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Shami lives and works in Boston as an Editor for Original 9 Media.

Peter Guekguezian: Armenian Jeopardy! Champion and Champion of Languages

Special for the Armenian Weekly “On June 17, 1929, this airline’s first passenger flight left Dallas, making stops at Shreveport, Monroe, and Jackson. Thirty seconds, good luck,” says Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek. Then the music starts: that ubiquitous tune signaling impatience, waiting and [more...]

July 12, 2017 // 4 Comments

My Name is Shamiram

Special for the Armenian Weekly Hundreds of people in a well-lit room dotted with tables, and somehow I’m discovered amidst it all. I’m the shy, 14-year-old being approached by a short, stubby, eager man with graying hair and a face carved with wrinkles. He’s smiling. Ara and Shamiram, 1950 [more...]

June 28, 2017 // 11 Comments