Storica Wines brings top Armenian wines to the US

Discover the captivating tale of Armenian wine anew. A renaissance is taking place in Armenia, as visionary winemakers revive ancient grapes and traditions to produce vibrant wines with modern expertise.

Armenia’s rich history in winemaking dates back over 6,100 years and remains largely untold. The legendary Areni-1 cave, the oldest known winemaking facility in the Vayots Dzor region, serves as a testament to the country’s storied viticulture.

At the forefront of this resurgence is Storica Wines, a trailblazing import company offering top Armenian brands that passionately create wines from long-lost grape varietals. Among these are the acclaimed Areni red grape, often referred to as the “Pinot Noir of Armenia,” and the elegant Voskehat, known as Armenia’s most popular white varietal. These wines beautifully reflect Armenia’s fine terroir, characterized by extreme climate and elevation, volcanic soils and over 300 days of sunlight per year.

Storica Wines holds the position of the leading purveyor of Armenian wines in the U.S., boasting a portfolio of 19 exquisite wines, 13 of which have received 90+ ratings from renowned global wine publications like Wine & Spirits and Wine Enthusiast. Furthermore, these wines have earned top honors in premier wine competitions, surpassing thousands of entries from around the world. Today, Storica’s offerings grace the menus of Michelin-star restaurants and proudly adorn independent wine and spirit shops across 26 states in the U.S. Wine enthusiasts can also have their impressive collection shipped directly to their homes through the company’s online shop.

Embark on your journey today and explore the allure of Storica’s outstanding Armenian wines by visiting Experience the fusion of ancient traditions and modern innovation in each bottle.

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