Turkey Rights Group Calls for End to Genocide Denial

The Armenian Weekly has received the following statement by the Human Rights Association of Turkey, calling for an end to Genocide denial.

Below is the full text:



On the eve of World War I, around 2 million Armenians lived in the Ottoman Empire in 2,925 settlements including cities, towns, neighborhoods and villages all over the Asia Minor from West to East, North to South. They had 1,996 schools with 173,000 students, both boys and girls, and 2,538 churches and monasteries.

The Genocide as well as the policies pursued by the Turkish government during the Republican period put an end to these communities. The villages and neighborhoods after the annihilation of their inhabitants were no longer Armenian settlements.  Today’s Armenian population in Turkey, estimated to be around 60,000, live dispersed mainly in three major cities, primarily Istanbul. The state did not only exterminate Armenians but erased their traces. You will not find any indication of Armenian life in places which were once Armenians’ hometowns.  Churches were not only left to become ruins due to the forces of nature, but they were destroyed by cannon balls and dynamite. There is not a single Armenian school today all over the Anatolian peninsula. Armenians were not only killed en masse but also their whole civilization with their schools, churches, cemeteries, monasteries, businesses was wiped out.

During this process other Christian peoples of the Asia Minor, Assyrians/Syriacs and Greeks also fell victims to the Genocide orchestrated by the central government.  At the beginning of the 20th century every one out of five people, in other words 20 percent of the total population in Asia Minor was non-Muslim.  Now this ratio has fallen below 0.01. Under normal conditions, taking as basis the rate of increase in population, the Christian population in what is Turkey today would have been around 17 million.   This simple mathematics is clear enough to conceive the magnitude of the annihilation.

Genocide is not only unimaginable atrocities, mass murders, dead bodies floating on rivers, valleys filled with mutilated human bodies. Nor is it only  the fatal march where death becomes a salvation, as compared to the horrors, robbery, rape, illness, or being forced to leave behind the dead bodies of your loved ones, the deep, incurable injury passed from one generation to the other, an indescribable, irreparable,  unforgivable evil in action.

Genocide is also an enormous robbery. And it is not only limited to the Armenians’ countless immovables seized by the state and the local notables, that are worth amounts beyond calculation.

In addition to this well-known version of the plunder, the robbery also included confiscation of the Genocide victims’ money and jewelry deposited in Ottoman Bank branches across the country, totaling some 22 million dollars  at 1915 rates. Furthermore, starting from the beginning of the 20th century American and French insurance companies had started to sell life insurance policies in Anatolian provinces to tens of thousands of Christians worth, again at 1915 rates, more than 2O million dollars. The Ittihadists right after the Genocide tried to collect this money from the insurance companies, by writing numerous official letters and also trying to persuade the American Ambassador Morgenthau, saying “the owners are dead with no heirs to make any claims, so this amount should be transferred to the Ottoman treasury.”

This immeasurable robbery is one of the major reasons for the denial of the Genocide for 99 years and today’s corruption in Turkey has its roots in the Genocide theft.

Denial is not just saying “I didn’t do it.” Denial means to say “we did it because they deserved it.”

The shameless denialists on TV channels, those “reputable” academics and intellectuals are legitimizing and justifying the Genocide. They are encouraged by the fact that the majority of the Turkish public are ready to believe them, even expect  them to reinforce in this manner what they already believe in—i.e. the official theses.  Denial means to insult the victims, their memory and their descendants. Denial means criminalizing and antagonizing the descendants of the victims. Denial means the continuation of the Genocide, this biggest crime against humanity. What is worse, it means creating and winning the support of a society which chooses to be a bystander and keep silent.

We, as human rights defenders, insist that the Genocide should not  be reduced to a political and diplomatic agenda item of negotiations, a tool to be used in international relations. It can’t and it should never be forgotten that Genocide is before anything else and more than anything else a mass human rights violation committed by the state itself—a crime against humanity .

Denial is the most comprehensive, most effective and most widespread human rights violation, due to the simple fact that it becomes the source of, furthermore an encouragement for a wide variety of many more current and future human rights violations.

The Turkish state should hear and respond to the demands, requests and wishes expressed by the Armenians who are uprooted from their homeland and dispersed throughout the world for the restitution of the incalculable losses their ancestors and they themselves have suffered and continue to suffer because of the Genocide and its denial. Denialism is also an obstacle to the process of restitution of losses, to any step for alleviating the continued sufferings and to the achievement of justice.

