Manoyan Discusses Armenia’s Recognition of Artsakh

‘[The ARF has] Always Stated Artsakh’s Reunification with Armenia as [its] Final Goal’

YEREVAN—Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau member and director of its Central Hai Tahd office Giro Manoyan recently discussed the policies and initiatives that the ARF has laid out in their election platform regarding the recognition of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) and the Artsakh peace process, in an interview with Yerevan-based

Giro Manoyan (Photo: Armenpress)

“In our pre-election platforms, we have always stated Artsakh’s reunification with Armenia as our final goal. Both the proclamation of independence and the activities towards recognition are tactical steps in that direction,” Manoyan said. He added that once Armenia recognizes Artsakh’s independence, the two republics could decide to unite.

The ARF has stated that they are against any concessions or compromises until Azerbaijan recognizes the self-determination of the people of Artsakh, according to Manoyan.

“From our standpoint, statements made by high-ranking officials that [Armenia’s] recognition of Artsakh may lead to a war is wrong,” said Manoyan. “If that really is the case, why do we then ask third parties to recognize Artsakh?”

During the interview, Manoyan reiterated that the ARF and its foreign policy is not pro-Russian, nor is it pro-American or pro-European.  “You can call it what you want. We are pro-Armenian,” Manoyan said.


  1. The official renaming of Karabagh as Artsakh was a good step.

    But there needs to be a major, joint effort – Diasporans and Armenia/Artsakh – to boost Artsakh’s visibility and legitimacy in the West.

    This is long overdue.

    How about, as starters, showing Artsakh films in DC and inviting foreign policy people and other officials?

  2. It is disappointing that Armenia has not incorporated Artsakh as part of Armenia after 25 years of Independence. Artsakh is our Historical Armenian land that Stalin gave to the Azeri’s back in 1922. What is the reason for holding back on this issue. We never get a true answer on this serious issue. If Armenia does not recognize Artsakh Independence, then countries around the world will not also.

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