False News of Russian President’s Armenian Ancestry Spread in Armenian Cyberspace

WATERTOWN, Mass. (A.W.)—A news item alleging that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is Armenian, posted on June 18 on the website of De Weekkrant in Dutch, has finally made it to Armenian hands and was being forwarded all over the Armenian cyberspace on Dec. 24.

Dmitry Medvedev

The news item, titled “Dmitry Medvedev is een Armenier” (Dmitry Medvedev is Armenian), alleges that the Russian President told a journalist from the newswire RIA Novosti (Russian Information Agency Novosti) that both his parents were Armenians from Adana!

Below is a rough translation of the article making the rounds in the Armenian cyberspace:

“This afternoon, during the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) press conference a Russian journalist from RIA Novosti asked Russian President Dmitry Medvedev whether he has Jewish ancestry. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev replied that the rumors about his Jewish ancestry are false. He added that his ancestors came from Adana (Western Armenia, in Turkey now) and he was born in Russia. He added, “I want everyone to know that I am Armenian. My mother’s last name was Naxshikyan. My father’s name was Bagratyan. I had to change my name to become the head of the Russian secret service (KGB) in France during the cold war… I am 100% Armenian…”

The story has little, if any, credence. Medvedev who was born in 1965, lived and studied in Russia for most of his life. He received his Law Degree in 1987 from Leningrad State University. Three years later, he received his Ph.D. from the same university… and then the Cold War was over. Published biographies of Medvedev do not make any reference to his Armenian ancestry either.

The original version of the De Weekkrant article is available at: http://www.deweekkrant.nl/artikel/2009/juni/18/dmitry_medvedev_is_een_armenier/


  1. What’s also false about this news story is that Adana is in Western Armenia it is not. It’s in Cilicia. There are four Armenia lands in what for now is turkey: Greater Armenia (Western Armenia), Lesser Armenia, Commagene and Cilicia.

  2. Demitry Medvedev’ s Phenotype
    (Genes of Naxshikyan’s & Bakratyan’s)

    Dmitry’s ‘Kind eyes’ cleverly shines,
    To say, I have genes of the Armenians.
    His ‘Eyebrows’ can’t be more than an Armenian.
    His ‘Lips’ are thin this is another indication,
    His ‘Forehead’ wide and an unambiguous,
    His nose may be and may be not.
    But, I would say, “My parents are from Anatolia
    and don’t have the bony nose of the Armenians.
    He is short like Armenians.
    In many ways, he looks my father krikor and my son Hans-Krikor.
    Let him analyze his DNAs to confirm
    If he has another origin, other than an Armenian.

  3. He certainly does not look Jewish as Jews usually have a tendency to have smaller eyes and different expression of eyes than the Europeans.  He has a definite European looks.  Yes, he can check his DNA to confirm the status whether he has Armenian blood or not.  What’s more important for me, is to side more with the Armenians and go against the darn protocols.

  4. Y do so many people care..?.If he is going to be an Armenia and do nothing for Armenia but going against it for Russian benefit, then he might as well remain Russian or Jewish…Being an Armenian is not just by looks, nose or by genes….It’s by actions…U can be an Armenian only if u take pride in being so and only if u are going to work for the benefit of the Armeian nation……Now if Medvedev is not going to be any of these, then it’s more a disgrace than honour to concider him to be an Armenian……I took no pride in Gagik Chilingarov (The speaker of the Russian Parliament) being an Armenian coz he rather claimed he wasn’t…..Now I don’t want to accept this man in my nation either…..So no use of argueing…..I hope he is not an Armenian coz it will just add to our worries….But that’s just me and I don’t know how many of u agree with me….