Therefore we, on the 99th anniversary of the Genocide, on 24th April 2014 raise our demand from all the branches and representation offices of our Human Rights Association throughout the country  at the same time of the day:




  1. Amen ! Do not tell me there was no genocide. I lost all 4 of my grandparents and 3 uncles. My mother and father were very fortunate to escape and come to the USA.

  2. I am so pleased that finally voices from Turkey are expressing the truth. I hope and pray that the Turkish authorities follow suit swiftly.

  3. This is just a drop in the bucket. Only after the US, Israel, and Great Britain join other nations in recognizing the AG, will the Turks be forced to repent.

  4. Bravo to these scholars. What an antidote this article is to the ludicrous nonsense that foamed out of Erdogan’s mouth on the same day. These intellectuals, who dare to speak truth and seek reconciliation in spite of the danger they face, give us hope for a more just future.

  5. Very well written. I applaud you. Erdogan I hope you have opened your ears and heart and try to become human for once!!!

  6. Most Armenians think and look at Turks as Satan. It’s good to hear that there are some Angels in them too.

  7. good to read this news, but not enough of course. where is the u.s.
    everybody listens to the united states. the turkish loby with their millions and their forked tongues makes sure that the u.s. remains silent. they are as guilty as erdogan.

  8. Just because someone denies the AG, it does not make them evil or Satan. It’s the way they were brought up and/or the literature they were exposed.If all Turks had accepted the AG, would it make majority of Armenians hate Turks less? Unfortunately most Armenians fail to distinguish the difference between Ottoman Empire/Turkey and Turks living in Turkey. This is really pathetic. Hating someone just because of their race or being proud what your race is just sick.

    I think it’s UK, US and especially hypocrite American politicians that you guys all need to blame first.

    Please also do not forget the role of Kurdish people in AG.

  9. Amen! Towards the day when Turkish officialdom speak in this language, will go to Yerevan Tsiternakaberd Memorial kneel down, apologise and ask for forgiveness and like Germany offer restitution and compensation for all the losses we suffered. At the moment, given the usual denialist foam coming out of Erdoghan’s big mouth this will remain a dream and a wish. Armenians, MOBILISE AND DEMAND!

  10. @berdj tashjian, if most armenians think that turks are satan, that is also racism and unacceptable. All most all nations have faults and this shouldnt lead to generalization. I dont think that germans are evil because of halocaust or armenians are satan because of azerbaican genocide or belgians are monsters because of congo genocide or turks are satan because of armenian genocide or blame all americans for the genocide of native indians.. This list goes on and on..We should condem these horrible acts but not announce people of a country satan. Hate and prejudice brings only worse consequences.

    • I am not sure about “Most Armenians think and look at Turks as Satan.”, as asserted by Mr. Berdj Tashjian : from what I know, Armenians at large do not hold ordinary, individual Turks who are alive today responsible for the deeds of their genocidal ancestors.
      The exception being of course those individual Turks and Turkish NGOs (in addition to the State) who are actively engaged in Armenian Genocide denial*: I can’t speak for other Armenians, but I myself regard _those_ Turks and their agents as Satanic savages: just one rung below the criminals who actually commit genocide.

      Now then: what is this ? “armenians are satan because of azerbaican genocide”
      What ‘azerbaican genocide’ are you hallucinating about ?
      Would that be the Khojali tragedy ?
      Do you even understand what the word Geno-cide entails ?
      Do you know why Dr Lemkin coined that word precisely choosing ‘Genus’ and ‘-cide’ to coined it ?
      Do you understand what ‘Intent’ entails ?
      Everything in the denialist Turkish mind is a ‘genocide’, except the Armenian Genocide, right ?
      Yeah, sure, call everything a ‘genocide’ so that nothing is a genocide any more: that will work.

      And ‘almost all nations’ who have faults have acknowledged theirs and made amends.
      Unlike your denialist country of Turkey.

      And we know quite well that ‘hate and prejudice’ bring ‘worse consequences’: we have been at the receiving end of the savage nomadic Turkic Anti-Armenian hate and prejudice ever since your nomadic ancestors, the Seljuk Turks, invaded our lands around 1000AD and started the centuries long campaign of ethnic cleansing, forced Turkification, forced Islamization, arson, destruction, looting, theft, stealing our children, murdering our children, raping our children, mass murder of civilians (Hamidian massacres 1895, Adana massacres 1909),…culminating in the Armenian Genocide.

