Discussing Genocide Resolution, Glenn Beck Resorts to Mockery

BOSTON, Mass. (A.W.)—On March 5, on Premiere Radio Networks’ “The Glenn Beck Program,” conservative radio host Glenn Beck and his crew reverted to mockery and sarcasm when discussing the recent passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by the U.S. House of Foreign Affairs Committee and Turkey’s reaction. Beck is also the host of “The Glenn Beck Show” on the Fox News Channel.

Glenn Beck

Below is an excerpt from the program transcript. To view the full segment, visit http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201003050027.


“Now let me ask you this. Turkey warns of a breakdown in ties with the U.S. That’s gonna end well!”
“Any country named after Thanksgiving dinner—I always pay close attention to what they have to say!”
“We have Turkey and we have Greece in trouble!”
“What are we gonna do this Thanksgiving—if the cranberry islands go down, we are in trouble!”
“Turkey’s foreign minister is warning of a breakdown in ties with the U.S. after a congressional committee approved a resolution branding the World [War] I era killing of Armenians, ‘genocide.’”
“Oh good, so we finally got that done!”
“How often do we have to go back to that!”
“World War I! WORLD WAR I! I’m glad we have finally set the record straight at this time in our country’s history. That’s good.”
“Now we can go forward. Now we can go forward.”
“Could we apologize for it? Did we apologize? Did we have anything to do with it? Did we apologize for it?”
“May be we should apologize for not recognizing it for so long.”
“We probably orchestrated the whole thing. Yeah we did. The CIA!”
“Yeah, some predecessor of the CIA probably did it!”
“The Federal Reserve!”
“But the Federal Reserve wouldn’t do that—they’re good.”
“The anti-federal! The 911-truthers—they were it!”
“The right-wing kooks!”
“That’s who did it! That’s who did it!”


  1. He is the same regressive person no matter what the topic is.
    Don’t worry Ahmed, he does not like you either.

  2. I used to listen to this *** and I consider myself to be Conservative.  Michael Savage warned us about you Glen, but I doubted Dr. Savage. You should be fired off foxnews and i would like to see Beck Boycotted and see his advertisers drop him. Since its all about the mighty dollars, we have to hit this jerk where it hurts, $$$$$.

  3. He would’t dare speak (openly) about Jews and the Holocaust that way.  However, I wouldn’t doubt it if he was secretly anti-Semetic.    He needs to talk to an Armenian Survivor and see how wrong he his.  He got too big, too fast and he will fall on his face just as fast.   Boycott the fool and force him to “man up”.  VJB

  4. anyone who watches Fox News has to understand it is a comedy show…it has
    nothing to do with real news or the truth.  I refuse to watch this station unless
    I want to listen to sick comedy.

  5. Beck  is an excellent example of the saying “I rather keep my mouth shut and let them wonder,then open my mouth and let them know for sure”…..

  6. Although I usually agree with Glenn Beck, I find this to be inappropriate.  He obviously knows nothing about the history and facts of the Armenian genocide.  I certainly do not discount Fox News for this.  They are a legitimate news organization regardless of what some people have been brainwashed to believe.  In fact, they are the #1 cable news network.

  7. Glenn! You are not as smart as you claim to be.
    You know silence is gold, and seeking justice with compassion, while standing tall is priceless….
    So, please learn how to listen, learn, and stand tall to tell the truth, learn how to have compassion to other’s pain, before you open your big moth with senseless mockery. By the way, you seem to be well fed, so don’t worry! You will not look like anorexic if you don’t have your “Turkey” dinner with “Greece”….Don’t worry! You will have plenty of other birds to swallow. If you want to end Turkey’s Gag Rule on our country, learn how to stand tall and seek justice to every nation on the planet, not only for chosen minorities. Turkey needs America, America does not owe Turkey anything. Turkey will starve from hunger if they don’t get our aid.  