  5. Sentiments like the ones on this board is ample proof that we Armenians will forever remain a bunch of backward peasants. It is in great part because of people like Chilingarov, Lavrov and Poghosian (and many-many Armenians like them we don’t even hear about) that Russia has close relations with the Armenian state. Wake up and realize that a  Caucasus without a strong Russian presence is a Caucasus without an Armenian presence. Without Russia we today would not only be lamenting Western Armenia we would also be lamenting the lose of the Armenian nation in the Caucasus. We Armenians have a real chance to be in Russia what Jews are in America, yet take a look at the ignorance of our people. It would be a great psychological victory for us against Turks, not to mention it being a matter of great international PR, if Mr. Medvedev was Armenian by ancestry. I would also like to say that I lament that my nation has not  given (and will probably never give) birth to a man like Vladimir Putin.

  6. I think this news was really a joke, as Vahak stated rightly.

    However, I have heard a rumor, and this rumor comes from an ethnic  Russian friend of mine living in Vladivostok, that the former prime minister of Russia, was definitely and 100% of Armenian decent. The prime minister? KASYANOV(KASYAN)..if any of you still remember him.

  7. Frankly speaking, I don’t give a damn…Yeah it could be a joke or even true, but who cares?….If u want to know y I don’t care, read my comment above….Let people say what they want….I just dnt want people like this to come into my nationality….
       ARMENIANS  are different……This guy can’t b one of us…he isn’t worth it./….

  8. Ferhat wrote: “KASYANOV(KASYAN)..if any of you still remember him.”
    Kasyan is a stand alone Russian name similar to Lukyan (Lukyanov, another Russian politician, Valeryan, etc.) and the ending “ov” means “the son of”- no chance Ferhat-jan…

  9. Mike you are right. However I have an Armenian friend by the name of Zohrab Kasian(with an -i-).
    Nevertheless, that news was forwarded to me not by an Armenian but an ethic Russian.
    In the end, I guess it does not matter. If someone is an Armenian, but does no good for Armenia and the Armenians, what good that person is?
    Peace my Armenian friends.

  10. Medved is a jewish name.  I know a notorious one on radio who also claims to be a Zionist.  Check it out his Name is Michael Medved.

  11. Medved is Russian, not Jewish. Many Jews in Russia adopt Russian names, just like they take on English names, Latin names and German names… No one can determine Medvedev’s ancestry by his name only.

  12. What difference does it make?   I think Lavrov, however, is half Armenian (Lavroyan – name changed).  Does it make him more for Armenia or for Russia. 
    Russia (czarist or soviet) has always played divide and conquer.  Do you think they really want to solve the NK crisis or let it fester and use it to their own advantage so they can gain more control over the region. 
    Do you think Lavrov’s loyalty is to Armenia or Russia?  I would say it is to Russia first.
    Same for Medvedev.  

    • Sir! Russians are always in Good relations with Armenia no matter what! First of all in Russia live lots of lots of Armenians as to 2/5 of entire Russian Population! It would be suicidal a country to want to exterminate 1/5th of its population! So Russia will be always for Armenia. The other matter is that You are very close relatives and share common interests in the region. In Your question if Lavrov or Medveyiev were loyal to Armenia I will answer this: We the Greeks own Military air Force, Naval Assets and more military gear than Your Army yet we suffer many tresspasses of our borders everyday from Turkish and provocation! You in Armenia on the otherhand do not suffer a singe tresspass from Turkish! That means all Your people of Diaspora all over the world are loyal to Your Nation and protect Your country! Unfortunaytely this is not the case for Greece and our diaspora…

  13. Moscow – At the press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan, the Russian President (Armenian descent) Dmitry Medvedev (Bagratyan) mentions the Armenian Genocide an undisputed fact. Dmitry Medvedev said: “My ancestors are from West Armenian city Adana ((now located in Turkey) with a predominantly Irish Arms wounds, one told me they had the barbarity of the Turkish Armenian soldiers rape women, murder Armenian children and elderly in the church and throw together with church burning. It is recognized that started against the Turks Arms Irish did. I can not help but to designate genocide. If good relations with Russia, Turkey and Armenia wants Turkey must recognize the Armenian Genocide. Facts must be correctly named “finished Russian President (of Armenian descent).

  14. Dear Sabatyan
    I was reviewing your article, I could  not understand last paragraphs.
    What the Irish to do with Turkish and Armenians.