      Don’t come to an Armenian site and lecture us about some fake ‘azerbaican genocide’: we know what is genocide and what isn’t.
      Go lecture to your denialist kin about real genocides committed by your Turk ancestors.

      * e.g. see https://armenianweekly.com/2014/04/24/clear-channel-removes-armenian-genocide-commemorative-billboard/

  11. Be aware of any voices coming from Turkey, even if they may sound pleasant to the ear.
    Do not quickly express your joy each time an announcement from Turkey somewhat unexpected (but oh so predictable!) is made!

  12. Beware of any voices coming from Turkey, even if they may sound pleasant to the ear.
    Do not quickly express your joy each time an announcement from Turkey somewhat unexpected (but oh so predictable!) is made!

  13. Hi Avery, thanks for your comment. You are saying that I accept all genocides except the armenian one. However if you read my comment more calmly, you would see that I called it armenian genocide so you can’t say that I am in any denial. By azerbaijani genocide yes I mean khojali, you got it right there. It was done systematically and against an ethicity and it took around 600 civillians’ lives, more than 100 of it being women and around 80 children as well. I know armenian genocide killed more people but they both fit the definition of genocide due to them being done against a specific ethinicity, supported by an army or government, done to civillians and they both are war crimes. If you wanna call it massacre, go ahead, that is a long discussion there so I wont go in there.what really matters is that i am today proud that my country apologized for armenian genocide. However ur country hasnt apologized for khojali massacre yet unfortunately. Armenians are lobbying very successfully around the world. Now we took a step, maybe it would be ur turn to take a look at yourself and say that u are also sorry for the loss of those people. Because none of us is less of a human for their own mother. U say that i am in denial, but apparently u r the one who is and you blame me for speaking my mind in an armenian forum. Well i didnt realize that you see this forum as a place where only people with the same opinions could speak.the last but not least, i travelled many countries, met many nationalities and got rid of all my prejudices. I am firstly a live being and then a human being and then many things and then a Turk. I am also mixed race but that doesnt matter much cus for me race doesnt exist, it is just an adoptation of a human body and its a part of survival to adopt to different conditions. So the point is that I am not nationalist that much. Its just that we should be more brave, humanist, open minded and less prejudiced when we discuss about anything. I am disturbed by the hate towards turks and any nations. I condemn armdenians burning our flag today, i also condomn turks burning an armenian flag to reciprocate. There is too much hate and prejudice here. Stop giving me examples from turkish history because i can do the same and we can continue this forever. And no history can justify the hate crime against the new generation unless what u want is an unsettlement and a new racist generation. Of course if this hate propoganda is part of a game to seperate east turkey and claim from our territory, that is another thing. And u say that only turkey denies genocide, well ı suggest you review your lesson there and check out how the biggest powers of today became whom they are today. Many were built with exploitation of less advantaged countries and cruel massacres which most of them are still not officially accepted but lectured in some reputable universities like yale and oxford. Have a peaceful day.

    • Omer , your argument is baseless and doesn’t help to ease the pain and sufferings of the Armenian people all over the world , unless Turkey accepts responsibility for the Armenian genocide and return all of our wealth and lands we have nothing to talk , things will only get worse from here on for Turkey , just wait and see , good luck to you .

  14. You say turkey is the only country who denied genocide and we are satans for this and that reason. To prove you wrong, here is my evidence to one of other countries who denies genocide. These people were tortured when they didnt bring enough yield, their left hands were cut off and their children were murdered in front of them to punish them. They vere enslaved and more than 10 million Congolese were murdered durung this genocide by belgium. 10 million innocent people!! This is similar to halocaust. And if u continue with ur logic, u might need to start hating the whole world cus i can give you more examples from 20th, 19th century and earlier. Genocide scholar Adam Jones comments, “The result was one of the most brutal and all-encompassing corvée institutions the world has known . . . Male rubber tappers and porters were mercilessly exploited and driven to death.”[6] Leopold’s agents held the wives and children of these men hostage until they returned with their rubber quota.[5] Those who refused or failed to supply enough rubber often had their villages burned down, children murdered, and their hands cut off.[1,3] This is excerpted from an open source Yale University lecture. You can check out the source here if you like: http://www.yale.edu/gsp/colonial/belgian_congo/
    Britain recognizes congo genocide but belgium doesnt call it genocide. But belgium recognizes armenian genocide. 90 percent of native indians were murdered by north americans and some european countries but how many of them has called it genocide yet? So I believe, when it comes to cleaning in front of your house, we are all a bit hesitant.
    If u have been brought up with stories that turks are satans then maybe Nothing i say can take u out of your comfort zone. I was brought up with stories where armenians arsoned turkish villages and killed imnocent turkish civillians with support of russia. But i was unaware of armenian genocide until i became very curious and got rid of my pretought prejudices. Remember that the main reason for genocide is racism. Hence, by being racist, concentrating on discrimination instead of the faults themselves, we can only lead angry and uneducated people to mass catastrophes.

