Bandazian Scholarship Fund Names 2009 Recipients

After her passing in 1997, the heirs of Virginia D. Bandazian— Ardemis B. Jerikian, her daughter; Melanie B. Kerneklian, her daughter; and Bedros C. Bandazian, her son; and their respective spouses, John M. Jerikian, Dr. Murad Kerneklian, and Estelle G. Bandazian—established the Virginia D. Bandazian Scholarship Fund.

The 2009 grants were recently awarded to four deserving young women from the Armenian community. Talar Tatarian of Rockville, Md., Katherine A. Norris of Richmond, Va., and Tania A. Zurnacian of Richmond were the recipients of $1,000 each.
Norris attends the School of Music at the James Madison University of Virginia, while Tatarian attends the School of Medicine at George Washington University and Zurnacian studies business administration at the Purchase College of New York University.

The Virginia D. Bandazian Scholarship Board of Trustees wishes each of the recipients well in their academic pursuits and continued zeal in Armenian community involvement. Their accomplishments to date have been extraordinary and their future personal rewards and contribution to the community will surely fulfill expectations.

The scholarship awards are restricted to Armenian women whose legal residence is in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C. area and who are active in various Armenian church and community activities. Active participation in the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA) and Homenentmen is desired, but activity in like Armenian organizations is acceptable for qualification along with academic standards and financial need.

To request an application form for the academic year 2010, contact the St. James Armenian Church of Richmond, Va., the Soorp Khatch Armenian Church of Bethesda, Md., or the St. Mary’s Armenian Church of Washington, D.C. Applications may also be obtained by calling or emailing Ardemis B. Jerikian (703-242-1755,, Melanie B. Kerneklian (804-784-4002,, or Bedros C. Bandazian (804-741-8107,

Applications must be submitted prior to March 31, 2010, and final determination by the Selection Committee for recipients of the grant(s) will be made prior to June 1, 2010.
The examples of Virginia D. Bandazian in her life can be a model for all to follow, thus The Virginia D. Scholarship Fund was established to honor her commitments- A true Armenian Mother.

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