  8. My e-mail to Glenn Beck:

    Dear Glenn,

    Generally, I love humor, and I have enjoyed the entire spectrum of satire from the most conservative to the most liberal like Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show.
    Making fun of a Genocide is not funny.  Genocide is about the mass rape and murder of a people by a government. I don’t know how to put that into context for you. I’ll try.
    Imagine someone who you love in your family was raped.  How would you feel about that? Now let’s take it to the next step. You go to the authorities to report the rape, but it turns out that it was the government who had ordered it. Now how do you feel?
    But wait there’s more. You have to now harbor the thought of this heinous crime, all the while your government tells you it never happened.  It’s all in your head, Glenn.  Now how do you feel?
    You go to your neighbors to talk about what happened, but they too are consummed by the events, because it happened to them too.  For years and generations, the government of Turkey has denied the occurance of GENOCIDE. Do you still think that’s funny?
    Now you might ask, what does this have to do with America? Well, many Americans condemn Iran for denying the holocaust. Iran is part of the axis of evil. But Turkey, which continues to obfuscate history, is a ok in our book, right? No. That’s a hypocritical message to send to Iran and the world isn’t it?
    Take a moment.  Think about your flippancy, and try to get some maturity on this one. Ok?
    Thank you for your time,

  9. Glen Beck is an ignorant moron. I never expect anything intelligent to come out of the sewer that’s his mouth anyway. One day he will step on one jewish toe too many and that will be the end of him…

  10. I don´t know what´s more pathetic, Beck or the utter buffons that follow his words and buy his crap books. Truly sad we live in a world where this guy even gets listened to.

  11. Who is this clown anyway!
    But this **** GONE TOO FAR! I will say, YES, you SHOULD ask for FORGIVENESS for realizing this late, that your country is indeed involved in the GENOCIDE DENIAL, which is a GENOCIDE ITSELF!!!

  12. Anyone with half a brain knows Fox News is a political comedy and Glenn Beck and the others are clowns with business suits. Should we worry…

  13. John Stewart on his “Daily Show” highlighted the level of absurdity in Glen Beck’s show. It’s worth watching: you can’t take Glen Beck seriously, he’s a moron to the nth degree.

  14. I’m NOT a conservative but isn’t G.B. making fun of so-called “Turkey” rather than ARmenia/ARmenians? Am I missing something?

  15. I would really like to see him joking around with the Jewish Holocaust this way… He’ll get such a tongue lashing he wont’ know which eatsren European country he really came from. What do you expect from a jackass anyway. Eeshun meg neh. 

  16. I am quite doubtful that Glenn Beck has a real opinion except for fulfilling a comedic format to increase his show’s ratings.  

  17.  I have never been a particular fan of Glenn Beck but I recognize that his show is a talk show that broadcasts his opinion no differently than the opinions and idle chatter of celebrity has-beens’ daytime talk shows. As painful as it is to hear such things said, I cannot help but contrast the reaction to Beck with the lack of reaction to politicians who have repeatedly used Medz Yeghern as a campaign crutch in our community then failed to take action or even reversed entirely, not that I’m dropping any names, Barack and Hillary, but I expect “circumstances have changed” is the best explanation we will ever get. To me, that betrayal born of deceit is more hurtful than any number of ignorant blowhards’ opinions.

  18. Sorry, Glenn Beck and Fox news are about as real as  WWF Wrestling. WWF has millions of fans and followers but that still doesn’t make it real. To say believing otherwise is a form of “brain washing” is an insult to most peoples intelligence. My opinion is that he is making big money feeding of the fears and stupidity of others.

  19. Hi Glen, evidently you are not cognizant of what a Genocide really is… slaughters, tortures, kidnapping of children, women/children forced into their churches to be set on fire, bandidos, beating the soles of the victims’ feet until  bloody and finally bursts, and more. 
    Then the Turks, who had executed several such events against Armenians in the late 19th century initiated their planned Genocide of the Armenians for years 1915-1923, beginning under the cover of the WWI.  To this day, 2010, all the
    subsequent Turkish leaderships deny the Turkish Genocide of the Christian Armenians – until today, the Turk still seeks to eliminate the Armenians .
    Imagine, if Turkey had been brought to face justice, admit to the Armenian Genocide, reparations had been made, ALL of the Genocides that followed on the planet earth shall never have been.  Millions upon millions of humanity lost their lives due to despots with convoluted goals.  Sadly, as I see it, despots   ‘got away’ with murders are the ‘winners’ – all those murdered, tortured and worse are the ‘losers’.  Truth  be known, humanity is a ‘loser’, as well.
    In civilized countries murderers, rapists, kidnappers and such are all to be found and their penalties are usually severe.  But yet, when mass murderers, mass rapists, mass kidnappers and more occur – labelled as Genocides – these  same civilized nations are unable to step up – as is happening still in Darfur – unable to
    halt the despot.  Now the Sudanese recently denied they were guilty of Genocide – why not?  Their model for the Darfurian Genocide is the Turks denials of nearly
    100 years.
    So it seems no nation has the ‘guts’ to oppose these bullies, for this is what they are.  But if nations were to join together to end the cycle of Genocides – for who knows who next will be the victim – whomever, wherever whether a foe or
    an ‘ally’ can pursue Genocide at will.  And why not? 

