AUA Hosts 22nd International Conference on ‘Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics’

YEREVAN—From July 15-19, more than 60 participants from 17 different countries gathered at the American University of Armenia (AUA) for the 22nd International Conference on the Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD).

DSFD Conference participants with AUA President Dr. Bruce M. Boghosian in front of AUA’s Paramaz Avedisian Building
DSFD Conference participants with AUA President Dr. Bruce M. Boghosian in front of AUA’s Paramaz Avedisian Building

The DSFD Conference gave participants the opportunity not only to exchange ideas, but also to experience Armenia. AUA President Dr. Bruce M. Boghosian explained, “These scientists came from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and it was very good for them to see Armenia and hear talks from leading Armenian scientists. It was also good to see Armenian students in the audience, from local departments of mathematics, science, and engineering.”

The five-day program featured daily lecture series that allowed participants and members of the AUA community to share their own work in the field of fluid dynamics. “Scientists can always publish articles in magazines, but it’s quite different to meet and share our ideas,” said Dr. Alexander Wagner from North Dakota State University. “Such forums are also a good opportunity to meet Armenian scientists, particularly because we don’t often have the opportunity be in contact with them.”

Participant Dr. Peter Love from Haverford College also noted the value of meeting AUA students. “I had a long discussion with a masters student about a research problem of mutual interest in quantum information that was very interesting,” he said. “In fact, we are continuing our discussion and I hope we can work together on this problem via e-mail.” 

The DSFD Conference takes place every year in a different part of the world. “The conference is one of the leading annual international conferences on the computer simulation of fluids,” said Boghosian. “This kind of simulation is very important in many industries. The most obvious examples are the automotive, aerospace, and ship construction industries, where air flow and water flow play an important role.”

Because many participants had never visited Armenia, the conference also had a cultural component, including visits to cultural attractions both inside and outside of Yerevan. Dr. Sauro Succi from L’Istituto Applicazioni del Calcolo said, “the outdoor tours offered another face of Armenia, the ancient monasteries, precious churches, and the heart of Armenia’s culture. Last but not least the beauty and natural elegance of Mount Ararat. All, very, very impressive.”

Founded in 1991, the American University of Armenia (AUA) is a private, independent university located in Yerevan, Armenia and affiliated with the University of California. AUA provides a global education in Armenia and the region, offering high-quality, graduate and undergraduate studies, encouraging civic engagement, and promoting public service and democratic values.

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