Uruguay May Recognize Nagorno Karabagh Republic

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay—In an unprecedented move on Sept. 9, the foreign minister of Uruguay, Luis Almagro, said his government had begun the process to make an official announcement regarding the status of Nagorno-Karabagh.

Foreign Minister Luis Almagro

“Today we are looking into the issue [Nagorno-Karabagh] in order to present an official government position on the matter,” said Almagro. “I am personally convinced that Nagorno-Karabagh is part of historic Armenia and it must be independent and in a short while be unified with Armenia. This is the only resolution to the Artsakh [Karabagh] issue.”

Almagro was speaking at a conference in Uruguay’s capital organized by the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of South America and the Uruguay-Armenia parliamentary group marking the 20th anniversary of the Armenia’s independence, and highlighting Uruguay-Armenia relations.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) parliamentary faction leader Vahan Hovannesian welcomed Almagro’s statement, calling it unprecedented.

“For the first time, a progressive and democratic country such as Uruguay is officially expressing a position, which reflects the posturing of the ruling political forces,” said Hovannesian, who stressed that the process will take some time.


  1. The truth shall prevail whether in Uruguay or elsewhere.  Historical facts may be denied, but they may not be changed.  Artsakh was and will always be an Armenian territory.  The thousands of years of history may not be erased, simply because OIL says that it is not as it is portrayed.  I salute Uruguay government for stating what they know, and not what OIL says they should know.

  2. Indeed the historical facts of all Armenian lands be it Eastern Turkey, Armenia proper and Artsakh cannot be erased neither for OIL from Azerbaijan nor because of the bullying by Turkey.  Artsakh, Armenia proper, Eastern Turkey (all of the Western Armenian Highlands) and Javakhk has been Armenian lands belonging to the indigenous people of all Armenians for over 5,000 years.  I thank you Foreign Minister Luis Almagro and the Uruguay govenrment to come forth and recognize Artsakh as an independent state, belonging and to be part of Armenia, because you are well aware of the true facts.

  3. This may be the beginning of a change in international attitude towards Artshakh which in time can turn the tide of the unfavourable UN/SC resolutions that consider Artsakh as part of the territoriy of Azerbaijan. As sit appears these resolutions form a pretext for Azerbaijan’s warmongering and as such do not contribute to peace and security in the region. 
    Thank you Luis Almagro, great freind of Armenian people. 

  4. Arshag:
    There’s no word in the UN Security Council’s resolutions that’d consider Artsakh as part of the territory of Azerbaijan. In fact, the resolutions call upon the government of Azerbaijan to cease hostilities against Artsakh. Also, there’s no mentioning of the Republic of Armenia in them, only “local Armenian forces”. These resolutions cannot form a pretext for Azerbaijan’s warmongering. Their warmongering comes from an immature national identity and false belief that their oil and revenues from it can bring them a victory over Armenians. In fact, if Azeris they start it, they may lose another historically Armenian territory that was transferred to newly-created Azerbaijan by Stalin in the 1920s, Nakhichevan.

  5. Uruguay-HOORAAYYYYYY…. Friend of Armenia, Justice and Truth… May God Bless Uruguay and Artsakh/Armenia…

    It is time Arstakh finally get reunited her rightful parent.. she can no longer be an orphan like many Armenian orphans left without home after the Ottoman Turks Genocide of the Eastern and Western Armenians….    

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