First Day of 2011 in Yerevan (Slideshow)

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Ruben Malayan

Ruben Malayan

Ruben Malayan (1971) is an Armenian-born artist, photographer, and art director based in Israel. He holds degrees from the Terlemezian Art College (painting) and the State Institute of Fine Arts (graphics) in Yerevan, Armenia. His career spans over 15 years and includes extensive experience in virtually all types of media production including broadcast animation and camera work. For the past few years, Malayan has been working on the book The Art of Armenian Calligraphy (ՀԱՅԿԱԿԱՆ ԳԵՂԱԳՐՈՒԹՅԱՆ ԱՐՎԵՍՏ), which focuses on the evolution of the calligraphic tradition. His graphic posters have been published in a number of books and magazines in Armenia, Israel, the U.S., Netherlands, and France. For more information, visit or, or write to Malayan at
Ruben Malayan

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