  20. Glenn Beck
     According to so-called Mr. Glenn,
    We should not celebrate Easter for Jesus Crucifixion …to say that was 2000 years ago!

    During 1915…In every Armenian soul Jesus existed,
    Every one called Jesus, before thy slaughtered by Turkish sword.
    I wish Glenn would see that scimitar in his dream only…
    Then he will understand what genocide was.
    Will he joke in his dream or get a heart attack!



  21. thank you Dikran for your email to Beck.  You said exactly what I wished to have said.
    I believe that the accompanying background laughter to his words were the most ugly  but showed the ignorance of  he and his staff.

  22. Without question, Glenn goofed on this one.  No doubt he doesn’t know much, if anything, about the Genocide.  But, folks, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.  You get more truth in his one hour tv program than all the lame-stream media lapdog “journalists” combined!!!

  23. Dear brothers/sisters,
    maybe you heard my name, maybe not. I come here often to read my peoples news and comments because i am an Armenian but also I am a Turkish Republic citizen. I cant say i like the politics or system but i like the people and country so please RESPECT when you write something about Turkey and Turkish people, avoid writing hateful and discriminating words.
    My greetings from Istanbul to whole world where there is an Armenian.

  24. @Silva
    US financial aid to Turkey is not something I am aware of. Get your facts straight. Don’t be an ignorant.  What aid R you talking about? US -Turkey economic relations  are nothing compared to Turkey-Russia, Turkey- Germany or Turkey-France.

  25. I agree very much w/ Alen. There is no need for anyone here to sink to the ultra-low level of Glen Beck….who is a very well known and overpublicized jerk who loves to send and incite hatred of anyone who does not look or act or believe like him.  All of our families are from Turkey…and some still live there….which by the way, is really quite nice this time of year, beautiful, actually.

  26. I bet if they used the same tone about the Jewish
    Holocaust they would have been skinned alive by now. they would of  lost their job next day
    what they’re saying is what the denialist Turks are also
    saying, which is: The events happened long ago, who
    In other words, it’s perfectly ok to commit atrocities as
    long as you keep denying it and sweep it under the
    carpet for long enough to be then considered as “old”
    Pathetic morons.

  27. Glenn Beck is being a typical pundit. Obama was supposed to make us all liked, and this resolution refutes that. If you read what he’s saying, he’s not actually saying it was the WRONG thing to do, just that he doesn’t see the purpose of it. Personally, I do support the resolution. But it makes our relations with Turkey a lot worse perhaps.
    Armenia is amazing though, your history goes back all the way to before the Roman empire. Armenians also fought off the Arabs (Muslims) for crucial years, they eventually lost, but if it hadn’t been for Armenia the Arabs could have rushed Byzantium even more quickly (which they almost took in 670 as it is). Also the Armenians harried the Ottoman supply lines during their abortive sieges of Constantinople. If the Armenians hadn’t have been there, then all of Europe would have been open to Muslims 800 years earlier, there’d have been no renaissance and we Europeans might all still be living as Dhimmis in a 9th century style caliphate. So the western world owes a lot to Armenia.

  28. Having April 24th approaching, Armenians might want to recognize this issue as an opportunity to call Glenn Beck’s show and create a discussion of the Armenian Genocide.  And, how it is that the majority of Armenians were dispersed around the world and explain the meanings of the words ‘Armenian Massacres’ and ‘Starving Armenians.’
     If there is negative reaction, people can contact the show’s advertisers to make their perspective known and to boycott the sponsor’s products if felt justified.
    It may be that a person or group paid him to do/say what was aired. 

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