US Strongly Condemns Destruction of Der Zor Church by ISIS

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The U.S. Embassy in Armenia issued a statement condemning the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor, avoiding the term “genocide” that appears in the name of the church.

The first photos of Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor blown up by ISIS emerged on Sept. 24.
The first photos of Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor blown up by ISIS emerged on Sept. 24.

The statement read:

U.S. Embassy Yerevan joins the government and people of Armenia in strongly condemning the destruction of the Armenian Church in Deir Ez-zor, Syria.

This senseless act of destruction demonstrates yet again the utter disregard the terrorist organization ISIL has for the rich religious and cultural heritage of the Middle East.

As Secretary Kerry has stated, ISIL has systematically committed abuses of human rights and international law and presents a global terrorist threat. Faced with this threat, the United States urges the international community to strengthen our united effort to degrade and destroy ISIL.

Aram Hamparian, the executive director of the ANCA, reacted to the statement’s avoidance of the term “genocide.” He said, “The U.S. Embassy in Armenia strongly condemned the bombing of the Armenian Church and Genocide Memorial at Der Zor, Syria, but—very conspicuously, and clearly under instruction from the White House—failed to either mention the very reason for this holy site’s existence, the #Armenian #Genocide, or to challenge the profoundly deadly threat that those who destroyed it (and their allies in Ankara) are sending to the Armenian nation.”



  1. The US is saying this only because it considers ISIS to be an enemy.
    (Of course, Turkey and the US have been arming extremists in the area for a long time now.)

    Turkey has destroyed thousands of Armenian churches, and the US ambassadors to Turkey have jumped for joy, out of sight of cameras.

    Russian ambassadors have had nothing to say either. They’re as bad as Americans.

  2. They DO NOT STRONGLY CONDEMN, but will come to ask for your vote BIG time.

    Vote for people who have paid attention to your requests, not the ones who make empty promises then change their position AFTER the election.

  3. Testing with the same tool over and over again, and all ending up with same wrong results??? Something’s wrong with your testing tool !!!!

  4. What a joke for the US to condemn the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor when for several years the US has been training and funneling weapons to the anti-Assad jihadi maniacs that are joining with and the backbone of ISIS. Essentially ISIS is a US creation that the US can conveniently use as the enemy (they created) to start bombing Syria.

    Ultimately Assad is the target. If Assad falls then the wanton rape and murder up to now will be nothing in comparison.

    I cannot understand why other Armenians are not up in arms against US actions in the Middle East. Just because we live in the West we have to bow and scrape before the almighty US when it is causing the rape and murder of our people? How many of our Armenian bothers and sisters have to suffer and die for us to acknowledge that the US is in our time our worst enemy.

  5. Once again,a Christian church is desecrated in a Muslim land.Once again,Western powers shed crocodile tears.Did we learn any lessons this time around?
    The bottom line is that there is no sense building churches in Muslim-majority countries.Would you plant a rose shrub in a desert?
    If history is any indicator,churches in Islamic countries exist on death row.It is a question of time before some rabid mob decides to vent its misguided anger on the nearest church.The take-home message here for our so-called leaders is to stop throwing their pearls before swine.If there is any crime greater than the destruction of this and other churches,it is the lunacy of rebuilding or renovating them.On the contrary,we should let the ruins stand where they are so that the rabid dogs who indulge in such orgies of mayhem can always contemplate the artistic achievements of their hands.

  6. Honestly I am not surprised at all…! “Islam” is fully innocent of all done in its name and all those who do appear under such affiliations, take advantage of their nominations and exploit ‘Islam’ for own benefits…may be under the ‘auspicious’ coverage of ‘non-muslims’ authorities!!

  7. The US condemnation is a fake cover up. US and its “lovely” allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been arming and funding ISIS in Syria for the last 3 years. Suddenly, they will be fighting ISIS in Syria without coordinating with the Syrian government. US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have hidden agendas in Syria. Turkey has a role in the destruction of the Armenia Genocide Memorial Church in Der Zor. How else do you explain the timing on the 23rd anniversary of the Armenian independence, and 99 years after the Turks (the true ISIS ancestors) slaughtered 1.5 million Armenians? This is a continuation of the Genocide by Turkey. Let’s not forget that Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 criminals were from Saudi Arabia where authorities behead more people than ISIS for non-violent crimes and where females are the property of males. How can US form alliance with Turkey and Saudi Arabia and ask them to attack Syria?

  8. US Strongly Condemns? It means nothing. What good does it do? Why doesn’t the US condemn Turkey and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

    The Turks have figured out very nicely how to go about their business of spreading terrorism and harm to Armenians, except we are sleeping while they are busy doing what they need to do.

    The Turks have adopted the policy of “shoot first, ask questions later”, and we fall for this BS over and over, after its host and enabler the USA comes next and “condemns” the behavior.

    I will come out and say it. It is too bad that the world is not “condemning” us, Armenians and Armenia, because then I can guarantee that it would mean we did something right.

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