    See this for other examples:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocides_in_history

    • Omer,

      In contrast to the Turks, the Belgian state offered apologies to Congo and has taken up its responsibility for the atrocities done in the Congo Free State. There’s a verse in the Bible for this: “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

      The Khojali tragedy was not a “systematic killing”, but an unfortunate one-time war episode. Savage killings and mutilations of the Armenian civilians in Sumgait, Kirovabad, Maragha, and Baku were systematic and no war-related.

    • Berj: That is simply not true, not even close. It’s an outright lie. Belgium has NEVER, in any context, apologized for its actions in the Congo, let alone take any sort of responsibility for its actions. Belgium still attempts to distort history.

      In 2007, Belgium selected their mass murderer King Leopold II to appear on a commemorative Euro coin.

    • My post may not be complete truth, but it is certainly not an outright lie. It is close to the truth. Belgian apologies for assassination of Patrice Lumumba, contained in the Lumumba Commission Report, accepted by the Belgian parliament in 2002, are widely interpreted in Congo as affecting Belgian misconduct during its colonial past. If tomorrow Turkish parliament will adopt a resolution containing an apology of the Turkish state for its legal predecessor’s assassination of 250 Armenian intellectuals in Constantinople on April 24, 1915, I’d venture into saying that this, likewise, may be interpreted as an apology for the genocide of the Armenians. Not to mention that Belgium, in contrast to denialist state of Turkey, has taken up its responsibility and does not deny the atrocities she committed in the Congo Free State. Belgium also provides massive humanitarian aid to Congo as a form of compensation.

    • No. Just no. Belgium apologized for having the President of the Congo assassinated with the help of the CIA. They NEVER apologized for the actions of Leopold II. In fact, in 1960- when Congo was granted independence- King Baudouin gave a speech in Kinsasha PRAISING Leopold (calling him a genius and noting his courage) and the “blessings of Belgian rule”. Lumumba responded by telling the Belgians they the Congolese are “no longer your monkeys”. This is Belgium, this is the country you defend… why? Belgium continues to distort and falsify the true nature of their colonial rule.

      Watch King Leopold’s Ghost. Listen to Belgian scholars explain that they were NEVER told of what happened in the Congo in school, that the education system systematically lied to generations of Belgians- much like in Turkey.


      Here’s a statue of Leopold in Belgium, in front of the loyal palace. I wonder what your response would be if there was a statue of Enver, Talat, and Cemal Pashas in Ankara?

    • From the book “The Age of Apology: Facing Up to the Past (edited by Mark Gibne)” Chapter 12.

      {“The Belgian state offered its apologies to Rwanda and Congo after two commissions of inquiry in the Belgian parliament…….
      The apologies are linked to particular facts or events, namely the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and the assassination of Congo’s first Prime Minister, but both are widely interpreted, in Belgium as well as in Rwanda and Congo, as affecting Belgian dealing with its colonial past, as well as with postcolonial realities”}.

      Belgian humanitarian aid to DRC.

      2000 DRC $12.1 million (Democratic Republic of Congo)
      2001 DRC $ 8.2 million
      2002 DRC $12.2 million
      2003 DRC $10.3 million
      2004 DRC $18.7 million
      2005 DRC $17.7 million
      2006 DRC $35.4 million
      2007 DRC $29.3 million
      2008 DRC $58.9 million
      2009 DRC $30.1 million
      2010 DRC $31.9 million
      2011 DRC $33.3 million

      Of course no amount of money will bring back the dead nor fully compensate for the enormous damage that Belgium caused in Congo.
      Not even close.
      But at least Belgium is doing something.
      And Belgians are not running around the world attacking 3rd parties for something Belgians did…unlike you know who.
      And Belgium is not trying to suffocate and wipe out the remnants of Congolese from the remaining 10% of their ancestral lands, unlike you know who.

      btw: Population of DRC: 77 million(July 2014 est.)

