Paylan Calls for Investigation into Killings of Armenian Politicians during Genocide

Displays Their Photographs in Turkish Parliament

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—During a session of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly on April 21, Garo Paylan, member of Turkey’s Parliament for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), suggested forming a commission to investigate the killings of Armenian politicians in 1915.

Paylan during his address (Photo: Garo Paylan Facebook page)
Paylan during his address (Photo: Garo Paylan Facebook page)

In his address to parliament, Paylan read the names and displayed the photographs of several Armenian politicians killed, arrested, or exiled in the Armenian Genocide, including  Krikor Zohrab (Istanbul), Bedros Haladjian (Istanbul), Nazaret Daghavarian (Sivas), Garabed Pashaian (Sivas), Ohannes Seringiulian (Erzurum), Onnik Tersekian (Van), Hampartsum Boyadjian (Kozan), Vahan Papazian (Van),  Hagop Babikian (Tekirdağ), Karekin Pastermadjian (Erzurum), Kegham Der Garabedian (Mush), Hagop Boyadjian (Tekirdağ), and Artin Boshgezenian (Aleppo). Paylan also detailed the fate of each Armenian politician during the Armenian Genocide.

During his address, which he began with the Armenian greeting, “Parev tsez,” Paylan condemned the murder of the politicians and said that the Turkish state should come to terms with its history. Paylan also condemned the fact that several places in Turkey are named after the organizers and perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. “Can you imagine going to Germany and walking on avenues named after Hitler?” Paylan asked.

He ended his address with the Armenian phrase, “Asdvadz irents hokin lusavoreh” (“May God illuminate their souls”).

Paylan was first elected to Turkey’s Grand National Assembly on June 7, 2015, and re-elected in the November 2015 snap elections.

Some of the photographs displayed in Parliament (Photo: Garo Paylan Facebook page)
Some of the photographs displayed in parliament (Photo: Garo Paylan Facebook page)

Below is a video of Paylan’s address to the Turkish Parliament.


  1. Meanwhile in Europe, Angela merkel is bending to the will of the Turks by flirting with the idea that a German comedian should be prosecuted for insulting the leader of another state.

  2. Abris hatenagitz, today you have done an act that should be written in world history mainly the Armenian because you brought face to face the victim’s of the past to the new generation of the criminals. I consider you a hero like Kevork
    Chavous, Nrjteh or Monte (Avo). You are brave like our soldiers in Artzakh. Shad abris

  3. Garo Paylan is a true patriot, a brave man, to stand up in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and ask for investigations into the deaths of the Armenian representatives in 1915. What a HEROS!!

  4. As the family story goes one , of my Great Great G’Father’s was a phys. & all around community leader who was ambushed while delivering a baby & was killed by the Turks . My G’ father’s name Was Boyajian . I’m seeking knowledge of this event. Another M. Boyajian had to leave for Marseille , France & died there . plz contact me about justice for my Family !

  5. Respect for Garo Paylan, parliament member of the Turkey’s HDP party. Those images he placed in Turkey’s Grand National Assembly parliament in 2016 speak volumes about Turkish political thinking in 1915.

    QUESTION: While 260 Armenian cultural leaders on April 24, 1915 were arrested in Constantinople and all executed within weeks. Why was Armenian writer, politician, and lawyer Grigor Zorab spared? Why was he not arrested by Young Turk operatives on April 24, 1915 in Constantinople? Why was he instead assassinated later, between 15 July and 20 July 1915?

    French Armenian historian Raymond Kevorkian suggests in this short video that the Young Turks decision to not arrest and kills Zorab was linked to the impending invasion on 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli by the imperial forces of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

    Kevorkian suggests that the Young Turks knew of the planned invasion and figured Zorab might be needed, in case the imperial forces reached Constantinople, as a go between or negotiator between the imperial forces and the Young Turk regime. On this view once again Gallipoli and the Armenian Genocide become linked historical events.

  6. Ապրիս Կարօ ջան, արդարութիւնը վերահաստատուի Աստուածային Օրհնութեամբ եւ Օգնութեամբ քո ազնուական եւ արդար միջոցաւ։
    Bravo Dear Garo, God bless your Holy mission. I congratulate your courage, your dignity and integrity.

  7. Very courageous man! Even one century later, someone has to ask what happened to these precious men.God Bless You!

  8. A very good idea to remember at least parts of the Turkish people of what Turkey did in 1915. But Turkey is still far away from a real Democracy. So isn´t it a question whether Garo Paylan will be re-elected during the next elections?

  9. Ayo “Asdvadz irents (mer meg ou gess million chartevads anmegh Hayoutian) hokin lusavoreh”. Kezi al char martotsme herou bahe yev bahbaneh.

  10. Հուսով եմ, որ Ձեր հայտարարությունը ունենա պատմական նշանակություն:
    Թող Աստված պարգեւի Ձեզ անսպառ ուժ ու անկոտրում կամք:

    I hope your statement to have of historical importance.
    The Lord will grant you unfailing strength and unbreakable will.

    Надявам се изявление ви да има историческо значение.
    Нека Господ ще ви дари с неизчерпаема сила и безгранична воля.

    Eğer tarihsel öneme sahip bir bildirimde umuyoruz.
    Rabbiniz size şaşmaz gücü ve kırılmaz irade versin.

  11. Just imagine how many Garo Paylan, Hrant Dink, Krikor Zohrab, Siamanto. and similar great Armenian Nationalists Leaders, we the sons and daughters of the Armenian Nation were going to have in the Republic of Turkey ??? Probably by now the position of Premiership was going to be the monopoly of an Armenian born in Turkey. Since 1453, the fall of Constantinople,Turks were, are and will remain the same criminal killers. Turks and Azeris killed Armenians for Centuries and will NEVER CHANGE. Referring to one of Armenian great historian and author RAFFI’s statement addressed to the Armenians in the early/mid 19 the Century, then he said: “Hiy Joghovout Ko Pergoutiounet vestahir ko Zenki Ougit”. We definitely wants to see the survival of every single ARMENIAN. Therefore, we must trust in the “POWER OF OUR OWN MILITARY FORCES”. Ov e an seriga Islamist Erdogane gam Martasban Aliyeve who will have the opportunity and the courage to talk about the survival of the ARMENIAN NATION ??? History is repeating itself. Those Turks have been killing us for Centuries. Don’t you think it is time for Armenians to wake up ? The same Turks who killed my Great Grand parents, my Grant parents and my parents just recently killed a 12 years old student in his school. Before the next catastrophic happening Armenians in Armenia, in Karabagh and in the Diaspora must take decisive actions to STOP the next GENOCIDE at ALL COSTS. The recent attacks on ARMENIANS should be a WAKE-UP CALL. Armenians listen to what Islamist and Criminal Erdogan and Corrupt and Dictator Aliyev are saying about Armenia and Armenians.

  12. Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo!
    Movie star good looks ! Princely demeanor ! Accomplished statesman, Admirable confidance, Fluent speaker of the language. Coming from his mouth, even Turkish sounds pleasant. Though I don’t know the language, what I understood however is that: One out of 5 Ottoman citizens used to be an Armenian, two out of 5, used to be Armenian, Greek, Assyrian or Jewish. These were all Ottoman citizens of the time. They all had a right to the land.
    What an accurate definition….
    May he live long.

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