ANCA Blasts Outgoing Minsk Group Co-Chair Ambassador Hoagland’s Lopsided Recommendations for Artsakh Peace

WASHINGTON (A.W.)—The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has blasted the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group interim U.S. Co-Chair Ambassador Richard Hoagland’s recommendations for the Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh) peace process, calling them “totally unacceptable” and a “non-starter.”

On Aug. 24, the ANCA blasted OSCE Minsk Group interim U.S. Co-Chair Ambassador Richard Hoagland’s (photographed) recommendations for the Artsakh peace process, calling them “totally unacceptable” and a “non-starter.”

Hoagland held an on-the-record round table discussion regarding the peace settlement at the Foreign Press Center in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 23. During the discussion, the Ambassador presented his six main points—adapted from the Madrid Principles—for the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict settlement, according to Voice of America’s (VOA) Armenian service. (See text below.)

The six points included a call for the “occupied territories” surrounding Nagorno-Karabagh to be returned to Azerbaijani control.

“There can be no settlement without respect for Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, and the recognition that its sovereignty over these territories must be restored,” Hoagland said, according to VOA.

“This is a long-term policy, it’s not connected with this or that co-chair, this is our general policy. Of course, the proposed project is more detailed and extensive, but this is the basis of any reasonable solution, and all parties agree on this issue,” Hoagland added.

“The Administration is tossing out another reckless recipe for Artsakh’s destruction, expecting, it seems, that we don’t understand Armenian history, that we lack 100% solidarity with Artsakh, and that we have no sense at all of our geo-political interests. In a word, that we are idiots. Totally unacceptable. A non-starter,” said Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the ANCA in his comments to the Armenian Weekly.

Hamparian went on to say that the “light rewrite” of the unbalanced Madrid Principles heavily rewards an “increasingly aggressive Azerbaijan” and puts all the risks on the Republic of Artsakh.

During the round table, Hoagland announced that beginning Aug. 28 the new OSCE Minsk Group U.S. Co-Chair will be Andrew J. Schofer, who, until recently, served as U.S. Representative to the Vienna Office of the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and other international organizations in Vienna.

“Sadly, rather than empowering incoming OSCE Europe Minsk Group U.S. Co-Chair Andrew Schofer, the Administration has handicapped him from the start with a fatally flawed framework, one that runs counter to our American values and undermines our national interest in a durable and democratic peace,” Hamparian added in comments made on ANCA’s official Facebook page.

Hamparian offered an in-depth overview of the flawed Madrid principles in a Facebook Live video, outlining concerns regarding each of the six points:


Text of Ambassador Hoagland’s Six Elements Needed for an Enduring Agreement for Nagorno-Karabagh (via VOA Armenian Service)

–        In light of Nagorno-Karabagh’s complex history, the sides should commit to determining its final legal status through a mutually agreed and legally binding expression of will in the future. Interim status will be temporary.

–        The area within the boundaries of the former Nagorno-Karabagh Autonomous Region that is not controlled by Baku should be granted an interim status that, at a minimum, provides guarantees for security and self-governance.

–        The occupied territories surrounding the Nagorno-Karabagh should be returned to Azerbaijani control. There can be no settlement without respect for Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, and the recognition that its sovereignty over these territories must be restored.

–        There should be a corridor linking Armenia to Nagorno-Karabagh. It must be wide enough to provide secure passage, but it cannot encompass the whole of Lachin district.

–        An enduring settlement will have to recognize the right of all IDPs and refugees to return to their former places of residence.

–        A settlement must include international security guarantees that would include a peacekeeping operation. There is no scenario in which peace can be assured without a well-designed peacekeeping operation that enjoys the confidence of all sides.

The time has come for the sides to commit themselves to peace negotiations, building on the foundation of work done so far.


  1. “In light of Nagorno-Karabagh’s complex history, the sides should commit to determining its final legal status through a mutually agreed and legally binding expression of will in the future,” is ridiculous. Completely ignores the un-complex fact that the Soviet USSR is WHY these lands were under Azeri occupation and that entity is dead and gone. Ignore this genocide denialist and the “Madrid principles”. These are ancient Armenian lands and DO NOT belong to ‘Azerbaijan sovereignty’. Never did. Arm the Army and unite as one Armenia, Arstakh and diaspora. Its the only answer. Always was.