    • {“what really matters is that i am today proud that my country apologized for armenian genocide.”}
      (Omer // April 24, 2014 at 5:43 pm //)

      Now _that_ is an outright lie.

    • Again, Lumumba’s assassination: 1961. 10 million killed under the rule of Leopold II: 1885-1908. The two are NOT RELATED. Apology for the assassination is not an apology for the crimes of Leopold II. If Belgium wants to deal with it’s colonial past, here’s a crazy idea, why don’t they apologize for what they did when Congo was their colony. Congo was an independent nation in 1961.

      “And Belgians are not running around the world attacking 3rd parties for something Belgians did…unlike you know who.”

      Then again, the West isn’t pressuring Belgium to apologize and I don’t think the Congolese have a powerful Diaspora. So there’s that.

    • Thanks, Avery, for the valuable source confirming what I knew from other sources.

      RVDV, I don’t disagree that it wasn’t a full-fledged apology, but the adoption by the Belgian parliament of resolutions on Rwanda and Congo based on commission reports is widely interpreted as a way of saying “sorry”. You may continue to insist that I wrote an outright lie, but sources suggest that even in DRC Belgian acknowledgement of the country’s complicity in Lumumba’s assassination is viewed as an apology for the country’s colonial past. Turkey is not even close to making such a gesture linked to a particular fact or an event in its bloody history. Again, if Turkish parliament offers an apology for rounding up and murdering Armenian intellectuals on 24 APR 1915, it could also be interpreted as apology for the genocide. “Kniefall von Warschau” (Warsaw genuflection), a gesture of humility and penance by German Chancellor Willy Brandt in 1970 towards the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was widely interpreted as an official German apology for the Jewish Holocaust. You certainly know this.

      And, no. Belgium does not continue to distort and falsify the true nature of their colonial rule. Belgium has taken up responsibility for it and, most importantly, does not deny–in contrast to Turkey–the atrocities committed in the Congo Free State. What does massive humanitarian aid to DRC, kindly provided by Avery, tell you?

      My response if there were statues of Enver, Talat, and Cemal Pashas in Ankara would be that their current tombs and the way they were buried with full military honors by the Turkish state, as well many street- and place names in Turkey bearing the names of these mass murderers are no less “impressive” in combination than a statue of King Leopold in Belgium.

    • I guess it depends on if you believe in the sincerity of an apology. When Erdogan apologized for the Dersim massacre, was anyone impressed? What is it about Belgium that leads people to believe their sincerity? 20-30 million dollars of pocket change? The fact that we’ve been led to believe that they are a civilized, first world country committed to human rights? With the current situation in the Congo with so much conflict and so many different groups as well as the government controlling the vast natural resources there, I’m inclined to believe the Belgians, or at least Belgian MNCs are making exponentially more FROM the Congo than they give.

      Also, yes, if Turkey apologized specifically for the events of April 24th, 1915 that could and probably would be interpreted, in a way, for apology of the genocide. I totally agree with you here. But all I’m trying to say here is how can an apology for a 1961 event be construed as an apology for events that took place in 1885-1908? It wasn’t as though Lumumba’s assassination led to the takeover of the Congo by Leopold II and the subsequent atrocities.

      As for Germany, among European nations, I hold them in particular regard. We are still taught in schools about the “Evil Empire” of Germany, yet which other European country has done more to try and make amends for their wrongs? Germany has issued a formal government apology for the Herero and Nama genocide in 1906 and pays restitution based on this. Chancellor Brandt’s apology was for an event that was a part of the wider Holocaust. It wasn’t for an unrelated crime committed by Germany that happened 50 years after the Holocaust.

      The more general issue I have with all of this is how certain events and certain countries are singled out. In the case of Turkey, Turkey deserves the pressure, it deserves to be named and shamed, anything that will have an impact and lead to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is fine by me- I support all of it. But Belgium and France telling Turkey to own up to its past is like the US criticizing Russia for invading Crimea. Hypocritical. But they’re the rich, western countries that call the shots and write the history books so I guess it’s ok. Let’s just point to the crimes of the Nazis and Young Turks and sweep the history of colonialism under the rug. (Not to say that the Belgians committed genocide in the Congo, but with 10 million dead does it really make it any better that it wasn’t a technical genocide?)

