Joe Cocker to Perform in Yerevan

YEREVAN (A.W.)—As part of his Hard Knocks Tour 2010, legendary blues/rock performer Joe Cocker will perform in Yerevan on Oct. 26.

Joe Cocker

Cocker, a Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning artist, has released 21 studio and 4 live albums. His unmistakable bluesy soul voice is a musical trademark in its own right. He has sold millions of records and had massive hit singles all over the world. His new album, the first for the Sony Music label Columbia Records, is called “Hard Knocks.”

Cocker will present the songs from “Hard Knocks” live for the first time. He will also perform older songs. “There are some songs that were quite successful, but always have been neglected for the live shows”, he explains. “Of course we always do ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ and ‘Unchain My Heart,’ but now I want to do a little montage in the middle of the show that includes some old songs like ‘Simple Things’ and ‘Tonight.’”

The concert will take place at the Karen Demirchyan Complex. The tour includes performances in close to 40 cities across Europe.

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