Putin Approves Proposal to Create Joint Russian-Armenian Military Forces

MOSCOW, Russia (A.W.)—Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a government proposal on creating joint Russian and Armenian forces, reported the Interfax News Agency. The tasks of these joint forces include ensuring the security of Russian and Armenians borders and to work within the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Russian and Armenian troops performing joint military drills.
Russian and Armenian troops performing joint military drills.

According to the presidential decree, Putin has ordered the Russian Defense Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry to hold talks with Armenian authorities on reaching an agreement.

The document draft states that a joint command will be created, whose leader will be appointed by the Supreme Commander of the Armenian Armed Forces in agreement with the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the draft, during peacetime, the commander of the joint forces will be subordinate to Armenia’s military Chief of Staff. During wartime, he will be subordinate to the commander of Russia’s southern military district or the Armenian Chief of Staff, depending on the situation and the ultimate decision of both militaries’ chief commanders.

The document also states that the parties will independently carry out logistical and financial support for their troops.


  1. This is wonderful news! Thank you Mr. Putin for being a steadfast ally of Armenia. I hope Putin and Trump will make peace betern Russian-American relations is in Armenia’s interest!

    • @JOE:

      How do you feel about Israeli weapons sold to Azerbaijan being the primary source of death and destruction during the 4-day war in April?

      Israeli made Harop ‘suicide’ drones and Spike anti-tank missiles were responsible for the lion’s share of NKR armor and other hardware losses (APCs, trucks,…).

      How do you feel about the fact that during 4-day war NKR skies were filled by Israeli made observation and attack drones, giving Azerbaijani invaders a significant technological edge?

      How do you feel about the fact – according to RoA/NKR military and intelligence sources – that during the 4-day April war Israeli military specialists in Baku were operating those Harops that caused so much death and destruction ?

      (in one tragic incident a Harop attacked a bus carrying Artsakh volunteers far behind front lines and killed 7: those men had participated in the NKR war 1991-1994.)

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