AYF Tri-Regionals

By Garo Tashian

Although I only spontaneously decided to attend AYF-YOARF Tri-Regional Seminar and didn’t know what to expect, it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. The weekend molded our minds to focus on our cause and how we can further it in today’s society.

The weekend was filled with enlightening lectures, eye-opening discussions, and a lot of fun. The discussions prompted us all to think of the future and what we can do to benefit our cause. We all left with the same goal: to work for the betterment of Armenia.

The weekend seminar and the time spent with my fellow ungers was unlike any other event that I have ever attended, in that it created a brotherhood between all of us from every region. I have never felt so welcomed and accepted at any other event before. The highlight of my weekend was Saturday night, when we all came arm in arm and sang our hearts out to our beloved revolutionary songs.

I will be taking all that I learned back to my region, and I will try to instill the same motivation I received at tri-regionals to my fellow ungers there. I want to whole heartedly thank the AYF-YOARF Western Region for putting together such a great event and want to encourage those who did not attend to attend next time.


Garo Tashian is a member of the Providence AYF.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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