  2. Artsakh must vehemently resist this six point treacherous package even if treacherous serjuk agrees with it.

    No liberated territory will ever be given to the Azeris in fact we have more of our occupied lands to liberate.Ambassador You should go and read Artsakh history you might learn a thing or two.I have never rated him or trusted him since he was rejected as Ambassador to Armenia. His record stinks.

  3. It was evident as from a couple of years ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy to become president , the question of Artsakh became more and more dangerous for the Armenian side.
    Trump is a good friend of Aliyev and Erdogan. All business opportunities for construction of Trump towers in Baku, Ankara and Istanbul , will deter Trump to think of any humanitarian question surrounding the Armenian population of Artsakh. Trump already has his name stamped on several hotels built by Azerbaijani oligarchs. Armenians can not trust a representative of Trump in the Minsk Group. They should instead turn more towards Europe and Canada for their support.
    We Armenians have already suffered a heinous Genocide and should do all in our power to prevent another one.

    • Calm down.
      President Trump loves western civilization and Christianity. He is disgusted of extremist muslim governments like the turks and azeris.
      Also, he doesnt like to get involved in other country’s affairs like his predecessors did.
      I know deep down inside he dislikes the crazy islamic dictator erdogan, just as we do.

  4. Since its establishment, the American co-chair to the OSCE Misnk group has always sided with the Azeris and displayed a negative stance and tilt for the Human Rights and the Right of Self determination for the Artsakh Armenians.
    Sadly, the Russian co-chair has not vehemently opposed or counteracted against it. No progress has been made, and Artsakh continues to be in danger of Azeri continued aggression. It is a very dangerous situation.
    It is painfully obvious that Armenia and Artsakh have no real friends in the OSCE-Minsk group. They all serve their self-interests.
    Armenia and Artsakh should develop a diplomatic strategy to influence World opinion, especially members of the EU. More importantly they should focus on their military readiness and capability to confront any military aggressive moves by the Azeris. This is definitely costly, but there is no other option.
    The Diaspora appears to have too many ” pundits” expressing opinions. This is a highly complex issue that can be and should be addressed by the Governments of Armenia and Artsakh. Hopefully they can. The only thing the Diaspora can do, and should do, is to provide financial and moral support.
    We cannot just sit watch what is happening and then wonder what has happened.
    In the US, the most effective and active organization who is working diligently for Artsakh is the ANCA. The least we can do, is to give it our full support.
    Vart Adjemian

  5. In 1921,in Moscow,Ataturk promised Lenin that Turkey will fight for “liberation of workers of Middle East” against the “Imperialists”,while signing Russian Turkish agreement.To please Lenin,he actually did two things 1.Changed the color of the Turkish flag to red color.
    2.Changed the titles of his “pasha’s” to “commissars” during negotiations.
    3.Got money and weapons to fight “Imperialists”.
    He told Lenin; “Give us Kars, Sarikamish, Ardahan provinces,which were territories of Republic of Armenia (recognized by USA too),anyway, after the victory of “socialism-communism” there will be no borders between nations. Meanwhile,Turkey left “Caucasian region, including Baku…under Bolshevik Russia’s control as it was before the revolution of 1917. At the same time,he begged Lenin, to leave Nagorno-Karabach and Nachijevan as a part of Caucasian Tatar”s -current Azerbaijan but under Bolshevic Russia’s control”. The last day after dismissing the Bolshevik Foreign Minister Checherin from negotiations,who resisted Ataturk’s proposal’s, these 2 provinces were included and stayed in Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic’s map,as 2 “Autonomic Republics” until disappearance of their ideologies and USSR.
    When Ataturk’s team returned to Turkey,his cabinet member declared;”from poor Russia we took maximum we wanted,now let us turn to the west and see what we can get from them”.
    Lenin-Ataturk pact is judicially invalid document, historians and lawyer’s know that. Kamalist Turkey and Bolshevik Russia,in 1921, were not recognized by International Law as a “de Jure”countries and governments.But they made a deal which was and is illegal.
    Mr. Hoagland,if any interested party,including us, is not discussing Illegitimacy of Lenin-Ataturk agreement of 1921, then what is the meaning of justice and democracy anyway?
    When Turks shut down Russian jet year’s back, “Russian Duma”started to talk about Illegitimacy of Lenin-Ataturk agreement. Now they are silent.
    If your thought’s are the expression of USA Government’s policy, then I think any kind, soulful and far sighted person, including founding father’s of USA will not agree with that approach.Because your statements are anthistorical. They are antigod. These kind of statements are a karma.

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