ARF Armenia: Civic Activism Is the Most Important Guarantee of the Country’s Development and Democracy

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council of Armenia issued the following statement on April 19, as protests, demonstrations, and various acts of civil disobedience against former President Serge Sarkisian’s election as Armenia’s Prime Minister continue to rage for a seventh straight day in Yerevan.

A scene from the demonstration at Yerevan’s Republic Square on April 18 (Photo: Sofia Manukyan/The Armenian Weekly)

Below is the translated version of the statement—originally written in Armenian—in its entirety.


The protests, rallies, and demonstrations, which have been taking place in our country over the past few days are evidence of the public’s demand for systemic changes and for qualitative and real reforms.

Civic activism is the most important guarantee of the country’s development and its democracy. However, confrontation can lead to a deadlock and can split our nation-wide potential. We all face the call to find solutions to the current situation—one in which both the citizen of Armenia and the country itself will ultimately benefit.

In this regard, first and foremost, the authorities, political forces, and politicians have much to do. We all have the obligation to form a collective political agenda; to take state-building to a new and heightened level; to realize a united political system of authority-opposition; to build citizen’s confidence in the state and in the future; and to ensure that participatory democracy is implemented in the country.

Based on this conviction, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Supreme Council of Armenia calls on all the political forces represented in the parliament—under the patronage of the Republic’s President, the guarantor of the state and the constitution—to create a platform for political dialogue, in order to find common solutions to the existing problems and to resolve the current situation in the country,






  1. ARF Armenia statement is nothing but a load of rubbish as they are part and parcel of this criminal regime.We have now established a criminal dictatorship by Armenia’s Nicolae Ceausescu supported by two criminal parties RPA/ARF (dashnaks) protecting and supporting this criminal entity as they need each other so badly to survive at the expense of our nation.This is not a parliamentary system as its full of criminals and oligarchs, its a fake system only to serve the interests of this evil criminal oligarchic coalition. These are the scums of our nation under the present corrupt leadership. Under this system Armenia will never go forward but instead will go backwards and has already turned into a corrupt central Asian republic. There is now so much hatred towards serjuk and his ruling evil RPA with its criminal extension ARF who has been bought by serjuk by offering them with 3 cabinet positions to do serjuk’s dirty orders in the Diaspora.The nation has seen the true colours of the ARF who are now a totally discredited force in the eyes of the people at large.This is the direct result of a corrupt, money worshipping,& sold out ARF elite who have hijacked the party from its principled stance and alienated its supporters.Under this criminal regime all institutions and the church has been corrupted and criminalises by this dictator.

    Finally, all Armenian MSM news outlets do not inform the population of the true events in Armenia as they are in the pocket of dictator serjuk with a news blockade, the same goes for Diaspora news outlets who are in the pocket of their master serjuk with their devalued medals. I advise you all to get your news from different news outlets as there are so many outlets who are reporting and showing the live protest as it is.

  2. Has the ARF considered leaving the coalition unless Sargsyan resigns? That is what the people are upset about. They do not want 10 more years of corruption, emigration and rising public debt.

  3. ARF has already badly discredited itself by joining the monstrous HHK, the party of thugs and thieves, and helping the godfather become the supreme leader of Armenia. It’s surprising and suspicious ARF is now issuing this chameleon statement. Is this an attempt to escape the sinking ship?

  4. This is a “wishy” “washy” statement.
    What are the “common solutions” and how can the “current situation” be resolved.
    The people are tired and disappointed in Serge Sarkisian, the corruption and the exploitation by the oligarchs.
    The solution, and the right thing to do, is for him to step down.
    Alas, that will never happen. Political dialogue does not exist in Armenia.
    So what’s next? Continue to beat up the demonstrators?
    Vart Adjemian

  5. It is my considered opinion that Sargsian does not want Genocide recognition, as that will keep ordinary Armenians feeling powerless. His grab for power is yet another example of his cynical disregard for democracy. He clearly aims to maintain his stranglehold on the nation’s leadership and the support of the corrupt few that control all aspects of Armenian life. I wish the Armenian people well in maintaining civil and peaceful protest. However, I am concerned that – according to people my wife knows within Yerevan – groups of young people are being paid to vandalise public property, in a way that the corrupt leadership can decry as pointless violence, as they seek to discredit the campaign of peaceful public disobedience. The way forward for Armenia lies in ridding itself of Sargsyan and all those of his ilk. Full democratic elections and the institution of independent probity auditing of all public utilities should follow. A new President, one untainted by corruption, should oversee the institution of real democracy. I realise this seems like a pipe dream, as much as obtaining full Turkish recognition of the genocide. But it is something to strive for. Advocates of peace and hope: Unite!

  6. Bla bla bla….
    Meanwhile I am going to kiss Serjiks feet for another 10 years and pretend that we are working on reforms.

  7. Once again ARF proved they are on wrong side of history by aligning themselves with corrupt authorities of Armenia and ignoring people interests and well beings . Just e few days ago they were praising serjik shamelessly in parliament and in public, and now they will change their skin color and will talk about reforms.

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