Taner Akcam in Lebanon for Lectures

ANTELIAS, Lebanon—Prof. Taner Akcam, the author of A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility, visited the Armenian Catholicosate in Antelias on Jan. 3.

Four years ago, when the Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I was invited to lecture at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota, Akcam expressed his desire to visit the Catholicosate of Cilicia, which was a victim of the genocide.

The Turkish historian’s visit will last for five days, during which he will give lectures and meet with Armenian intellectuals and university students. His first lecture, titled “The Turkish Recognition of the Armenian Genocide and Turkish National Security,” will be held on Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Catholicosate in Antelias. His second lecture, titled “The Armenian Genocide as Part of a Demographic Policy,” is organized by the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of the Middle East and will be held on Jan. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Punik Auditorium in Bourj Hammoud.


  1. Taner would be a much more effective advocate for promoting understanding between Armenians and Turks if he lectured to TURKS living in Turkey about Turkish history and Armenians.
    His people need to here it from the lips of one of their own.

  2. Realist, saying such things in Turkey will get you killed. Apparently, pride is more important than the truth.

  3. Realist/Mike …Dudes: Taner’s books sell well in Turkey – like hot lehmajoon on a cold winter day.  His latest work on the post-genocide Yozgat and Trabzon trials in 1919 I believe is only available in Turkish, so he’s definitely engaging that audience.

  4. To Realist:   He simply cannot.  You Armenians are starting to forget the violent mental dynamics that propels the Turkish government. Dr. Akcam will simply disappear from the face of this world if he did what you have suggested in your post, that is talk and lecture his own people.  If you believe  that there is democracy in Turkey, then you should believe that Turks invented  the principle of relativity and the light bulb.  Imagine, for a few minutes, the stupid laws and racist regulations they have imposed on us Kurds. No Kurdish language broadcasts, no Kurdish language thought in schools…and the list is long. So, understandably, Dr. Akcam is careful, no need to have another butchered innocent man added to the 50 million that keeps piling up every day.

  5. The only place where one can discuss all point of views is Turkey ironically.  There are many there who have views close to Taner’s but who do not carry the baggage he does and are far more credible.   They speak, they write and they discuss.   

    The impression that I have here is that, Turks are far more informed about their history than Armenians.  Just look at some of the posts, you will know what I mean.  The fact the population at large is not subscribing to a Dashnak version of history and false reality is not because Turks are in general uninformed but becasue they are and in spite of it. 

    More importantly, where is the Armenian Akcam?

  6. Everyone knows the truth of what happened, that is why Turkish denial is going to fail.  

    Many people were there and know what happened to their family, friends and colleagues (even those in Istanbul), who were murdered in cold blood and were not rebelling against Turkey.

  7. How can an Armenian discuss the Genocide in Turkey, if the word “Genocide” is a taboo and it is continuously erased from the Turkish networks and books?
    Heck we aren’t even allowed to learn our Kurdish language and listen to Kurdish music on air, and watch Kurdish TV programs, and this Turk here is trying to sound sane.
    Another mislaeding Turkish opinion from a Turk.
    And before I forget, I am a Kurd and I don’t subscribe to the Dashnak version of history, but to the TRUE history that happened between 1870-1920. I  subscribe to the cries of 50 million human beings butchered in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey.

  8. Ferhat, Just for the record, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation or Tashnagtsoutyun’s version is not any different than the truth and the true version of our history.  They are made from the very fabric and the roots of the Armenian people and they have always accepted in their ranks from the rich, the poor or the middle class.

  9. I have counted 9 million Armenian Akcams and 20 million Kurdish Akcams. We are all for peace, mutual understanding, respect, human rights and the almighty TRUTH.
    All Armenians are asking from you is the TRUTH, and nothing less than the TRUTH.
    All Kurds are asking from you is TRUTH bundled with HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM.
    Turkey a member of the European Union?
    How can a Genocidal country,  be accepted in the EU, with blood of butchered innocent peoples dripping from the flag of Turkey? Strange….

  10. Nairian, I simply was answering one Turks liberal use of the word “Dashnak.” I know why they use that word freely, liberally and quite  intentionally…but that’s another subject for another day.

  11. Murat, Vahakn Dadrian is considered to be the #1 scholar on the genocide in America.
    Moreover, there is an entire museum in Armenia on the genocide — I’m pretty sure there’s a few smart people there too.

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