  15. Some wounds time never heals. April 24, 1915. Armenians will live with the pain for ever…… The questions is how long can Turkey bear the shame? How Long will you live a lie Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

  16. Omer,

    You must be extremely desperate to actually attempt to classify the Khojaly incident as a genocide. For your own education, the International Association of Genocide Scholars, does not recognize any sort of thing called the Azerbaijani Genocide. You’re out of luck!

    In your earlier post, you were claiming that six hundred Azeri civilians were murdered in Khojali. That’s actually over four hundred more murders than the official count given by Human Rights Watch and Memorial Human Rights Center, which list it at 161 to 200 murders. Anyway, even if we were to go with your made up figure of 600 murders, that’s still nowhere close to being a genocide. In order to qualify as a genocide, you must have the deliberate destruction of a large part of a cultural or racial group. That certainly was not the case in the Khojali incident. Six hundred murdered Azeri civilians, out of the entire Azerbaijani population, represents what percentage? It doesn’t even represent a single penny. What occurred in Khojali, was a massacre. And, with your permission, I would like to educate you on who it really was that committed this particular massacre. To begin with, Human Rights Watch and Memorial Human Rights Center, both claim that 161 to 200 Azeri civilians were massacred in Khojaly in February of 1992, by Armenian soldiers. However, no international observers were ever present in Khojaly to witness these events. When they arrived at the scene, it was after the killings had already taken place. They observed 161 to 200 Azeri civilians, lying dead on the ground, and immediately assumed without any factual evidence that they had been massacred by Armenian soldiers. However, there is a large amount of factual evidence which shows that the Armenian soldiers never committed this massacre of Azeri civilians, and instead, it was actually the Azeri soldiers who massacred their own civilians and then attempted to frame the Armenian soldiers for this particular massacre. The events in Khojaly, were the result of a power struggle in Azerbaijan. The real reasons for this massacre, are most convincingly reflected in the accounts of Azerbaijanis themselves, as participants and eyewitnesses of what really happened, as well as those who know the whole inside story of the events in Baku. Anyway, make sure to carefully read the “Khojaly” section, over on:
    It will enable you to find out the true details in regard to the Azerbaijani massacre of its own civilians.

  17. Omer,

    It really comes as no surprise that you were brought up with those ridiculous stories in which Armenians massacred Turkish civilians. That’s precisely what they teach inside the Turkish classroom. This just comes to show how pathetic the Turkish educational system is, and it also explains the reason why the society of Turkey is so extremely ignorant and uneducated.

    When you say that your country of Turkey apologized for the Armenian Genocide, exactly when did this take place that no one is aware about? Hey Omer, you need to quit smoking all that hashish. It impairs your ability to think properly.

    The reason why you and so many other Turks are disturbed by the hate that the Armenian people have towards the Turkish nation, is due to the reason that you’re all ignorant and have no knowledge whatsoever about the enormous suffering, theft, and destruction that your criminal, terrorist nation inflicted upon the Armenian people. In addition to that, the Turkish nation doesn’t even recognize the heinous crimes it committed against the Armenian people. And then after all that, you’re going to sit here and ask why the Armenian people have hate towards Turks? That again shows how extremely ignorant and uneducated you are.

  18. Omer,

    In my earlier post, I was educating you about the Azerbaijani massacre of its own civilians in Khojaly. Well, now I’m going to educate you on some of the numerous massacres committed against Armenians by the Azerbaijanis. Let’s start with the massacre in Maragha in April of 1992, in which over one hundred Armenian civilians were slaughtered. What about the 243 Armenian civilians slaughtered in Stepanakert by Azeri artillery and rocket fire, between 1991-1992? What about the slaughter of at least ninety Armenian civilians in Baku, in 1990? What about the slaughter of at least 53 Armenian civilians in Sumgait, in 1988? What about the slaughter of thirty thousand Armenian civilians in Baku by a combination of Azeri and Turkish soldiers, in September of 1918? What about the slaughter of 25 thousand Armenian civilians in Shoushi by a combination of Azeri and Turkish soldiers, in May of 1920?

