PFA Releases Report

Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) this month released its Annual Report for fiscal years 2009-10. Being the second one since the organization’s inception, the report presents a detailed account of PFA’s activities and outputs produced during the past two years. In addition, it offers a review of issues related to membership participation, funding, and institutional challenges facing PFA in the near term.

The report notes that Armenia’s challenges continue to mount and that independent organizations, such as PFA, have a role to play in addressing these challenges. While laying out the organization’s objectives in the near- to medium-term, the report reads: “We will continue being outspoken critics of the factors that undermine Armenia’s development potential and national security. We will develop policy alternatives and generate public discourse that would help shed light on the range of feasible solutions to Armenia’s challenges. By expanding our outreach, we will work hard to ensure that PFA’s positions on issues of importance for the nation reach their intended audience. We will continue building relationships with potential stakeholders in Armenia and abroad, and will redouble our efforts toward forming new partnerships. We will expand our research and policy analysis in areas which have been traditionally overlooked, either because of lack of resources or by adverse incentives.”

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PFA is an independent professional non-profit association aimed at strengthening discourse on Armenia’s economic development and national security, and through that helping to shape public policy in Armenia. Its main objective is to offer alternative views and professional analysis containing innovative and practical recommendations for public policy design and implementation. Through its activities, PFA aims to contribute to the creation of an informed public and more effective and accountable government. PFA’s main asset is its worldwide network of professionals and leaders in their respective fields, with dedication to Armenia.

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