  15. You all say 90 % of TUrks have Armenian Blood and DNA.. This is so ridiculious.  Just look at Armenia and say that is it.  And you have Diaspora as well.  Try to be yourselves… Woodrow Wilson, Churcill, Stalin are all have Armenian Blood. check it out….

  16. Funny: I’m Armenian, m name is Hans and my father’s name Krikor!
    I never thought that this name combination would be common!

  17. We always hear a rash of rumors, I remember we heard that Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan- Keeshanian) was Armenian and Actor Gregory Peck neither were confirmed.   For awhile people in books and articles would say that Kemal Attaturk had an adopted Armenian daughter (another falsehood)  either wild rumors or Turkish paranoia.

    One that I found out that did have Armenian blood was Vivian Leigh from “Gone with the Wind”  it is the truth look up her bio.

    • Armenians is a very ancient Nation, thus anyone could have some Armenian Origin, it is not strange given the fact that Armenians have traveled all over the World! Here in Greece the word “Αρμενίζω (Armenizo)” litteraly translated (become Armenian) is used to denote someone who travels a lot. It is for the most ancient legends we have of Armenian people who were commuting and transfered their knowledge and civilisation globaly. It is said that the art of casting Metals like Copper Iron and Gold was given to our ancient Greek ancestrors from Armenians then the Civilization of Metsamor. Also mentioned that Greek and Roman Wrestling derived from the Armenian Kokch. The Herbal Medicine mentioned as Ayurvedic became from the word Ayurazgi which means “horsemen” in Armenian and includes indeed Herbal recipees and knowledge of ancient Armenian Horsemen to treat wounds after battle. It is impossible to conceive how many things and utlities today we have for granted are adept to Armenians! So if Armenians had spread so much knowldge in the World, it means also that their population was also spread all over the World thus lots of lots of people may have Armenian Origin!

  18. Today, it matters not the nationality of peoples… We had an Armenian who served with the cruel Stalin – MIKOYAN – who was of no use to the Armenians, (as inept  as the leaderships our fledlging nation of these 20 years),  Importantly, what matters is the humanity of humans who are against the INHUMNANITY to innocents in our world, still suffering Genocides that, TODAY, still ongoing/unending. Too, perpetrators of Genocides  are allowed to escape judgments for their heinous crimes WHEN, ACTUALLY, these same  nations will cause lesser crimes to be addressed -more readily and fairly-  than CRIMES OF INHUMANITY AGAINST INNOCENTS – HUMANS –  FOR THE ISSUE OF GENOCIDES NOT TO BE EVEN ADDRESSED (EVEN SOME NATIONS  WILL ALSO, ACTUALLY “DISCRIMINATE” – NOT TO RECOGNIZE A GENOCIDE) – GENOCIDES CONTINUES ONGOING/UNENDING AS THE INACTION OF THE SO-CALLED ‘CIVILIZED’ LEADERSHIPS FOR ACTUALLY, GIVING THE PERPETRATORS ASSENT – YES, ASSENT – ENCOURAGING THE GENOCIDES TO CONTINUE… ACTUALLY, IT APPEARS “POLITICS” REIGNS – MORALITY NO LONGER EXISTS…  Appears that now,  the Perpetrators = Winners…  it becomes obvious that the Perpetrators of Genocides = WiNNERS, thus obviously, and sadly thus the result is that the Innocent victims of Genocides = Losers.  

  19. Can people stop with the ancient ancestry claims. Clearly this puppet is not Armenian. Neither is the late Princess Diana. Or Gwen Stafani. Unfortunately, Cher and Kim Kardashian are Armenians.

    We all share the same roots. DNA tests shows that we are a mix of everything. Who cares what people look like or who there ancestors were. If they are good human beings and do good deeds, that’s all that matters.


  21. Even if he was Armenian what is the problem? 2/5 of Russian people are of Armenian Origin! Armenians are close relatives to Greeks, Italians, Russians and the most ancient in the families of Japheth! In fact he looks like an Armenian! It could be so what? Armenians were the first to become baptised as Christians! Very good people and Honored!

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