Gunaysu: Turkish State Wages War Against Kurdish Civilian Political Movement

North Kurdistan People’s Initiative calls for “total revolt”

(Special report from Istanbul by Armenian Weekly columnist Ayse Gunaysu)

A scene from a Kurdish protest. (photo by Mujgan Arpat)

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)–The Turkish state started a new war against the civilian Kurdish political movement in 11 provinces, from Diyarbakir and neighboring cities to Istanbul and Izmir. Homes of prominent DTP (the Kurdish party recently closed down by the Constitutional Court) leaders were broken into at 5 a.m. and around 60 people, including mayors of Kurdish provinces and districts and the human rights association chairperson in Diyarbakir were arrested. Their rights to see their lawyers are suspended for the first 24 hours.

The Human Rights Association (HRA) Diyarbakir branch was among the places where searches were made. Raids and searches by security forces in HRA branches was something that did not happen even during the most difficult times of the emergency rule in the region in the 1990’s.

The news came as a shock as the former DTP leaders had declared that they gave up on their plans to leave the parliament and decided to continue their parliamentary struggle. Earlier, all hope had disappeared because of the closure of DTP just after the launching of the governments alleged peace initiative, the violent street protests that followed, and a suspicious ambush on a military unit in Tokat by a group of guerillas killing 7 soldiers triggering hateful protests in the west by nationalists.

Diyarbakir Mayor Osman Baydemir gave a press conference in front of the Diyarbakır DTP organization offices protesting the arrests. He was surrounded by DTP MPs and party leaders.

Baydemir, regarded as a most polite and refined Kurdish leader, used very harsh language, even resorting to the F-word (which is, in Turkish, much stronger than its equivalents in western languages), shocking everybody. He added, “We are now violating and will continue to violate whatever law our arrested party leaders and mayors have violated.” He also said, addressing the government, that they will not find any hand to hold when they themselves reach out tomorrow to the Kurdish people.

North Kurdistan People’s Initiative, a section of PKK, called for a “total revolt” in cities, on the streets and on the mountains.

Ayse Gunaysu

Ayse Gunaysu

Ayse Gunaysu is a professional translator, human rights advocate, and feminist. She has been a member of the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of the Human Rights Association of Turkey (Istanbul branch) since 1995, and is a columnist for Ozgur Gundem. Since 2008, she writes a column titled "Letters from Istanbul," for the Armenian Weekly.


  1. Wel Well Well.  History can repeat itself.  Doesn’t this remind us  of April 24th 1915 when 250 Armenian intellectuals were rounded up?  What is the Turkish Democratic State going to do?  Deport and kill 20 million Kurds?  Good luck to them.
    One more reason for old genocides to be acknowledged and reparations made; is for  new ones don’t happen.

  2. The latest violations of elementary norms of democratic behaviour by all the organs and institutions of the Turkish state is proof once again that it is incapable of reform from within and must be abolished from without.
    Let’s be clear about this: The Kurdish democratic movement, including the top leadership of the PKK, declare a ceasefire for the nth time, lay down their arms and leave the mountains and hand themselves over to the Turkish authorities only for the Deep State to conspire a terrorist attack against its own soldiers with a view to sabotaging the peace initiative of the Kurdish democratic movement with the Turkish ruling party – AKP- and provoking armed struggle again. Then the “Constitutional Court” in Ankara declares the Kurdish Democratic Society Party, which has been vocal and instrumental in bringing about the peace initiative, ceasefire and the dialogue, illegal! All this happening just before major local and national elections in Turkey where the ruling “reformist” AKP party, headed by Erdoghan and Gul,  are seen by many to be very vulnerable and worried about losing big time in Kurdish areas, where people are supporting the Kurdish Democratic Society Party in their droves.
    So the Deep State does its usual terrorist trick, the judiciary throws in its bit while the AKP ruling party/government is coordinating the attack behind the scenes – or at best wrings its hands with pleasure at the abolition of a major minority democratic party in the middle of a Deep State provoked almost civil war situation!
    Conclusion: there is no capacity or inclination for reform or dialogue from within Turkey, as the ideology and culture are deeply racist and Turkish ultra-nationalist. Indeed the situation is hardly different from Nazi Germany which had to be destroyed from without, by the combined efforts of the civilised world – the Allies – before German society itself and all its neighbouring peoples and countries could be rid of the poison of Nazi racist militarism and foundations of a democratic German state could be laid – only on the total ruins of the racist-militarist Nazi state.
    The denial of the Armenian Genocide by the same racist state and its continued deep hostility towards and hatred of the Armenian people and the Republic of Armenia are parts and parcel of the same problem, as are the continued occupation of Cyprus and saber-rattling with Greece in the Aegean – to mention but a few of the problems caused by Turkey.
    The Turkish state, therefore, including its “reformist” AKP government, are clearly incapable of effecting any real reforms, despite their pretences and Mr Taner Akcam’s good intentions and wishful thinking; unfortunately for him, the evidence simply is not there. If anything the Deep State, were it to develop biological or chemical weapons, not to mention nuclear ones, soon could actually cause a serious threat to all its European neighbours – Bulgaria, Greece and even Russia. It must be destroyed and abolished by the civilised world before that tragic stage is reached which will additionally lay the foundations for a truly democratic society in Turkey itself for the benefit of all the peoples living in Turkey.

