European Parliament Urges EU Member States to Recognize Armenian Genocide

STRASBOURG (A.W.)—The European Parliament (EP) on March 12 called on European Union (EU) member states to recognize the Armenian Genocide ahead of the 100th anniversary of the crime.

The EP adopted the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2013 and the EU policy on the matter on Thurs., March 12. Article 77 of the adopted report “calls, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, on all the member states to legally acknowledge it, and encourages the member states and the EU institutions to contribute further to its recognition.”

The European Parliament's debating chamber during a plenary session in Strasbourg (Photo: DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0)
The European Parliament’s debating chamber during a plenary session in Strasbourg (Photo: DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Article 129 of the report mentions the plight of Apostolic Armenians and other Christian minorities in the Middle East. It further “calls for the EU and its member states to ensure that religious minorities are respected worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, where Christians, including Catholics, Apostolic Armenians, Copts, and Yezidis, and Muslim minorities are being persecuted by ISIS and other terrorist groups.”

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD) welcomed the report. “We were expecting this report since a few years now, when the post of the European Union Special Representative for Human Rights was created, to advance European Union values during negotiations, be it on foreign policy, trade, energy, or any other cooperation with third countries,” the EAFJD said in a statement.

“We unequivocally welcome and support this resolution, especially in this centenary year of the Armenian Genocide, specifically Paragraph 77… We expect the EU to put pressure on Turkey, as well, to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide that it has committed,” read the EAFJD statement.

The EAFJD also stressed the importance of the resolution, which protects all vulnerable groups, minorities, and peoples “in these times of racism, xenophobia, and the turmoil in the Middle East, the European Neighborhood, and the world as a whole.”

The adoption of the report was welcomed by the European Friends of Armenia (EuFoA). In a statement released immediately after its adoption, EuFoA Director Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa said, “After a long break, the European Parliament reasserts its position on the Armenian Genocide, and again reaffirms that genocides and their denials are a human rights matter. During this special year, we are thankful for this strong signal of European solidarity with the Armenian people.”


  1. European Parliament Urges EU Member States to Recognize Genocide. This is a huge victory for the Armenians vis–à–vis to the court case that Mrs Cloonie took on against Doğu Perinçek, chairman of the Turkish Workers’ Party, who was found guilty of genocide denial and racial discrimination in Switzerland in 2007, but had his conviction overturned by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after being defended by Turkey’s government. I want to see how this victory is going to play out in the upcoming court.

  2. The UK in general and Prince Charles in particular have declined to attend the genocide centennial in Yerevan. To add insult to injury, they’re attending the Battle of Gallipoli centenary on April 24!! What hope do we have to think that these backstabbers, along with their other European bedfellows, will miraculously recognize the genocide anytime soon??

    • Don’t worry: we know all about English backstabbers.
      After all British Petroleum owns your homeland, Baku Khanate.
      Sultan Aliyev jumps, when London says jump.
      And the Armenian Genocide will be recognized by more countries year after year: don’t you worry.
      Turks and Turkbaijanis are acting like cornered, desperate sewer rats: they know what’s coming.

  3. “Who doesn’t recognize any Genocide …
    Thee doesn’t belong to a human race.

    I have witten my poetry collection for all genocides …not one .
    “A Poetic Soul Shined of GENOCIDES …end by S….(July 2008)
    Armenians are not selfish we feel with every race…who lost their lives…
    Anyone heard about Bengali Genocide …?

    Tale of Darkest Night in Bengali Genocide

    I never knew poor Bengalis
    Had also their genocide
    Till I met a young gardener, Mubarak,
    Who spoke about all the details with a broken rank.

    Every Friday, he tended our garden
    To plant flowers, arrange the pots and remove dead leaves.
    Each time he demonstrated how Pakistanis
    Killed their villagers, even those with white beards,

    How their militants raped most of the women,
    Leaving them pregnant, humiliated, speared.
    However they never killed pregnant women like the
    Ottomans did with Armenians—
    They were raped and escaped to have illegal sons.

    The gardener made me interested in their genocide.
    I read what I found till I understood the “slayers dine”!
    They started killing university scholars and their
    Students when they wanted to protect their teachers

    From military savages, scary and inhuman,
    Who wanted to vanish unarmed Bengalis,
    Impose their jungle rule on East Pakistan.
    This all was designed by the evil “Pak militants.”