    Beginning with the creation of the Azerbaijani terrorist state in 1918, committing massacres was and still remains a tool in the arsenal of Azerbaijani politicians. The organizers of the numerous Armenian massacres by Azerbaijan, between 1918-1992, were certainly inspired by the results of their big brother, Turkey, and its extreme anti-Armenian policy, in which over two million Armenians were victims of an unpunished continuous genocide, between 1894-1922.

    On the subject of committing massacres, the Azeris who are so enormously talented at massacring innocent civilians just like their Turkish brothers, are in no position to accuse the Armenians of committing massacres on their people.

  19. {” By azerbaijani genocide yes I mean khojali, you got it right there.”}
    {“ I know armenian genocide killed more people but they both fit the definition of genocide”}
    (Omer // April 24, 2014 at 5:43 pm //)

    Someone who considers the Khojali tragedy a ‘genocide’ is an AG Denialist.
    Someone who deludes himself into believing the Khojali tragedy, quote, ‘fits the definition of genocide’ is either clueless about what Genocide is or is a denialist.
    Denialist, because he is deliberately corrupting the meaning of the word ‘genocide’ for specific and ulterior purposes.
    Turk denialists and their agents have been trying desperately for decades to avoid responsibility for the crimes of their ancestors.
    Years ago they outright denied the AG: “Never happened”.
    That didn’t work, so they came up with…. “Well, there was a war, so we moved Armenians away from the war zone for their own safety, and unfortunately some died on the way…”. “We never intended to kill them… just happened”. “Happens in every war, you see”.

    That didn’t work either, so next they came up with “Everybody ‘suffered’(sic). Turks suffered too”.
    “There were killings by both sides”. “Actually more Turks were killed by Armenians…(the Halaçoğlu contribution to ‘history’)”.
    “Shared pain”, “Just memory”,…and many other permutations of Denial.
    That’s not working either, so another recent idea is calling everything a ‘genocide’*, so that after a while that unique word will lose its meaning and uniqueness.
    And the Armenian Genocide will be just another unfortunate ‘event’ (sic). One of many, many in world history.
    That is the vain hope of Turkish denialists. Good luck. Keep spinning your wheels.

    btw: Omer you forgot to list the Uludere ‘genocide’ of 34 Kurds in 2011, half underage, by the Turkish air force.

    Regarding {“Stop giving me examples from turkish history because i can do the same and we can continue this forever. “}

    I will continue giving examples from the criminal past of your savage, InvadoNomadic Turkic ancestors as long as AW lets me.
    You can do the same, of course. Let everyone see which ethnos did what. Armenians have nothing to hide.
    Your savage nomadic ancestors from Uyguristan invaded our Armenian lands, exterminated 70%-80% of my ancestors, who had existed on those lands for 5000+ years, and are still sitting on 90% of our lands.
    Approx 2 million Armenians exterminated by Turks (1895-1923) would have multiplied to at least 10 million by now, if left to natural progression.
    Deliberate murder of ~2 million civilians: not consequential deaths because of war; not consequential deaths because of this or that, but organized, planned, intentional, premeditated mass murder – a Genocide. You Turks owe us at least 10 million souls, in addition to all the wealth and land your ancestors stole from my ancestors.

    Armenians did not invade East Asia, or Central Asia, or Uyguristan: Turkic tribes from those lands invaded Armenian Highlands and Asia Minor.
    None of the indigenous peoples exist in any significant number since Seljuk Turks showed up, uninvited, and started the deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing, forced Turkification, forced Islamization, mass murder, and then Genocide.
    A colossal crime that super majority of their descendants deny to this day, and actively work against recognition by uninvolved, neutral 3rd parties.

    You can cite examples from all over the world about invasions, conquests, exploitations, atrocities, cruel massacres, whatever.
    Makes no difference: Armenians are not responsible for the behaviour of others.
    Armenians were subjected to Genocide by Turks: that’s where it begins and ends for Armenians.
    You want to travel all over the world desperately looking for something to dilute the colossal crime of your Turk ancestors: your time to waste.
    Myself and my compatriots will concentrate on the Armenian Genocide committed by Turks (…with the assistance of many Kurds).

    So, Yes, by all means, let’s continue ‘forever’: the more we continue, the more you Turk Denialists will be exposed.
    Have a nice day and visit us often.
    I look forward to our next ‘meeting’.

    * {“The event taking place in China is a kind of genocide,” Mr Erdogan told reporters in Turkey’s capital, Ankara.”}

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