  3. Hye, and so the second Genocide by the Turks is/has been in progress.   Today the Kurds.  Had the first Genocide of the Armenian nation by the Ottomans shall have  been recognized for what it was – the elimination of a civilized society.   Had the perpetrator, the Ottoman Turks,  been  made to face their guilt at that time.   Greatly possible that all the Genocides since shall have never been.
    Just think!   All the  Genocides of  20th century that followed the Turkish Genocide of the Christian Armenians, and into the 21st century – shall not  have been!  Innocents slaughtered, families destroyed, homes and lands taken by force… all shall not have been – had the guilty Turk been punished for their slaughters and more of a nation – seeking their own goals for a nation of their own. 
    US leadership plays the ‘politics’ of the moment – the morality of our nation has been ignored, the morality of our nation has been ‘diverted’…  Hence  Genocides shall continue into 2009 – and more, Why not?  Perpetrators go scot free… Politics is the name of the ‘game…  Anyone for Morality?  

    The leadership of  the United States of America government –

  4. You keep doing your stupid propoganda about  Turkish people, you are not going to succeed in any thing, Turks are fully aware of your hate for them even you open borders you a not welcommed to their country, it is better Turks and armenians stay away from eachother, you used to accuse kurds killing you now they are your friend?
    you armenians are some special race, who build their unity on hate

  5. mark, you have no shame. killing Armenians and Kurds is a sport for you, isn’t it? why don’t you look at your dirty blood-filled history before you attack Armenians. It was your grandfather whp participated killing 2.5 million Armenians, 700,000Greeks, 467,000 Assyrians and about 100,ooo Albanians. And now your father is killing Kurds, my people. So, to conclude, keep your bloody hand away from the Armenians. you currently are playing with matches, and one small provacation and 20 million Kurds will stand up like a giant wall and oppose your Genocidal tendencies towards hate every one who is a Kurd or an Armenian. you are a fool if you think you can trick here by your stupid comments.
    Long live Kurdistan

  6. I think its about time,Greeks,Kurds,Armenians and all the people who are sufferend from the Turkish regime so much all this years to join their voices and their power against Turkey..They MUST pay for the crimes they did enouph its enouph..

  7. Ferhat,
    There can be no peace without justice. When your people decide that there must be justice for the Assyrian, Armenian, Yezidi and Greek people based on the following conditions, then whatever your aspirations are will come to pass.  Armenian, Assyrian and Yezidi and Greek villages that existed before the massacres of the 1890’s will be repopulated with them and have their agricultural lands restored to them. All Cultural and religious buildings AND sites of buildings will be given back to their respective communities. This includes bulldozed sites, converted buildings into mosques and sites with mosques put in place of churches and monasteries ( prominent site would be Narek monastery destroyed and a mosque put in its place, south of Lake Van) Every ethnic group would have soveirgnty over their land and it would be impossible to change the ethnic status of lands. It would be a “checkerboard” federation for all of Anatolia and Thrace. No more kidnapping of Christian or Yezidi or Alevi women and forcible conversions to Islam. Human rights must be respected. If your nation can agree to those terms and carry them out, You can have your Kurdistan, Armenians can have their Armenia, Assyrians can have their Assyria, Greeks can have their Greece and Turks can have their Turkey. The history of Turks and Kurds in Anatolia has been one of stealing- lives and property. If your people can lead on the ideals of giving back to those you have stolen from, your liberation movement will be successful. It’s amazing what doing the right thing can do.

