Letter to the Editor: Yegparian Healthcare Article Disturbing

Dear Editor,

I am an avid reader of your online publication and have been for many years. I’m a bit of a news junkie, especially of Armenian issues so I rarely miss an article. I must say the Weekly is one of the finest in Armenian publications in the U.S. That being said, I must take exception to the article “Goebbels, Massachusetts, and Healthcare” by Garen Yegparian, which is very disturbing. It is an extremely biased (liberally, obviously) article, which reads like an editorial, written by a friend and neighbor here in California. I take exception to its printing in the Weekly because of context—there is none. This article is simply a smear of Republicans and their current stance on healthcare, which has tanked nationally recently, as we all know. Not to say the article isn’t well written—it is. However, there is no context, even remotely to Armenian issues whatsoever. There is no reason why a biased article like this should be printed in your newspaper, any more than a pro-conservative, anti-left article should appear, unless of course, the context is one that’s critical of certain politicians or policies that affect Armenian issues.

Armen Bahadourian
Los Angeles, Calif.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Bahadourian. I have commented before on Mr. Yepgarian’s articles being extremely liberal, hence full of deception. His political opinions should not be published on an Armenian news portal.

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