward Sharmazanov, cited “new political realities” as the reason behind his party’s decision.

It is unclear if the RPA faction will not vote for Pashinyan—the sole PM candidate—or boycott the May 1 parliamentary session altogether.

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