  8. Four decades, the Turkish state was waging a war against Armenians, and Germany and Great Britain in those days were supporting the Turkish Government. Now, Turkish state is waging its sixth war against the Kurdish People and Kurdish Sprit. Nowadays, the United States of America and the Republic of Armenia are supporting the new criminal regime in Turkey.

  9. When will we realise that the turks hate the Armenians more than we dislike them?They do not even let our dead lie in peace.This is not only about 1915, a lot has happened since that no one talks about.As to our dead,look at what they have done to our cemeteries in Northern Cyprus, Nachichevan(since they consider the azeris their brothers) and in Anatolia. Go and see and then you will realise that these people know nothing about humanity. 

  10. To Nerses:
          They don’t hate us. They have contempt for us. Much like a Nazi has for a Jew. Which is far more dangerous for our existence. They destroy our material culture for many reasons but most of all it’s the psychological pain of their identity crisis. They are the products of  kidnapped and raped Armenian women. They are the children of Armenians. I’m not saying just from 1915 but for centuries before that. Very little turkish blood runs thru a mohamadean’s veins. 
            In the recent past those who are the worst Armenian haters are  Ergenakon members of  Armenian descent. It’s a well known pyschiatric problem. The best known case of self loathing was that of the  inquistor general of the spanish inquistion Torquemada who was of jewish descent. Turkic identity crisis can only be relieved by the complete destruction of all things Armenian.

    To nyoped:
    You are wrong. Kurds and Armenians did not butcher each other. Sunni Kurds butchered Armenians. If any kurds died at the hands of an Armenian it was self defense.  The power dynamics between Christians and mohamadeans was squarely in the mohamadean corner. The story of Armenian-Kurdish interactions is long and complicated. Sunni Kurds lived like parasites off of the Armenian, Yezidi, and Assyrian peasantry. Christians lived as serfs. (Yezidis were hunted as sport, photos would be taken much like a hunter today would do of his prized kill.) The problems grew worse in the early 19th century when the population exploded, severe famines and turkish government programs of settling the semi nomadic kurds on Armenian, Assyrian and Yezidi lands. Kurds are not indigenous to the Armenian Highlands by the way. Their native lands are only in Iran. 

  11. Eenemy of my enemy ss my friend.

    When that is the basic principle you have dealing with neighbors and other people, then one is doomed to be stuck in no man’s land.

    PKK is not a matter of political freedoms.  There is areason why for thousands of years Kurds have never manged to manage their affairs and never made any smallest contribution to the region.

    All DTP was concerned with was the well being of Apo.  After all the effort and compromises it took to take them to the parliament as their own party, they did nothing productive other than protect terrorists, speak on their behalf , provoke the average Turk and try to have Apo lead  them from his jail cell.  No other state would have tolerated it as much as  Turkey did.  It is a miracle no civil war broke out and it says much about the society.

  12. Dino
    you are right. remember, we accepted our complicity in the Genocide. here on this respectful website, I as a Kurd, ask my Armenian friends forgiveness for the wrongs my grandfathers did to your ancesters, joining the turks and killing innocent Armenians. I know I cannot talk for them, but their ignorance and their religion made them an easy catch for the turks to use us for their purposes. turks will never apologize, because you and the whole world knows that they have no shame nor honor. whatever belonged to the Armenians will and must be returned to them. most of historical Armenia (west of current day Armenia) is populated by Turks and a few Kurdish tribes. we will move on when asked, the problem are the Genocidal Turks, their hands are washed in blood, pure red blood of innocent and helpless Armenians who were butchered by these animalistic turks.
    you said it so right. turks have used us Kurds to do their dirty work, we fell for that trick, it will, however not work again. we saw the face of our alleged friend, the turk, once they were done with you, they turned their back on us, killing 30,000 innocent kurds and rising. they think that we hate Amenians, their propaganda machine is working overtime putting down the Armenians, but trust me when I tell you that today in Diyarbekir, not one single Kurd sees the Armenian as the enemy, the only enemy we see is the bloodthirsty turk.
    Dino, I bow my head and ask forgiveness from all 9 million Armenians worldwide. I am ashamed.
    But the future will be brighter and our friendship will last.