    Stories of victims are many, unwritten yet.
    After I was Informed, I asked others; few knew about “slayers grade”!
    Bloodthirsty Pakistani army enjoyed and covered unpaid.
    Bengalis genocide named “deadly night” *still hidden unread.

    (C) Dr. Sylva Portoian
    From “A poetic souls Shine of GENOCIDES” with S….
    *The killing of Bengali intellectuals began at the night of March 25, 1971, in Dhaka and continued till the surrender of Pak army on December 14, 1971.This date is called ‘Martyred Intellectual Day.’ It is estimated that at least one and half million people were killed during the nine-month period. The genocide continued till 1975.

  4. “Who Speaks Today of Armenian Annihilation?”*

    This was Hitler’s word before the Holocaust
    As no human remembered, the Armenians crossed.
    He repeated what he planned, without any cost,
    He killed and gassed, continued what the Turks caused.

    In more professional, scientific methods
    As nobody committed, he was left to enjoy killing a host.
    So when recently France’s bill was announced,
    Tyrant Turks made enormous striking post.

    The verb annihilation, I never heard before,
    Means total destruction, demolition, devastation,
    Extinction, eradication, extermination of Armenians
    Who are spiritual humans with real gifted souls!

    Why did Hitler remember Armenians?
    Did he appraise the photographs of the German Armin**?
    “The children’s corpses in heaps.”
    Did he enjoy massacres done by soulless men?

    Was his genetics the same as Magul men
    As he enjoyed desolating humans?
    What was the psychology behind this slayings?
    To kill millions of Jews only for fun!

    Who can realize, hence, analyze.
    Why did he hate them as humans,
    Planned on killing Jews for being non-Aryan!
    Like the Seljuk-Turks did with Armenians.

    He felt free to repeat the words,
    Repeating to him to be done.
    “No-body will stop me if I kill others
    As far as I hunt and I can, to feel the king of the sun.”

    If someone faced up to the Turkish
    Crimes ghastly, instantly, at that time.
    Hitler will not dare to say his mortifying words
    “the annihilation of ethnic Armenians.”

    Denial* will stimulate further denials
    Of every unjust mass crimes.
    Until genocides recur in no time,
    Impossible to smash in its prime.

    (C) Dr. Sylva Portoian
    From the book “A poetic Soul Shined of GENOCIDES…s (2008)

  5. “Genocided”:
    Armenians Genocided Through Centuries

    A new verb
    In my Glossary of Terms;
    Formed . . . when the original land owners
    Of Armenian Highland were scimitared . . . Turkified . . .
    Lost their identity soundlessly
    Through centuries . . . many times . . .

    Armenians were slayed
    From 1064*- Till this civil-day
    They were followed everywhere,
    The recognition of their Genocide
    Suppressed by the so-called
    Civilized so-called democratic states . . .!

    Who proudly display In full view of the world
    The “Statue of Liberty”
    On their highest sea sight.
    The irony being it was designed by
    The French Architects—
    A nation well-known to be the most
    Liberal of All.

    The Gene of Freedom**
    Ignites eternally in the French’s Blood:
    (Astrocytes, Cardiomyocytes, Dendrites) . . .
    Tries to illuminate the spirits of other nations . . . lost;
    Thus, this can overthrow tyrants . . .
    Those who with their criminal minds,
    Dim their nation’s light.

    Dr. Sylva Portoian
    From my book “My son-My Sun, Chants Ann, Obama’s Mother” (June,2011)

  6. Please, take these discussions to the Dear Editor pages of the American newspapers where non-Armenians can read them. We keep talking to and about ourselves!

    • Shakeh well said …
      We know all the stories…from our grannies …
      Others should read our our pains …to feel
      I distributed my poems to many sites…
      And published 13 and i have 2 in press…
      “A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides”…ending with s…(2008)
      “My Son-My Sun: Chants ANN” (2011)
      “BRING-OUT, Our Genocided Skulls & Artful hands” (2015) soon i hope
      and in 15 books… there is a verse about our Genocide…

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