Detroit Fundraiser for Syrian-Armenians Top $40,000

On Fri., Dec. 14, the Detroit United Committee Fund for Syrian Armenians (DUCFSA) sponsored its second fundraiser. The event was held at the Hagopian World of Rugs reception hall in Birmingham, Mich.

The master of ceremonies, Georgi-Ann Oshagan, welcomed Stepan Karouian, who performed the Armenian and American national anthems. Afterwards, Oshagan asked the audience to donate to their fellow Armenians in Syria. Der hayr Hrant Kevorkian, pastor of St. Sarkis Armenian Apostolic Church followed with another passionate plea for the cause.

Violinist Harry Hovagimian performed three melodies from Sayat Nova accompanied by Rosaline Basmajian.

Following the performance, DUCFSA co-chair Shant Jamgotchian presented a video of Syrian-Armenian life before the conflict began and after the height of the violence.

The evening’s guest speaker, University of Michigan-Dearborn Professor Dr. Ara Sanjian, spoke about the history of Syrian-Armenians and outlined the reasons behind the conflict. Sanjian offered his perspective on how the community can sustain, and in what ways Armenian-Americans can help, those who stayed behind in Syria, and those who fled to nations like Armenia and Lebanon.

Next to speak was DUCFSA co-chair Shakeh Basmajian, who thanked the audience for coming and urged them to donate to their Armenian brothers and sisters.

Hayr Andon Adamian, pastor of the St. Vartan Armenian Catholic Church, closed the event with an inspiring plea to become active in the cause.

The event raised $8,500 for the Syrian-Armenian community. So far, the Greater Detroit’s Armenian community has raised over $40,000 for the cause between its three churches.

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