  13. To: “nyoped”
    My answer to  you  turkish intelligence officer:

    “yes, your turkish government used us and tricked us Kurds  to do your turkish dirty deeds. yes, we killed innocent and defenseless poor abandoned Armenians on your turkish behalf, and so naturally Armenians fought back.” 
    But no matter how much you turks try, you WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE US against the Armenians.
    I will believe you turks, only and only when I see Armenian army units and fighter jets bombing us, but since time immortal the ONLY soldiers, tanks and jets I see are Turkish. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if the Armenian army is disguised as the Turkish army and bombing us day in and day out since 1920s.

  14. Hi Ferhat,

    Unfortunately yes the Kurds were used by the Ottoman Turks during the Armenian Genocide as they were at the time mountainous people, mostly uneducated and were Musilman as the Turks were.  And as history is completely and totally being revealed to us all now, the Zionist Jews headed by Talaat, Enver and Gemal who thought out systematically to annihilate all the Armenian Christians in their homeland as early as from 1911 to 1912.  It was all inhumanly, barbarically and heinously thought out much before than 1915 to kill every Armenian on site.  And yes the young Turks used both the Turkish people, the Turkish murderors freed by the government, and you Kurdish people, by saying that if you kill a Christian Armenian you shall go to heaven and have a good time and good faith there.  However my own father was left orphan from the Genocide and his entire family with all his relatives were annihilated as well as more than 1.5 beautifully civilized intelligent builders, workers and the bread and butter of the Turkish government.  Although my father was a mere child, however he remembers everything as he was a very smart child.  He came from a wealthy family who owned Kurdish families as my grandfather’s and great grandfather’s hired hands.  When the men of the house were killed by the Turks, the women and the children escaped and hid with the Kurdish family that worked for them.  They hid my grandmother, my great grandmother and all the women and children for a while; until they were told not to by the Turkish authorities or else they’d burn their houses.  So yes, there were numerous Kurds who were very kind to the remnants of the Armenian survivors.

    I am now reading the first part of the late author’s book “Tseghin Tsayne”, in English it is The Race’s Voice by Aram Haygaz.  In the first part, he was a young teenager who miraculously escaped the death marches, thanks to his beloved mother’s advice by accepting to be Musilman, and he stays and works for a Kurdish Ali Peg who saves him and he took very good care of him.  After the Peg dies, Aram  goes and works with one of his brothers and he practically becomes like a son to him. 

    Yes Ferhat, to sum it up, after knowing the Kurdish family that worked for my father’s family and took care of him and the women, then reading from Aram Haygaz’ life, I feel that there were many more Kurds who had hearts and were kind to the remnants of the Armenians who felt bad for their horrendous and sad faith.

  15. Dear Manooshag, your thoughts and your apprehention of history and events are on target.  And yes I rationalize and deduce the very same  way as you do.  However, along with the United States, Great Britain were the masters of sin who backed up Turkey for almost a century now having been silent to appease Turkey’s denialist government.  And today, to multiply the wealth of their country, Russia is sinfully joining the United States and France.  As a matter of fact, right after the first World I, Great Britain, France and the United States were solely out for their own selves to divide Turkey amongst themselves to have it colonyzed; (that in actuality Turkey belonged in part to the Greek nation, the other part to the Armenian nation, and the lower part of Turkey belonged to the Kurdish nation).  I believe that is the reason why when President Wilson draw the Wilson Arbitration Award in favour to the heirs of the Armenian martyrs from the Genocide, the United States senate and congress turned it down.  Yes dear Manooshag, the most powerful nations of the world at the time all sinned and even today NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!  They still continue with their unprincipled ways.  Under the cloak and the disguise of democracy, justice to all mankind that they yell at the top of their lungs; indeed they act immorally and unethically taking total advantage of the weaker countries and sinning next to and with the belligerent countries as Turkey.  What role did America’s national self-interest play in helping Turkey evade public accountability?  Read the book of  “Children of Armenia” by Michael Bobelian.  

  16. Murat, you are an arrogant Genocidal grey wolf maniac. So, my people contributed nothing to this part of the world? Fine, what did Turks contribute? Murder, murder, murder,murder, Genocide after Genocide. Open history books of the Albanians, Greeks, Serbs, Austrians, Armenians and now us the Kurds, and all you Turks contributed was Death and destruction. Show me one Turkish contribution to this part of the world, and I will fly to the moon and plant the Turkish blood flag. I am waiting…………….
    PKK, mind you is a Kurdish  liberation movement.  If PKK are terrorists, then kemal, the blond blue eyed Albanian traitor butcher of Greeks and Kurds is the founding father of world terrorism.
    I also am stupified as to why the Interpol has not arrested Islamist terror suspect erdogan. Here is a surprise for you, something no one knew :
    “Did you know, that erdogan, before becoming prime minister, was on CIAs watch list as a potential terrorist symphatizer?”  Did you know that erdogan and Afghan terrorist hekmetyar were buddies? There are at least 24 photos of them together celebrating the murders of innocent people.  So, you see, turkish contribution is continuing to flood the world with fresh innocent blood.
    As for you calling Ocalan Apo, wow, that’s an honor we carry high on our shoulders. If  Ocalan is of Armenian ancestery, then glory be to that sacred name, but of course this is a smear tactic that is backfiring, and instead making us Kurds more proud. As for your Abdullah Gul, the books are wide open, Turkish intelligence was aware of Guls Armenian ancestery since 1968. You can check this fact with your government for more details…if you so desire.
    To conclude. Turks contributed billions and billions of gallons of spilled innocent blood.
    Kurds(ancient indo-European Medes) gave the world great culture and kings of Persia.
    Listen, irrespective of what you think of my Kurdish people,  you committed this Genocide in 1915, whether you want to accept this fact or not does not really matter, what matters is that the civilized world came to know that you have no shame at all.
    One day if I meet you in Diyarbekir, I will stick the word GENOCIDE on your forehead, that way you’ll never forget what your grandfather did to millions of innocent and helpless Armenians.

  17. Nairian:
    Thank you for the kind words.  I have, mind you, read bits and pieces of Aram Haigaz’s “Four Worlds,” a truely amazing and entertaining book.
    I know my people. We, unfortunately are “tribal” in nature, which has worked against us but did super fine for the Turkish government, who used us time and again to do their dirty deeds. I am happy and glad that our parliament accepted the Kurdish complicity in the Genocide.  I have nothing good to say about my grandfather, who being an uneducated man was used by the Turk, who then turned on my grandfather and assasinated him.
    We are an honorable people, we will never shy away from asking forgiveness from the children and grandchildren of the Armenian race, we are forever shamed and ask forgiveness.  You know, the Turk will always try to divide us, they will tell us the Kurds that the Armenians killed us, that us Kurds killed Armenians, that Torgut Ozal was Kurdish(may this obese dirty Kurd rot in hell), that Gul is Armenian……who cares.  Did these people do any good for their race? Nothing. Did Ozal do any good for his Kurdish people? Nothing, what’s more,  he bombed us and killed thousands of Kurds. Do you think Gul will do Armenians any good, even though it has been known about his Armenian roots since 1968? Of course not, and this list is long, very long. Thousands of Turkish politicians and military leaders have had Armenian grandmothers, who were Turkified while little orphaned girls. We even have had a Hamshen Armenian who became the prime minister of Turkey not too long ago, I can’t seem to remember his name, but did he do any good for his Armenian people? Nothing.
    Look, the Turk will never apologize, because they have had no honor nor shame since time immortal.  Only a handful of Turks today apologized, and I have great respect for them, these people saved their souls from the shame their ancesters brought upon themselves. We particularly love and respect the great human being, Orhan Pamuk, this giant of a man humbly carried the Armenian and the Kurdish issues and presented them to his people. Now, he is treated as a pariah in Turkey.
    I recently noticed that Turkish intellectuals have started to voice their concerns about the issues surrounding the Armenians and the Kurds, well I applaud their courage.
    I also would like to thank the Republic of Armenia for allowing our Yezidi brothers and sisters live there in total freedom. Iwas surprised to see Yezidi leutenants in the Army of Armenia. There is not a single Armenian seargent in the Turkish army, what’s more, Armenian conscripts are severly beaten when inducted into the Turkish army. Remember Mr. Dinks story, he wanted to serve his adoptive country Turkey, but was not allowed to advance because of his race and religion, which coincidentially allowed him to see the racial policies of the government of Turkey.
    To conclude, I thank all the Armenians for allowing me to join their forum and vent the concerns of my Kurdish people. I apologize if I sometimes hijacked your forums, but we all are on the same bandwagon, we all are fighting for justice and eventual peace, and hope that the perpetrators of the Genocide realize that it is foolishly futile to deny facts that have been out since 1890s.  
    I challenge any and all Turkish online websites to allow Kurds and Armenians vent anti-Turkish sentiments, they won’t, because there is no democracy in Turkey at all. I am however surprised that Armenian websites allow Turks to post anti-Armenian posts…….

    Hey guys, I am a Muslim, but LOVE your churches, the architecture simply is AMAZING. It just boggles the mind seeing a small people like you, surrounded by enemies on all sides, and having nothing but stones, still go ahead and use these stones and make beautiful churches and monasteries. Unfortunately, Turks have destroyed almost ALL of these beautiful churches, only a few stand today. I have visited one particular church in the city of Van (not the one on the island), and cried seeing it desecrated, how could a “human being” destroy these gems like that is beyond me.
    I bet that if you Armenians lived in a desert, not only you would have turned the desert into a paradise, but would have found something useful to make with the sand.
     Amazing , simply amazing people.

  18. Hye, another PLOY of the Turkish leadership:  Continue Turkish Genocide against the Kurdish peoples  (for years now) and blame the Kurds for ‘attacking’ the Turks.  Reality:  the Kurds are the victims of   Turkish terrorism –  the Kurds are seeking freedom from the Turkish tyranny. 

    Thus, the Turkish use of  Genocides to eliminate ‘others’ continues – for it is their Ottoman policy of TURKEY FOR THE TURKS – ONLY.  Too, since none will oppose another Genocide – what’s one more?  Darfur, now 2010 the Kurds… 

    The first Genocide ‘allowed’ the Turks to eliminate the Armenian peoples from their homeland thus Genocide will ‘allow’ the Turkish leaders of today to succeed against the Kurds.  Non-stop… 
    The bullying continues – what allows  a Turkey to Genocide all their victims – unopposed by the civilized societies on the planet? 

  19. Hye, P.S.
    And Turkey calls it now a ‘WAR’ against the Kurds.  Who are they fooling? By labelling it a ‘WAR’ is another PLOY… It’s really the ongoing GENOCIDE of the Kurds –

  20. Thus the Genocide continues.  It was WWI when the Armenian Genocide occurred under the disguise of WWI.  Turkey annihilated more than 1.5 million Armenians.  Turkey did her horrific crimes purposely at a war time, so that the allies won’t interfere with Turkey’s belligerent behaviours of annihilation to the Armenians as well as to the other Christian nationalities in Turkey; to the Greeks and to the Assyrians.  Then they denied it for almost a century now by saying that the Armenians were simply killed in war times and they the Turks were also killed.  If so, then how is it that more than 3 million Armenians who lived in Turkey by 1915, after 1923 there remained only very few Armenians in their own anscestral homeland, that is not more than 5-10 thousand if that much.  And how is it that the Turkish people then were only about I believe not more than 7-9 million in 1915 and today they are 75 million, if they were killed as much as the Armenians.  Yet Armenians today throughout the world are not more than 8-10 million.  Where did the 3 million Armenians in 1915 disappeared to?  Perhaps people from Mars or Venus visited earth and took them away to their planet in orbit?  The denialist Turkey now says that the Turks were also killed in Turkey?  But they do not specify how they were killed.   Such as their army fighting against the allies (AND NOT their women, their children or their elderly); such was the doomed faith of the 1.5 million Armenians.

    Now 94 years later, nothing has changed.  Turkey merely three or four years ago annihilated 30,000 innocent Kurdish people, and today they are doing the same as they started with the Armenian intellectuals in 1915 when they first gathered them in Istanbul and killed them on broad daylight 250 Armenian intellectuals and then they killed all the Armenian people on their own homeland.  The same is happening now with the Kurds, as Turkey arrested 60 people, including Mayors and Kurdish Human Rights Association members.  The very same way the 1915 Armenian Genocide has started.

    Now what are the powerful nations of the world (the US, Russia, United Kingdon and France) are doing about it?  They go after a small little landlocked country such as Armenia and go and twist their president’s arm to sign under duress the horrific protocols that are against the well being and the continuation of Armenia’s sovereignty; by having them sign the very duplicate of the illegal Kars Treaty, which is in favour and only in favour of the belligerent Genocidal Turkey.  And why?  So that Russia and the US can capitalize for the gain of their economy and for gasoline, and for today’s Turkish vast land that it can become beneficial to them in the future.  Will the major powers of today let the Genocidal Turkey to commit yet another Genocide in the 21st century?   

  21. Turkey can fool all they want to fool Manooshag; because the so called major powers of today are hibernating or are aloof towards the Genocidal Turkey.  Turkey is obviously now after the poor Kurdish citizens of their country.  Turkey will not leave the Kurds alone until the European countries and the US interfere.

  22. “They killed us for breakfast, they will kill you for lunch.”

    Turkish statecraft has learned that western outrage passes quickly, and the anger of the minorities is nothing.  Especialy today, when Turkey buys more than its share of weapons systems from American contractors.

    Where is the western media? Their outlets think the most intresting “Armenian question” is whether Khloe and Omar will get divorced.

  23. Dear Ferhat, You are most welcomed and I also thank you for all your enlightenments to us all, and I also thank your sentiments about our martyred anscestors’ memory.  The Kurdish people are brave people that have accepted in their parliaments the Armenian Genocide.  It is very good to hear that.  I truly feel terrible that the Genocidal Turks are doing the same atrocities now to the Kurdish people that they did it to the Armenians in 1915.  In this day and age it is outright unbearable and horrible to see belligerent Turkey kill innocent Kurdish civilians (women, children and the elderly).  There is no war now, what is Turkey’s excuse??????  And supposedly Turkey wants to get into the European Union?  I am proud of the editors of this paper that they let you talk you in here.  You have every right to as you are more than justified.  I believe that your people must speak up and work for your humanly rights to survive and NOT get killed by the Turkish government.  You must speak in governments around the world!  I wish you all good luck, remain strong and work towards your goals.

  24. Some of the Kurdish tribes; Sheko, Dersim (mostly Alevi Kurds) were once indeed Armenians and were sympathetic to Armenians during the genocide. Some of my relatives were smuggled out of Western Armenia by Dersim Kurds and thus were fortunate enough to be saved because of their kindness. These tribes would later face genocide in the 1920’s at the had of Ataturk.
    The problem arises that there are other factions/tribes who ceaselessly do the Turks bidding, they were Hamidye during the 1890’s, part of the “Special Organization” during WWI, and their offspring are now “Village Guards” used in the oppression of fellow Kurds.
    I believe we must take up the common cause with the Kurds, we face the same enemy who is trying to destroy both of our peoples. Armenians and Kurds must start to slowly build a foundation together.

  25. To Joseph:
    Members of my family were also saved By the Alevi Zazas/Dimlis. They are not kurdish. They suffered genocide in 1908 and 1937.  They are a distinct people with some Armenian roots but they can not be considered Armenian. Their origin is much debated either being from Iranian Caspian sea area or indigenous. Since it can not be determined their exact origin and that they have some Armenian roots and that they saved over 20,000 Armenians, in a reconstituted Greater Armenia they should be allowed to prosper in their ancestral villages. For the most part Zazas live within the old Armenian kingdom of Greater Tsopk’. I’m working on a mapping project defining Armenian and Zaza lands of Greater Tsopk’.

  26. If the ‘secular’ generals and military elite of Turkey are, in fact, true Muslims (which is highly questionable)…it should be anathema for them to persecute and murder fellow Muslim Kurds, yet that hasn’t stopped them.  This highlights the key division between the AKP government and the Ataturkist mindset of those who carry out ethnic and religious suppression.  

  27. DO NOT TRUST THE TURKS…said my father to me when I was barely 12 years old. Those five words kept me alive and going.
    Any Kurd, Armenian, Arab, Greek, Jew, Albanian, Bulgarian, Yezidi, Alevi, Serb or Austrian and others who trust the Turkish state, are condemned to be victimized again.

  28. “Kurds were used by the Ottoman Turks during the Armenian Genocide to kill the Armenians”

    is this comment a serious one or a joke ?

    Somebody comes to me and hands me a gun and tells me to kill somebody, and I will do it ??? 
    If I do it, because I am a murderer, no excuse will change this fact.

    Don’t be funny please.

  29. Keep doing your stupid propaganda about  Armenians and kurdish  people, you are not going to succeed in any thing, the world is fully aware of your deep criminality you will pay fro all your genocidal crimes agianst others sooner or later.  you’re accuse ameninas of  killing you now they you committing genocide against the kurds.
    you tuks horde  are some foreign race based of plunder and genocide., who build their unity on hate on mass murder of peoples.

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